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The grind never stops. I can say without a doubt every step and 🔧⛏🔨 I add to my resume just allows me to reflect what I am able to overcome. Achievements are just that, something you have earned 💯. Don’t expect greatness to be handed to you. #workdontwhine #grindneverstops #greatness #hardestworkerintheroom

Appreciation post for the one who keeps me smiling, keeps me grounded, and fills my life with purpose. You’re always the first to think of getting my epi-pen for 🐝 stings and sunscreen to protect my skin. 🙏 for making sure my skin isn’t dried out and that I don’t get into anaphylactic shock. I love you and all you do for me. #happy #smile #partnerworkout #love #ihatebees #ialsohatewasps #berries

“If you want something you’ve never had, then you have to do something you’ve never done” . A little #flexfriday comin at ya when I had a full magazine spread for @inside_fitness. #fitness #bicepcurls #abs #cantsmileinphotos

Sometimes you just need to grip it and rip it 🙋‍♂️💯. #nothingclevertosay #deadlift #power #strong #swathealth

Respect the hustle and always believe in your own POWER💥. We all need to be capable of first believing in ourselves. Amazing things occur when you have self belief, you are ambitious, you fail; but grow from your failures and execute discipline.
It’s easy to 👀 that there are several ways to get to a destination if you master these skills. Don’t be so caught up with what others are doing and lose sight of your own path to success and fulfillment.
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#youruniverse #respectyouruniverse #kettlebellworkout #partneredworkout #hardestworkerintheroom #swathealth

Starting my week off with an extremely tough workout is a great way to set the tone for my week. This helps my mindset carry over into all my decisions and busy week 💯. This concept and idea of starting my week off hustling hard and prioritizing things for myself translates into a better and more resilient🙋‍♂️😊. #hardestworkerintheroom #ballslam #slomo #frontsquat #deficitdeadlift #practicewhatyoupreach #sticktotheplan #mentality #swathealth

Team no excuses! Positive habits and routine are paramount for success 💯. Beach 🏖 workout:
Circuit 1: 10 KB swings , 10 sumo squats
Circuit 2: 10 Medball squat to presses, 15 deadlifts , 10 push ups
Rest for 30 secs between each set x 4 sets then switch with your partner and switch circuits. #practicewhatyoupreach #partnerworkout #outdoorworkout #hardestworkeronthebeach #squat

My weekends are always better when they are spent with you! Can’t wait for some great time spent up in @visitthecounty doing all the fun things☀️🍇🥩🍳🏋️‍♀️🛶🏝❤️.

Master the basics when it relates to the core or “ab” exercises 💯. Stop doing endless crunches and side bends with weights. Building a strong and functional core will continue to provide you with a bulletproof six pack👊. #practicewhatyoupreach #plank #sticktothebasics #core #fitness

This was a my back workout from a week ago I did. This was a killer workout and how I get my worst muscle group to be one of my best now utilizing giant sets.Typically 3 or 4 exercises of the same muscle group all with varied weights and reps and starting with the most difficult:
Exercise 1
👉Supinated chin ups weighted 4
sets to failure
Exercise 2 👉Seated Rows moderate weight 4 sets 10-15 reps
Exercise 3 👉Bent over cable rows light weight 4 sets 15-20 reps
After each set of these exercises I would rest about 90 secs. Sorry about my grunt game 🤦‍♂️, when I am working out I’m 💯focused on the task at hand. If you have a lacking muscle group this is a great way to stimulate some growth and hopefully push you through that plateau you’ve been stuck at. Happy Monday 💪👊. #practicewhatyoupreach #backworkout #chinups #hardestworkerintheroom #mindset #backmusclesaresexy #rowsfordays

Here are a few thing to focus on in your fitness journey other than losing weight to help set yourself up for success 🙌.
1.Build habits and routines that are able to continue through your entire life 🎯.
2. Stop believing that once you lose those inches or lose 10 lbs that you’ll be happy all of a sudden.
3. Have goals dependant on more than just aesthetics. Set goals that are beyond looks and goals that attribute being strong, healthy and having functionality to your body.
4. Don’t count calories and base food consumption on just “good” and “bad” foods. All foods you consume can be part of a proper nutrition plan if it is planned accordingly💯.
5. Speed bumps will occur in your training and that is inevitable. However, don’t allow those speed bumps to become a road 🚫. With a small adjustment and some planning any scenario can be handled and allows for adherence to your goals and accountability.
#mindset #mentality #healthy #tips #practicewhatyoupreach #hardestworkerintheroom

“Be humble, Be hungry. And always be the hardest worker in the room.”- @therock
📷 credit: @alyssa_raye_productions

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