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Silicon Valley De-Bug  Silicon Valley De-Bug is a community organizing, advocacy, and a multimedia storytelling organization based out of San José, California.

"...we’ve separated and broken families for decades through our continued, unapologetic, dehumanizing use of #massincarceration as our means of criminal justice, inflicting irreparable, generational harm and trauma, particularly on communities of color," - Public Defender @thesajidakhan link in bio #keepfamiliestogether

AB931 Passed to appropriations! #protectyourpeople

Sandy, Laurie and Gina speaking truth on that mic and repping for their loved ones and all loved ones lost to police violence #ab931 #nomorecopouts #protectyourpeople

#ab931 will change use of force standards police employ in interactions. Families whose loved ones were lost to police violence are up in Sac today to urge the yes vote! It is their voice and experience that will always lead us at De-Bug. #protectyourpeople #nomorecopouts

De-Bug spent the week with our family in Philadelphia -- working with them as they built participatory defense to keep people out of prison. One of our main partners out there is Mothers in Charge, an incredible organization of mainly parents who have lost children to violence, as well as formerly incarcerated community members who find support and love as they restart their lives. It is a place of spirit, love, and perseverance.

Photo 1: This is Ms. Dorothy - the founder and inspiring head Mother in Charge! She sits with the picture of her son Khaaliq, who was killed in 2001. After losing her son, she went on to create Mothers in Charge in 2003 for other families to have support through the tragedy and trauma.

Photo 2: This is Steve, one of their core participatory defense organizers, about to start their meeting. This amazing brother did over 40 years in prison, and is now leading participatory defense meetings in Philly to prevent others to going to the system. He has an incredibly humble and generous spirit.
Photo 3: This is their weekly participatory defense meetings. As you can see, the room is filled with families and individuals who are supporting each other in the name of freedom.
Photo 4: This is our sister Taz, from the National Council of Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls, who joined us from the New York participatory defense hub. She is working with a young woman on her case -- showing her what to expect from an attorney, and how to prepare the best defense possible.
Salute to our Philly Family!!! #protectyourpeople #mothersincharge #participatorydefense #calitophilly

Congrats to @kevindurant and the Golden State Warriors on their 3rd Championship Title in 4 years. Check out this story on our site by Demone Carter on the Warriors dynasty and embodiment of Bay Culture. Link in bio.

Hip hop MC and social entrepreneur Demone Cárter ( @lifeafterhiphop ) gives tips to making voting a little easier, and says just don’t put that much on it. #protectyourpeople link in bio #ivotedtoday #ivoted

Our movement is led by these powerful families, and last week, their strength carried these three bills forward! One house down, one more to go. #protectyourpeople #nomorecopouts #lifeat15 #endfmrnow

STEPPING TO #GOOGLE is a historic two-day march from San José to the Googleplex in Mountain View. #protectyourpeople
San Jose No Se Vende 📷@xanhtran_

Families who lost loved ones to police violence speak out and plea on behalf of their loved ones to Pass SB 1421. #protectyourpeople #sb1421 #nomorecopouts Call these legislators today!!: McGuire, 916 651 4002; Galgiani 916 651 4005; Hernandez, 916-651-4022; Portantino, 916-651-4025; Stern, 916-651-4027;Hueso, 916-651-4040; Dodd, 916-651-4003 and Pan,916-651-4006.

The future of De-Bug looks bright. Here's to the first of many graduations!

Families traveled to #sacramento to share what it’s like to have no answers after their loved one was killed by police. They seek accountability and push representatives to move on #sb1421 so no other families have to live this story #protectyourpeople #righttoknow #nomorecopouts

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