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Sven Prince πŸ‘‘  πŸ‘¨ - Sven, 22 y/o, Dutch 🍏 - for Nutrition services ‡ πŸ“§ - info@prince-nutrition.nl πŸ‹ - 175kg squat / 110kg bench / 240kg deadlift

Surviving competition tomorrow with some guilty pleasures. 🍽

#yesimentpineapples 🍍

My breakfast -> yours. πŸ€“


Last heavy workout befofe comp. on Saturday.

145 kg x 1
150 kg x 1
155 kg x 1

90 kg x 1
95 kg x 1
100 kg x 1


Last heavy lower workout before peakweek, getting excited slowly... Squats for topset 142.5 x 4 (new volume pr)
Deadlifts topset 190 x 1
Still underperforming a little bit on deads but it'll be fine for now.

#competition #soon #comeandgetit

Heavy sessions going decent, except deadlifting still... Squats
132.5 x 3
137.5 x 3 (shown in video)
142.5 x 3

165 x 5
170 x 3
175 x 1


Got a pump after benchpress yesterday


Felt easy and then some back and shoulder accessoires.


Goddamn eating again ... πŸ˜€πŸ€“. #foodporn

Skyr Vanille, Honey, Watermelon & some sunflower seeds. Nice little snack ☺. Try to eat a couple handfulls of sunflower seeds every day, with every meal or in a shake. Great fats and often times overlooked.

#fruit #and #nuts πŸ”₯.

First heavy workout was not good at all...squats as seen went perfectly fine, 130kg 3x4.
Moved to deadlifts and didnt even got my working weight off the ground for 1 rep, let alone 4x6... Probably too fatigued, my anger is now gone and we will continue.. #nogainsthisweek

Friday was the last workout from my muscular condition phase, real light and alot of reps.

Getting ready for the heavy work coming up, i'm excited for also being 3 weeks out from my first comp.

Benchpress 75kg x 12
OHP 40kg x 10,10,9 (last set shown)
Barbell row 80kg x 8,8,8
Pullups x 15,15,12,12
Chest fly x15,15,15


My breakfast is all about eggs πŸ‘€πŸ€—. Combine it w/ spinach, tomatoes, cheese, fruits like grapes etc.
Cant forgot about my wondertea.

#eggtasticpost #ididit #eggpuns --> swipe right

Intense last leg workout of condition phase;


1 sets - 122.5kg x 8
8 sets - 117.5kg x 3 (60 sec. rest)
Total time 14 minutes for 3,800kgs volume. πŸ˜€

Deadlifts - 110kg x 8 - 3 sets paused sumo
Glute bridges - 130kg 3x8
Leg extensions + hamstring curls supersets 2x15
Ab wheel 3x10

K.O. after this one😴😴😴😴 #gainsongains #recipeforsweat #cardio4days

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