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Suzy Gerstein  Left Handed Leo, NYC-based Makeup Artist, Green Beauty Lover, Harvey and Judith’s Momma

Everybody out of the pool 🌫💧⚡️ Been loving this @oseamalibu moisturizer for these tricky weather days when we’re not quite in the thick of summer but it’s still too warm and sticky out for a richly textured product. Not an ad, not my pool, just another green beauty innovation that has me impressed. I love its cool silky matte finish and ultra clean ingredient deck of good things like USDA Certified Organic Algae, Shea Butter, and Avocado Oil. It’s also got the light, naturally soothing scent of pure lavender and geranium (fragrance being so important in my book that sometimes I can’t bring myself to use a product for olfactory reasons alone...this one is nice and gentle in that department and works for me). Reasonable price point too (relatively speaking at least in the space of luxury #nontoxicbeauty). This is a little sample I received with my latest @credobeauty order, but I may just have to pick up a full sized one to decant into this bottle and carry in my kit come fall. Makeup artists, isn’t it always surprisingly humid during #NYFashionWeek? 🤦🏻‍♀️This guy would also probably work as a nice primer for oily to combo skin when you’re traveling or, like me, just want to lighten your product load and simplify life for crying out loud.

Talked to @selfmagazine about some of my favorite foundation formulas and application techniques for different skin concerns. I’ll put the link up there in the link place here shortly.
I discovered my own personal favorite foundation recipe after giving this interview, so while it didn’t quite make the article, I’m currently loving a combo of @iliabeauty True Skin Serum Foundation and @kjaerweis Foundation . The Ilia glides gorgeously over the drier areas of my combination skin (thank you for turning me onto this gem @ailleabeauty - now I’ve got my mom and friends hooked on it as well;) while the Kjaer is a bit drier in texture and effectively covers up unevenness in tone that has come with new mommyhood/ sun/ la vida loca. I use the @welovecoco retractable kabuki brush to get into all the nooks and crannies and then buff buff buff. Preceded by and followed with a thousand spritzes of the @shop_wildcare Rosemary + Bay Hydrosol. More on that magical product later (it’s one with which I was so taken that I actually went steady with it and finished the whole bottle in less than than a week). Lastly, I’m dying to check out the @westmanatelier foundation product (and peachy highlight and bronzer and cream blush...basically the whole line) by @gucciwestman. Although the packaging looks so beautiful that I don’t think I would be able to bring myself to hack it up into a palette for my kit. That and I really don’t need more makeup. #saidnomakeupartistever#ok#ineedit#rn#saystheghost#of#tammyfayebakker#messner#itsyourbirthdaymonth#anditsjobresearch#savemefrommyself 🤦🏻‍♀️

@jeaniesyfu gives good hair.
New work: lovely @daniellebreier photographed by one of my faves, @nadyawasylko for @parents with @agnethe12 @updatekate @david_cooper_photo @morgan_gibbons_stylist @yukie_miyakawa_nails and makeup by 🙋🏻‍♀️#suzygerstein @honeyartists using @welovecoco #paletteessentielle . Little side story: I was SO pregnant with my daughter, Judy when we shot this and it was a long day on my feet, with lots of models and look changes. By the time we wrapped, our creative director, @agnethe12 , must have seen right through the “I’m totally fine, I’m amazing” act that belied my exhaustion (and let’s be real, she probably also peeped my 🌭feet;) Well as I was leaving she put a real smile on my face, sending me home with the prettiest poppy arrangement that she just casually whipped up in front of me as we were saying goodbye. (It was so pretty, in fact, that I had to ask if she moonlit as a florist, and turns out she honed those skills with the best of them during her days at Martha Stewart Living.) A green thumb I am not but those bad boys lasted for well over a week. Must have been the kindness that gave them fairy dust superpowers. ✨✨
Speaking of fairy dust and pretty things that last, I’ve been loving the new long-wearing Stylo Ombre et Contour. No. 12- the Contour Clair shade- can be used as a khôl, a classic liner, or a shadow (or all 3) and has the creamiest texture that makes doing your eyes like a pro a cinch (which probably shouldn’t say because I don’t want to be out of a job but I’m all about the tips and empowering you to be your own makeup artist so what the hey). Pop a bit of the hypnotically light-catching ILLUSION D'OMBRE in Moonphase onto the center of lids, finish with petal lips courtesy of LE ROUGE CRAYON DE COULEUR MAT in DISCRÉTION which I pat into lips with my fingertips to make even more discreet. Moral of the story: can’t go wrong with classic matte neutrals with a surprise flash of shimmer, and especially can’t go wrong with random, surprise acts of kindness. And if you’re pregnant accept the seat. Thanks for the lovely LE MAT DE CHANEL FALL-WINTER MAKEUP
COLLECTION 2018 #giftfromchanel#workingwithchanel

