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Modern Textile Designs  Original quilt designs • Thoughtfully constructed patterns – Visit my website for free patterns and tutorials! #suzyquiltspatterns

I think it's time to paint a few more quilts. Definitely quicker than sewing a few more quilts 😂💕 #StarsHollowQuilt

Slow and steady stitching through this creamy cloud-like jersey. Did you catch my live story on hand quilting yesterday? It should be available for a bit longer if you want to see how the sausage gets made! 🌭🤪 And if you're seeing this post much later, you can still watch the video forever in the Suzy Quilts Patterns FB group. #BohemianGardenQuilt

Do you remember a while back when I discovered Snapchat? (😂😂😂) Well, I'm having the same obsessive love affair with FB Live Videos in my new Facebook group Suzy Quilts Patterns. Yesterday I walked you through basting this #BohemianGardenQuilt and gluing all of the appliqué pieces in place. Today we chatted about tools along with a hand stitching demo. Come join me! (oh, and did I mention you get a free pattern just for becoming a member? yup. you toooootally do.)

This jersey #BohemianGardenQuilt has been itching at my brain for over a year, and only now am I finally scratching that itch. My high school art teacher always emphasized the importance of an artist's "layering of experiences." I think about that all the time when tracing back the inception of a design. This design grew from a conversation with @suzyultman, a love of Matisse, a recent discovery of @gormanclothing, and meeting one of my heroes @alabamachaninlife

I keep going back and forth over whether or not to make this a we'll see 😉💕

#tbt to this crazy cityscape quilt I created for a @toyotausa marketing campaign. Start to finish it was made in 10 days - during which it started in Chicago, was flown to New Hampshire for quilting, flown back to Chicago for finishing, then flown to LA for the photoshoot. If you’re ever curious what overnight quilt shipping costs, it ain’t cheap 😂🤪 Search “Toyota” on my blog for more behind the scenes pics and the full story.

The art of the quilt drape. Takes a moment to achieve and a lifetime to master 💪😂. #rocksteadyquilt Have you mastered it?

This quilt pattern is going to be out of my norm...but that will just make it an extra fun adventure, right?? 😉💕 Now let's cut up some jersey! #BohemianGardenQuilt #jerseyquilt 📸: @flossybb

"You did a really poor job making this bed for me. I'm pretty much falling off the edge of the rug. And why are you rolling your eyes and waving at me like that?? I can't relax when you're trying to push me off my fabric!" #conversationswithscrappy #BohemianGardenQuilt

@theblanketstatement made a woodsy #trianglejittersquilt 🌲🍃 I can smell the pine though my phone! Or is it cedar? Or spruce...? Realizing I have no idea if there’s a difference 😂

@dixie.stitches created a stunning monochromatic #campfirequilt 😍💘 and now I’m obsessed with making my own! Maybe a minty green version for spring?? 🌺🌼🌸 What are your Campfire quilt plans?

Teaching Scrap to baste may seem like an uphill climb, but I think the payoff will be worth it. #bastingbuddies #scrappyonthings

This pattern's a little bit retro and a little bit quirky and works perfectly with @spoonflower Fill-A-Yard printing! But, guys, I'm not sold on the name. It's been "Blip Lines" for most of its life, but can we do better? What should we name this design? And did I mention that this is going to be a free pattern??

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