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Silicon Valley De-Bug  Silicon Valley De-Bug is a community organizing, advocacy, and a multimedia storytelling organization based out of San José, California.

We spent the morning hearing what the court experience is like in 9 counties across the state. With the recent changes to California bail, the work we are doing every day in the courts is more important than ever. SB10 deceptively promised to end money bail and created a new dangerous legal landscape as a result. These are the people and communities building tools to end discriminatory sentencing and bail 🙌🏽 #ProtectYourPeople #ParticipatoryDefense #DayInCACourt #CourtWatching #CourtDoing

Starting Day 2 of our #CourtWatching & #CourtDoing discussions to impact bail decisions across the state! Big S/O to our California
#ParticipatoryDefense team visiting San Jose putting in some serious work! #DayinCACourt #ProtectYourPeople #EndIncarceration

Just finished #CourtWatching & #CourtDoing at Santa Clara County Hall of Justice with the whole Cali #ParticipatoryDefense fam! We are in a historic moment when it comes to bail reform in California and we can direct this energy to a true movement to end incarceration. Together we’ll think through how each #participatorydefense hub can create their own model to impact every bail decision. #ParticipatoryDefense #CourtWatching #CourtDoing #DayinCACourt #ProtectYourPeople #FreeOurPeople #Bail

We’re so glad to welcome back our California #ParticipatoryDefense family to San Jose! LA, Riverside, San Diego, Orange County, San Joaquin, San Francisco, Contra Costa County, San Mateo and Merced are with us for a weekend of creating plans to transform the court system across the state! Together we’ll be #CourtWatching & #CourtDoing at the Santa Clara County Courthouse - critical work aimed at shifting pretrial detention so that more of our people are free! #ParticipatoryDefense #DayinCACourt #ProtectYourPeople

Fresh off the press, the next issue of Prisoners United, The Frontliners to Jail Reform #justiceforisai #prisonersunited

Sign the online petition! In @muraldelaraza bio

Please help us by taking 4 minutes to fill out this quick survey about the possible Google project in San Jose. The City and Google want to reach an agreement to sell public lands for a private campus by this December and we want to hear from the people being left out of these decisions. Displacement tears apart families and communities, increases wealth inequality, and endangers San Jose’s diverse cultural heritage. Link in bio! #protectyourpeople

We’re welcoming @youthjusticela (LA) & @formerlyincarceratedxingonas (Merced) to the #ParticipatoryDefense family! We have a busy weekend ahead of us here at De-Bug! We’ll be joined by several other sister organizations from all over California to discuss how to continue building tools to STOP PREVENTATIVE DETENTION and INCARCERATION to free our people. Big things coming! #ParticipatoryDefense #ProtectYourPeople #DayinCACourt

Jose Meza Velasquez' attorney files a lawsuit against the Payless property owner for $5 Million for unlawfully removing @muraldelaraza. Please sign the online petition to support the lawsuit so that the courts can't deny public interest in restoring and preserving the mural. Sign petition in @muraldelaraza bio.

De-Bug families wrote a letter to CDCR about why recent policy changes around merging yards is dangerous for loved ones inside and call to end Non-Designated Yards. "We write to express our concern about the implementation of Non-Designated Yards in CDCR. As members of Silicon Valley De-Bug and families with incarcerated loved ones, we speak from a position of personal experience when we voice our anxieties about this recent policy change. This policy change puts people in California prisons in grave physical danger. It also severely hinders their ability to participate in programming and rehabilitate.” Read the full letter at link in bio #protectyourpeople #cdcr

Jacob Dominguez was fatally shot by SJPD on Sept. 15, 2017. Today we remember him on what would have been his 35th birthday – sending love, strength, and positivity to his family. Jacob was part of a documentary that is continuing to win awards and changing the perspective on people with similar life experiences to him. Thank you to Jacob's family and his aunt Rosie for their continued efforts of seeking justice for ALL victims of police brutality. #JusticeForJacobDominguez #ProtectYourPeople
From his aunt Rosie’s post about the updated documentary: "As the Director of the documentary wins more awards and Jacobs birthday approaches tomorrow, It brought tears to my eyes to listen and watch the NEW trailer of this Documentary, tears running down my face as I listened, wondering how he may have been so fearful not knowing it would be his last minutes on earth. Then I saw him I heard his voice speaking on his life and yet with tears still rolling down my face I smirked Knowing it’s impacting him as well as he watches over all of his loved ones. I know he was skeptical about participating in it but he did Now ALL who’ve participated in this documentary are making an impact on others and how others see them.”

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