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Marina Jenae Martinez  🐍Stars Vipers Boas🐍 💖 @cheerlyfecollection Feature Model💖 Cheerlyfe promo code: MARINA 💜LEWK Amethyst💜 💪Cheerfit Ambassador elite💪

Waiting patiently for the weekend!!💙 #cheerlyfe #Glowinthedark #waitingontheweekend #modsquad #cheerlyfe4lyfe

Ready for Practice!!💪🐍 #StarsVipers #FierceBoas #theworkisworthit

repost via @instarepost20 from @cheerlyfecollection Are you following @trendathletics yet? If not, you should! We’ll be giving away a TREND tee very soon! #trend #CheerLyfe

CHEER IS LYFE!!❤💜❤ @instarepost20 from @cheerlyfecollection This phrase was on our very first tee. We’ve believed it since the beginning. because cheer is LYFE™️ #CheerLyfe #trend

Twinning Tuesday with this beauty!!💙 #twinning
#cheerlyfe #modsquad

Modsquad Monday!! Taking you back to the day I put on my first ever @cheerlyfecollection top!!I I Got your back crop! So this was my 2016 -2017 season when I was a backspot!💪 #MSM #cheerlyfe #modsquad #igotyourback

Today is the last day to get your #Battleready Tee from @cheerlyfecollection !! All proceeds from the sales of this Top go to @miss.k_flyer dad who is battling breast cancer! Please help support this family and order today!!💗

Happy 4th of July!💙❤ Hope everyone has a great day!! Waiting for the Fire works in my @cheerlyfecollection tank and spanks and sunnys! 🌞 #redwhiteblue #GodblessAmerica #4thofJuly2018 #summer2018 #cheerlyfe #modsquad

FLASH SALE!!! Coupon Code :Monday for 30 % off @cheerlyfecollection entire website 🎉#Repost @cheerlyfecollection

We haven’t done an Instagram FLASH sale in awhile, so let’s do one! 30% off tonight only! COUPON code: MONDAY

repost via @instarepost20 from @cheerlyfecollection Who’s ready to get some fun stuff before the official @trendathletics launch in August? This is your chance! A fun surprise “starter pack” of @trendathleticscheer awesomeness 💗 on Friday, June 29 at 12:00 pm ET. Email subscribers will get an early chance to purchase! 🎉

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