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swasanlicious  💜SwaSan💜VaHe💜FC 💜Swara💜Sanskar💕💕 💜Helly Shah💜Varun Kapoor💕💕 💜Give credit if Repost😊 Coadmin -@helly_the_diva

You're still the one I run to
The on that I belong to
You're still the one I want for life #SwaSan

Credit to @hellyshah_admirers : 1M+ Admirers/Crazens/Holics of @hellyshahofficial
It's time to shower some more love for our baby 😄☺ She has been nominated in #ITA2017 for portraying the role of #Swara as well as #Devanshi
If even for once she has managed to win your ❤s with her phenomenal performances whether as Swara or Devanshi, then pls do VOTE for her!!!!
Together we can do anything and in this we as family can only get the best results 😄
For she has never disappointed us whn its about her Performance and Skills. When On our Screens she is Fire 🔥
For all the times she has entertained us as our beloved Swara and still doing as Devanshi....can we at least this much for her???
Lets vote for her and give our best ☺
Indian and International Fans visit www.ita2017.com and vote for #HellyShah Best Actor-Female
And Indian fans can also vote via SMS : Type ITA 2135 and send it to 57575
2135 is our doll's code
Remember voting lines are open till 29th Oct. 2017 ☺

Hi friends... I was away from insta but hopefully will comeback soon into editing. Please follow my baby sister's page @shree_o.o.. Love u all

@Regrann from @hellyshahgram - I'm posing this again because I'm fed up and tired of some people's inability to understand basic things! Read her comment. How many times had she had to write things like these? I don't care if you're a Swaragini fan or just a SwaSan fan who wants to put their opinions across. Please don't go to other people's profile and write anything because even if you're decent, it will be scrutinised, run through the mill for some to bash Helly and her FD. If you have some or any kind of respect/love/ attachment for Helly and you can't keep yourself away from writing comments on people's profile that does NOT concern you, block. If otherwise, unfollow. Helly has maintained her dignity and because of 3/4 people, she and her fandom does not deserve to lose their peace.
Give attention people you care about, others don't deserve your time. If the other fandom is writing shit, then they are losing precious time of their lives on someone they don't even like. Same goes for you. Remember that.
Another thing, please don't care about what other people likes or writes. We are here to support the person we love.
#HellyShah #Swaragini

I tagged all the other Helly pages on request. Please spread the word. #Regrann

@Regrann from @devanshifanclub - ~A strong woman looks at the challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink ~
#Devanshi #HellyShah #Adorable #Cute #Sweet @hellyshahofficial @sonalijaffar @colorstv #Regrann

@Regrann from @swasan_vahe_lovers - Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming!!! ❤❤❤ #SwaSan #VaHe #Throwback #GoodOldDays #SwaSanEngagement #OffScreen #HellyShah #VarunKapoor

Follow @devanshifanclub for all Latest Updates about @hellyshahofficial 's upcoming show #Devanshi

💕You have my heart and my trust your in my head, in my dreams, i love you so much its unbelievable. You are mine and will always remain mine💕
Happy Valentine's Day
#Love #valentines #SwaSan #truelove #passion #Swara #Sanskar #MadeForEachother #ajourneytoremember #Hellyshah #varunkapoor #VaHe #Herun

💕I never thought that love could feel like this. Then you changed my world with just one kiss💕 😘😘
#HappyKissDay #KissDay
#celebrations🎉 #valentines #SwaSan #Swara #Sanskar #varunkapoor #Hellyshah #Adorable #BestCouple

A hug is a handshake from the heart.
So always remain close to my heart💕
Happy Hug Day
#celebrations🎉 #valentines #SwaSan #Swara #Sanskar #varunkapoor #Hellyshah #Adorable #BestCouple

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