Beyond excited that @bennyemakeup came out with their new MediaPro Mojave Cream Concealer and Adjuster Wheel (SCW-100). Such good, saturated shades for olive to deep skin tones that can be mixed into foundation and concealer to customize or used on their own as a concealer/ highlight / contour. It’s color theory come to life. And nothing beats the convenience of having them all in one handy dandy color disc. I’m not typically one for #colorcorrectors (you ask me and I’ll tell you that your colors are already correct). But deeper skin tones have a multi-dimensionality to them that one foundation shade would render flat. I think of these more as brighteners and foundation helpers than “correctors.” Ben Nye also has a special place in my heart because its concealer wheel was the first I owned after assisting makeup master @chriscolbecknyc in the early 2000’s and watching him perfect the skin with it. I remember on our first job together (when it wasn’t known whether I could be trusted doing a face but Chris, angel sweetheart that he is wanted me to have some hands-on experience), he taught me how to do hands and knees with it- and I learned that the devil is in the details. He also mixed up about 4 shades of eyeshadow to create a custom bronzer and knocked my socks off. This was back before @beautyblender or FaceTune, when it wasn’t a given that everyone and their brother would retouch the bejesus out of everything. Back when @alconeco had their tiny shop in Chelsea and illustrious artists would come in to shop and sign their famous wall (the Hollywood Walk of Fame to a hungry makeup geek like myself). I was also pleased to recently learn that each of these wheels is hand-poured at the family-owned Ben Nye factory in LA. Check out @bennyemakeup instagram for some pretty hypnotic production videos. Thanks to another Ben...jamin, @benjaminpuckey for recommending this product and putting it on my radar. And thank you Ben Nye, for the glorious sample and for creating products that have been staples in my kit for all these years. #suzygerstein#makeupgeek#notanad#juststuffilike#bennye#mojave#mediapro#colorwheel#colortheory

If you’re an ‘80’s or a ‘90’s baby like myself, unless you had a VERY persuasive mom, you probably tweezed your eyebrows into near oblivion at one point or another (and were lucky if they ever grew back). The late, great makeup master, @kevynaucoin sparked that trend and countless others when he intuitively decided it was time to blank out the canvas so to speak, giving everyone from Cindy Crawford to Kate Moss to his sister and muse, Carla a #carolelombard style ‘30’s brow. It just worked with the gamine, grunge, no makeup makeup and heavily smoked eye looks of the time. And forever sartorial goddess of chic, #carolynbessettekennedy sealed the deal for me with her pencil thin arches that made her ALL mesmerizing, silver dollar sized blue eyes. The allure of such Kevyn-inspired trends is brilliantly captured in @kevynaucoinfilm - out on iTunes July 31st. I was lucky enough to attend a screening and it is a must-see! When @iamwellandgood asked how you can revisit the trend without risking permanent brow hair loss, I came up with a few new and #nontoxic products that fit the bill. The name of the game, under my interpretation, is lifting and brightening the eye area to make those peepers take center stage. Incidentally, I hope to be one of THOSE moms to my daughter when the trend comes back again in a decade. Link in my linky spot. #suzygerstein#mua

I ❤️real skin that breathes and isn’t caked up with layers of makeup. Demonstrating here, beautiful @bhumika_arora04 photographed by @tomtakesphotoss for @intothegloss . I used very minimal products for this look - starting with a base of @biossance 100% Squalane Oil. On the eyes went a lick of @antonymcosmetics noir liner encircled by a wash of @ritueldefille Ash and Ember Eye Soot in Viscera (a smoldering red shade), which I also popped in the center of the lips to enliven the rosy nude gloss underneath it that looked a bit flat on its own. In lieu of a full face of foundation, I spot applied @ctilburymakeup The Retoucher and Mini-Miracle Eye Wand which both have a near transparent texture. I set them with a featherlight dusting of @lauramerciercosmetics Secret Brightening Powder. Multiple lashings of @kevynaucoin Volume Mascara in rich pitch black and a couple dabs of @glossier haloscope in topaz completed the fuss-free but still alluringly intense summer look. But mostly, Bhumika.

