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Sveta Bilyalova  sveta@savageisle.com

These clouds are so dope

I surfed 5 times in my life but it’s already my favorite sport 💙

Happy Valentines Day! I love you every day thought ❤️ Are you celebrating?
🛀🏽 @theungasan 🌺

What’s your favorite fruit/berry ? 🍉🍒🍈🍌🍓🍑
I’m in gorgeous @theungasan 😻🤤

Hi guys ❤️ hope you are having amazing day 😘 I’m in Bali✨ love to come back here😍 so many beautiful places to go fun things to do , amazing healthy food 😋🤤🤤🤤🤤
Speaking of places I love to come back to @uluwatusurfvillas thanks for having me again 😘

Bad Barbie

Hey guys 🖤
Comment 1. If you like 🤗
2. If that’s too much ☺

Happy Monday my friends ❣️
If could travel anywhere, where would you go? 🤔🌍✈️
I wanna go to Antarctica love pinguinos too much 🤗

Wishing you all happy Sunday ❣️😘

Casual morning after party 😏
Sheet mask epidemic is finally over, guys! Check link in BIO and pledge to get 50% discount #WhatTheFOREO

I really wanna post everyday. Stories photos videos
I’m not doing this only because I’m sick or stressed or having problems with my head🤯
And I wanna share only positivity with you.
Hope my life will get back to normal again soon.
And we’ll share a lot of happy beautiful and fun moments
I want to communicate with you guys to understand you more and to help you understand me, to know you better and show you my real self always
And share with you my ideas and thoughts, All your support makes a difference in my life.. Thank you. 😘

I think Kowalski is looking on my butt🤔 while I’m trying kiss the Skipper😘

Today I finally feel healthy and happy and not so stressed as I was last few days being sick. Ready to have best vacations in beautiful Cape Town ❤️ always dreamed to come here
Do you want me to do a mini vlog from this trip?🤗

Hi friends❣️ have a flight today so excited 🔥😍✈️
Guess where I’m going, likes from me! on your pics😘
Друзья угадайте куда сегодня лечу, буду лайкать фотки угадавших😘

It’s in my ❤️ 🤓⚡️🦉
I have no idea why so many people knew that I had a Harry Potter wand in my box, I’m talking about my last pic🤷🏻‍♀ I’ll tell who win in stories. Love you guys 😘

Guys I received a special gift today!🤗 It’s in the box in my hands. Guess what it is?🤔 I'll send 100$ to the one who will be first and another 50$ will go to a randomly selected person in comments😘

Привет, друзья! Решила устроить КОНКУРС! Угадайте что у меня в коробке🤔 Первому кто угадает скину 100$ !! И 50$ тому кто тоже угадает, но в случайном порядке🤗 Чем больше комментариев напишите, тем больше шансы выиграть😘

Hey guys 👋🏼 What was the last vegetable or fruit you ate? 🍑🥕
Привет, Друзья! Было много вопросов о правильном питании и здоровом образе жизни 🥒🏃‍♀️
Очень много информации об этом я узнала на страничке своего друга @DrMasliev 👨‍⚕ Он все доходчиво объясняет в своем инстаграме. Если вы хотите быть красивыми и здоровыми, то рекомендую зайти на него и почитать, не пожалеете 🤗

Hahah idk what’s with my face🤔 guys CAPTION THIS , Likes from me!😘 on your pics
About last picture, I was trying to answer the questions but it was almost impossible. Instagram was taking me to the end of comments after each answer. I had to load them all over and over again. I’ll figure out how to answer to your comments shortly.
Друзья, придумайте подпись к этой непонятной ситуации😂 с меня лайки на фотки😘
Под прошлым фото я пыталась отвечать, не получилось, потому что после каждого ответа меня выкидывало в конец комментов и приходилось их снова загружать. Но я со временем на всё отвечу😘

Happy Sunday !💕 I think it’s time for our little chat. Write your questions in comments and I’ll try my best to reply to all of them 😘
Друзья, давайте пообщаемся, пишите мне вопросы в комментариях и я постараюсь на все отвечать😘

I still can’t get used to that summer is over and winter holidays coming 😳
Pic from happy August in Mykonos 💙

Guys that’s my favorite facial cleansing brush @FOREO #LUNA2 #FOREO gently exfoliates dead skin cells and unclogs pores also removes up to 99,5% of dirt and oil leaving your skin absolutely radiant👌🏼💕
Check their Black Friday discounts on foreo.com and link in my BIO

Happy to be in my hometown Moscow
Now I can see my family everyday and have more time to get fit wanna be skinny af with fat booty😈 what do u think?
Я в Москве и привожу себя в форму в любимом @wellnessclubnebo


Do I look fire?🔥

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