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Sarah Walker  Olympic Silver Medalist, London, 2012 | IOC Member, Athletes Commission | 3x BMX World Champion | Living courageously | Twitter: @swbmx


Sooooo excited to carry the Olympic Flame as part of the #OlympicTorchRelay!! The Olympic Torch Relay has been part of the Olympic Games since 1936 & has travelled from Olympia, Greece & around Korea in a 101 day relay!

Tomorrow is the opening of the Winter Olympics here in Korea, and today I'm fulfilling a dream to run in the relay with the Olympic Flame!

There's a live feed on YouTube - I'm runner 99 at 5:09pm local time / 9:09pm NZ time (but could be 10 minutes early)! #linkinbio #olympics #pyeongchang2018

Awesome to see so many girls racing on the weekend! 😎😎😎 Special shout out & good luck to @zoefleming who's heading to USA for her second year as a pro rider! Love seeing kiwis taking on the World & chasing their dreams! #follow

After missing National Champs last weekend, it was awesome to race, have fun, give it my best, and come away with a a couple of wins this weekend!

The track was riding so smooth, the sun was out and the wind stayed away. Can't get much better than that!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
πŸ“·: @biascle_photos πŸ‘

πŸ˜“Don't really know what to write but here goes:
A little over a year ago, my cousin asked me to her wedding in Tauranga and a little over a couple of months ago, I found out National Champs in Christchurch would be on the same day. I decided to try my best to make both work by missing the ceremony to race Nationals, then get the last flight up to make the reception.
Unfortunately, the sun hasn't come out to dry the track enough and this afternoon, it was decided that racing will be pushed back to later in the day. Absolutely gutted to make the difficult choice between two parts of my life that I love... As much as I'd love to be racing Nationals, I know there will be multiple opportunities in the future to race but only one wedding.

So, all the best to the girls and guys who are racing and I'll be back on the gate next weekend in Te Awamutu.


Will be awesome to see the sunshine again for National Champs on Saturday!
πŸ“·: @jessie_smithbmx

Testing out the carbon @harorace! #nottooshabby

2017 highlights: getting engaged, making worlds final, climbing Machu Picchu, riding around tallest building in NZ... Looking forward to what highlights 2018 will bring!! Happy New Year!!! πŸŽ‰

When I started this sport that no one had really heard of, I didn't even dream it was possible to have support & interest from global brands like Samsung. BMX has been lucky enough to become an Olympic sport in that time and created opportunities for everyone involved. As a tech enthusiast, the potential for what's possible is exciting and trying out new gadgets is really fun! Being able to leave my phone behind & just use a 3G watch has actually been awesome! It's been amazing to see the sport I love so much be noticed on the global stage - in & out of the competition arena! #samsung #gears3 #proudtosay #sponsored #linkinbio

Have finished my test run of the Meybo!
My personal thoughts:
Since the Avanti is shorter, it's easier to move around when jumping. But the Meybo is longer so it's a bit more stable. It was also a little harder to manual/wheelie & needed to make an adjustment out of the gate but felt strong once I got used to it.
Jumped some bigger jumps I haven't done in a while and had a bunch of fun so I'm really glad this was one of the bikes to try!

Next up: Carbon

When the stop watch comes out... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…
#19seconds #heartracing (Cheers Jason Hussey for the video!)

#WorldFirst πŸ˜±πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ˜Ž
First person in the World to ride around the top of the SkyTower! So scary and so amazing all at the same time! Then, just to face some fears a little more, I took the fastest way down - jumping off!
#skywalk #skyride? #10thbirthday

Sometimes jumping can be scary, sometimes it can be fun! Tonight I jumped the first jump for the first time since April - tonight it was both! πŸ“·: @playcreativenz

After 12 years with one company, I wanted to take some time to ride a few different bikes and do some testing before deciding on my 2018 bike!

First up is a @MeyboBikes so I can be just like the Overall World Cup Champ @lauraasmulders! 😘

What does a school visit, a helicopter ride, a rescue mission and an overnight camp in the middle of nowhere have in common?

This incredible human managing to completely surprise me with a proposal!

#engaged #womansday #linkinbio

Since 2005 I have been representing Sheppard Cycles and was excited when they developed their own brand of BMX bike (ABD - Avanti BMX Development) in 2007.
Being able to ride a New Zealand branded bike at the Olympics in 2008 & 2012 as well as winning 3 Junior & 9 Elite UCI World Champs medals has made representing my country that much more special.

I'll admit that I had pictured myself being on an Avanti for my entire career but this weekend was my last official race riding for the Avanti brand due to their departure from the BMX industry.

It was an honour to ride for one bike company for over 12 years and I am proud that I got to make the final at this years World Champs and to win my final race in Whangarei this weekend.


So cute 😁❀ @rubyracerbuckley:
I got to meet my idol @swbmx today. Mom kept calling her Sarah but I kept correcting her telling her "no it's Sarah Walker" ☺️Still buzzing and now I wanna race her 🏁

Starting after some time off can be difficult at times, but after years of training my body knows what to do (so hopefully it won't take too long to get back)! The best part - I can only get faster from here! πŸ˜…πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Ž πŸ“·: @jessie_smithbmx πŸ‘Š

The last time I went skiing was a couple of years ago, another couple for the time before that...
Not a bad place (or day) for a sports psychology session! #eatsleepsendrepeat #pyeongchang2018 πŸ˜…πŸ˜ŽπŸ€™

Over 3000m above sea level checking out one of the #7wondersoftheworld during some time off the bike!

I spent some time after World Champs thinking through my future in BMX. With some pretty amazing opportunities outside of my sport, I'll admit that it wasn't a straight forward decision.

But after a lot of thought, I still love BMX, I can still make finals with the best in the World, and riding with friends from all over the world and in New Zealand is so much fun!

So, it's back into training to keep pushing my limits to see what I am truly capable of (while still having fun)! #roadtotokyo2020

What?! This was 5 years ago!? One of the best days of my life! #london2012 #silver

When your first ever scuba dive is with sharks!

Couldn't stop thinking about being able to breathe under water knowing the surface was 12 meters away! It was more scary than the sharks! πŸ™ˆ

Breakdance is at the Youth Olympics 2018 so getting some practice in πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… #headspin #yog2018 #breakingforgold #youreasyoungasyoufeel

What a World Champs 2017 was!

Not sure which I'm more proud of... crashing in the first race & being ok, pulling off the first corner move in the semi, making my first Worlds final since 2014, or being part of such a special moment with the finalists riding out to congratulate @alisepost11 after winning her first Elite World title!
So stoked to be in the final with such a quality field & although I rounded out the final in 8th, it felt nothing like losing!

Massive thanks to @hollowsbicyclerepairs for making the trip over for the weekend as well as mum & @jessie_smithbmx for being awesome roommates! Also thanks to @lauraasmulders & @merelsmulders for being awesome training partners and my sponsors and supporters for continuing with me on this incredible journey!

Race day! Another day of focusing on the process, giving 100% and having fun! πŸ˜„

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