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Sarah Walker  Olympic Silver Medalist, London, 2012 | IOC Member, Athletes Commission | 3x BMX World Champion | Living courageously | Twitter: @swbmx

Training can mean lots of riding through dirt and puddles in all weather conditions which isn't usually great for your smartphone! This is never a problem for the Note9, which is both water and dust resistant – as showcased in my fifth and final video for Samsung. I’d definitely recommend it for those who ride, or who just love the outdoors!
Well, that’s a wrap! I hope you’ve enjoyed my mini-series of videos for Samsung as much as I enjoyed making it with the support of my friends at @playcreativenz. Don’t forget to vote to let me know which one was your favourite! The Note9 is truly an incredible and super-powerful phone for anyone who is looking for a new one. It is easily the best phone I have ever had. #Note9NZ #SamsungNZ #Sponsored

Part of the reason I love my Samsung Note9 is the amount of storage it has, which you’ll see from the fourth video in my mini-series with Samsung and @playcreativenz. Almost a Terabyte of space for videos, photos, messages etc! The quality of the phone’s camera means I use it to snap everything and, thanks to the storage, I never have to delete a thing. #Note9NZ #SamsungNZ #Sponsored

I’m still blown away by what I can capture with the camera on my Note9 – especially with the super slow-mo feature. That’s why super slow-mo is the focus of my third video with @playcreativenz for Samsung. It’s so cool to have a camera of this quality in my pocket, that helps to capture moments we don't usually get to see! #Note9NZ #SamsungNZ #Sponsored

The second video (as part of my Samsung challenge to showcase all the reasons I love my Note9) is around the S-Pen that comes with the phone. I’m no artist but it surprises me just how much I use it. I can visually work on my technique and bike position, write down notes for myself & my coach or just plan out my day. It's actually changed how I interact with my phone! #Note9NZ #SamsungNZ #Sponsored

Samsung challenged me to produce some videos that would show off all the reasons why I love my new Galaxy Note9. So, a couple of weeks ago I got together with some friends and the awesome team @playcreativenz to create a series of vids that would showcase why the Note9 is the perfect phone for anyone who rides. I’ll be posting them over the next five days and hope you enjoy the results! In fact, I’d love to hear which is your favourite – so let me know in the comments!
The first vid is around the phone’s impressive battery life. When I’m training, or just out riding with friends, hours can feel like minutes. It's not ideal when you need to get those extra ‘gram shots or make a call from the track & your battery is dead! Thanks to the Note9’s all-day battery, I never have this problem. I’m always pretty amazed by how much battery I still have left after a full day of capturing steeze! #Note9NZ #SamsungNZ #Sponsored

Stoked to add a couple of C1 wins to NZ's Olympic Qualifying!

Hadn't ridden my bike since the World Cup 3 weeks ago so I wasn't that confident I would be able to ride a SX track with 30 mins practice.

Managed to get a little bit better with each lap and ended up winning the final on both days.

Chile was amazing and I wish we could have stayed longer. The people were so friendly and the city with the surrounding mountains were beautiful. Definitely want to come back one day!

Now, it's home time!

There have been a lot of set backs in the last few years and what's kept me going is the enjoyment of riding and a belief I can still get faster.

So proud to make back to back finals at the World Cups this weekend. Looking forward to having some more fun on my bike & seeing how much faster I can get. 🙉🎉😁🥉

Emotions went 😱🙈😁😅😭😁😱😁😅😎🙉😊 for my first World Cup podium in loooooong time (2011)!! Even more amazing to share it with the 2018 & 2017 World Champions 🙈👌😊 #champagneshowers #EarnTheFern 📷: @navadanet

The first World Cup of Olympic Qualifying is today. Nerves, excitement, uncertainty & a focus on the process. All part of the journey. #EarnTheFern
📷: @navadanet

Olympic Qualifying for #Tokyo2020 underway!

Such a fun few days in China with such a cool group of girls! Almost got there for the podium but definitely happy with a fourth place with a bunch of top riders!
Extremely proud to have @jessie_smithbmx in the final and super close to having THREE kiwis in the final! Such a good trip and looking forward to Argentina World Cup in 2 weeks!

Proud to be an #IronMaiden (with these legendary kiwi women) supporting #WorldIronWeek and having New Zealand beef and lamb power me through my training and competitions.

Ten years! A decade since my first Olympic Games in #Beijing2008! To be part of the sports first appearance at the Olympics was such an incredible experience on one of my favorite tracks of all time.

Pretty cool to reflect on my journey and stoked to be working towards #Toyko2020! What an amazing ride it has been so far!

#10years #anniversary #bmx

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