Amateur street photographer over here (when I’m not “on assignment” as an amateur @dogsofinstagram photographer in my own mind). But seriously, was struck by how this kid at left sped up to the corner and then JUST when I was about to lose my marbles and reach for him, turned, stopped and patiently waited a good 30 seconds for his momma who had been out of sight. A nice reminder that 1. Kids are actually, apparently, trainable 🤣 2. It’s ok to stop, take a breath and have a look around, even when everyone else in Manhattan seems to be in a rush rush rush.

Just thinking of Mermaids #thatisall

File under: stuff that actually makes me excited to wash my face. Not an ad or a sponsored post, just my god’s honest opinion about some great things coming out of special companies that make magic in small batches. Meet the Malibu Barbie to my favorite cleanser from @labellafigurabeauty: The Clean Slate Rinsable Cleansing Concentrate| Summer Edition. Same genius formula as the original that rinses away makeup and leaves skin feeling cushiony soft, never stripped, with key ingredient, moisture retentive cupuacu butter. Same addictively fresh, luxe scent and clean feel courtesy of active lemon kernel oil and coriander CO2. This limited release version also contains activated charcoal to help detoxify the skin from the effects of heat and pollution. Just what my summer skin had been craving. Lately I’ve been treating my combination situation by following up with a generous spritz of @paiskincare Rice Plant & Rosemary BioAffinity Toner, a combo of one or more of my rotating wardrobe of serums and oils (among them @kyprisbeauty #antioxidantdew and Elixir, @yuliskincare Ambrosia Beauty Nectar, @goldfadenmd Needle-Less Concentrate, @odacite Black Cumin-Cajeput Concentrate, @oneloveorganics Vitamin C Serum or La Bella Figura Modern Radiance Concentrate fortified with a shake or 2 of @truebotanicals Vitamin C Booster) and, if I’m feeling like I need an extra layer, sealing the deal with a lightweight moisturizer like La Bella Figura’s Crema Supernova Day Cream or @rosehousebotanicals Peony Nectar Beauty Balm. Like Joan Rivers used to say, just a simple girl with a dream. I haven’t tried the company’s favorite way to use this product yet but it’s high on my agenda for the weekend: apply to dry skin, massage in and steam off in the shower for spa-like effects. Someone brew up the cucumber lemon water and sign me up ✔️💆🏻‍♀️🧖🏻‍♀️📋 🥒🍋💦#suzygerstein#mua#greenbeauty#topshelf#nontoxicskincare#faves#summerbeauty#homespa#edition

#MakeupMonday: that time I got to doll up the already dollfaced Betty Gilpin for @intothegloss and decided to play off her newly warm blonde hair color with juicy shades of citrus. 🍊🍊🍊
For an easy, wearable orange lip tint like the one I gave BG, 2 of my favorite non-toxic products to try: @olioeosso balm in #persimmon and @ritueldefille Enchanted Lip Sheer in #bloodroot. I’ll often apply the bloodroot to lips and then mix a bit of it up with the persimmon in the palm of my hand to make it more emollient, taking the mixture to cheeks.
If you’re in the market for a long-wearing eyeliner to go with the monochromatic theme, check out the one I lined Betty’s top lash lines with - @marcbeauty #highliner in #orangecrush . You can’t really see it in this image but it’s more visible when she’s looking down in some of the others up on #intothegloss , which is the point of a natural makeup like this...I love it when you just get a flash of color when the eyes move or the light bounces off something reflective.
Repurpose that too-dark/orangey bronzer you may have bought on a whim and stashed away in a drawer somewhere (because you realized it would make you look like an #oompaloompa now that you’re being better about avoiding the sun) by applying a sheer wash through the crease of the eye. I use a domed, fluffy blending brush from @beingsonia but since were talking simple summer makeups, a finger will do too ☝🏼

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