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Sweater Beats  🍩 ’Faded Away’ w/ @iconapop - music video out now 🍩

🚨new beat flip tomorrow🚨comment ur fav Pokémon & if we have the same fav ill DM u the beat before it’s out...original 151 only 😤

hittin the road w/ @whethanmusic & some more friends 😊 DC, Philly, Boston & Brooklyn see u this fall!

never go full tommy bahama

ive spent a good chunk of my life watching and rewatching and rewatching again #theoffice. my ears perk when i hear those first three notes of the theme. i made this beat with some my favorite office moments. who’s your spirit #dundermifflin employee? i think im a kevin.

wowowow @kuurmusic made a super awesome remix of #FadedAway ft @iconapop i cnt wait to play this out in my sets🔥let me know who else u think should remix ‘faded away’!

im really enjoying making these sample beats, hope u all have been enjoying them😬 finishing my next one right now & its the first beat flip where im using sounds from one of my fav tv shows! comment if u know what show i chose 😏😏😏

today is #NationalDonutDay so i made this beat by chewing, hitting and rubbing a whole buncha donuts together🍩🍩🍩plus some sweater beats sprinkles on top. let me know what u think of this #DonutDay beat 🍩❤️🍩

you asked for a #Zelda beat, so here’s a Zelda beat! i made this using sounds from #WindWaker (with a little bit of Navi from #OcarinaOfTime) because this game is my absolute favorite Zelda jam. Comment ur fav video game & maybe ill sample it next!

sampled one of my fav video games for my next beat flip...comment the name of my friend in green if u know what game 😏

#tbt that time @iconapop was totally impressed with my Akira bike 😎 vroom vroom ✨ link to vid in bio ✨

who wore it better?
thanks for all the ❤️ on the spirited away beat! these are so much fun for me to make, i cant wait to do another. thinking im gonna sample a video game for the next one, comment which video game you think i should flip ✌🏻

what more can i say about #SpiritedAway its my fav #Miyazaki film ever and it constantly inspires me. to make this beat i took sounds from the Kamaji scene & the song “nighttime coming” from the movies original soundtrack ✨
let me know what u think & comment what movie u think i should sample next week!

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