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Suzy Gerstein  Left Handed Leo, NYC-based Makeup Artist, Green Beauty Lover, and Harvey's Momma


This ray of sunshine today ☀️@luizascandelari in the new @narsissist Spring 2018
Color Collection. You were right @rachelgoodwinmakeup - that Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation is 🔝. So pretty over a good rich Moisturizer (I used @biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil with @ctilburymakeup Magic Cream and lots of @swbasics Rose Water to prep the skin). And I’m not one to stray from my usual tried and true foundations. Luiza wears the shade SAHEL Medium 2.5 which is about 2 stops deeper than her complexion but I wanted to warm up her face to match the residual color she had on her shoulders and clavicles from vacation, so I blended the base super well with a damp @beautyblender paying extra attention to the jaw and neck. On cheeks, I applied #narsissist Liquid Blush in Hot Tin Roof with the @itcosmetics Mega Fan Brush- might look big for the job but diffuses the color beautifully. I added a pinch of it above the eyes’ sockets as well to unify the look. And on lips, I painted a combination of NARS’ new #LipCovers. I used Under Arrest - a peachy nude- all over the lip, and popped a dab of the dangerous sounding Hell Gate - a black cherry- right in the center of the mouth to brighten and give a slight popsicle stained effect. Hair (and hand cameo) by my girl @therealamyfarid . Stay tuned for a how-to video with Amy and me on Luisa’s blog...I’ll post the link here. Thank you for the beautiful collection @jenboyd66 #suzygerstein#mua#luizascandelari#katespade#nars#bts#beauty

Tuesday Tool Kit 🛠💄🛠 @chanelofficial Thank you for the gloriously chic new brush collection. The streamlined shapes were definitely designed with we makeup artists, multi-taskers, and general women-on-the-go in mind. Plus they just feel so good, glossy, and luxe in the hand. 3 instant favorites that are already in heavy rotation: the Fluid/ Powder Foundation Brush for buffing that base to imperceptibility, the Powder brush for targeting specific areas while maintaining an overall glow, and the Eyeliner brush for creating everything from easy everyday definition to precise, graphic lines to expertly covering blemishes. @elizabethfraise and @sunshone , I appreciate your continued and very generous support of our makeup artist community more than I could ever express in a gram. 🖤🙏🏼©️©️ #mercibeaucoup#makeupmonday#onatuesday#suzygerstein#mua#invest#in#goodbrushes#CHANELbrushGift#GiftfromCHANEL

“The time is always right to do what is right.” — The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. #mlk#corettascottking#selmatomontgomery#1965#honor#legacy#realleadership#through#education#ethics#nonviolentresistance#lifteveryvoice

Talking to @voguemagazine today about my favorite natural lipstick formulas for 2018. They’re what’s in my kit and what’s on my own personal pucker💁🏻‍♀️. Scroll / tap for some of the products that made the cut, and click on link in my bio for the complete list and my thoughts on just what makes them so great. Thanks lovely @lauraregensdorf for including me in such a fun topic that’s so near and dear to my heart, and big up to the green beauty brands that keep innovating and making this space such an exciting one to watch. #suzygerstein#mua#honeyartists#vogue#bestlipstick#greenbeauty#edition

Desert decadence.
#TheLipBalm by @kjaerweis . If 007 carried a lip product, this one, with its sleek, piano-black compact that stealthily swivels out with a touch would be IT. And not for nothing, he would also have the softest lips in the espionage game. Formulated with a luxe ingredient deck of brazil nut, sunflower seed, rosehip oil, and chamomile, it beautifully smooths and nourishes, then absorbs right in with James Bondian sophistication. I must have tried just about every balm on the market, and what really stood out and surprised me about this one was how effectively it softened my lips after just one application. And how quickly it absorbed without leaving even a trace of texture behind. Unusual qualities in a lip balm and qualities that would make it ideal for men’s grooming and perfect for prepping a bold lip look. Simply apply your balm, do the rest of your skincare/ makeup, and by the time you get to your lips you’re good to go- no need to exfoliate before or wipe away precious product after (and trust, you won’t want to with this one). 2 added bonuses: it’s refillable and formulated without petroleum or parabens. Thank you #kjaerweis for once again raising the bar in green beauty.

Flight back home delayed ‘til the weekend on account of loco weather in NYC. Not mad. Celebrating an extended stay in the Northern AZ desert with a little vacation makeup homage. Behold @henneorganics Luxury Lip Tint in #Intrigue. Same creamy dreamy formula as the original HENNÉ lip balm, loaded with only the good stuff like organic coconut, jojoba seed and avocado oils that give it that addictively luscious, cushiony feel. This version has the added bonus of just a hint of tone- enough to give you a healthy burst of color but not too much that you’ll need a mirror to apply it. Just my speed. I’m into all 4 shades but this one is my personal favorite. It’s a gorgeous burnt red that looks different on everyone - for me it recreates the 2011 version of my own lip color (before kids and sleep deprivation). I’ve been patting it onto my cheeks as well and a dab across my forehead and the bridge of my nose as a natural looking flush/ highlight. Lately I’ve been layering it over the @juicebeauty #phytopigments Juice Boost in #Bronzing with nothing more than a curled lash and a bit of brow pencil. Maybe a dab or 2 of @hyntbeauty concealer only if I’m feeling extra ambitious. Vacation is almost over but this guy is going to be coming back to NYC with me and working 9-5 ...or 5-9 (or whatever my kooky freelance hours end up being in 2018).

Last sunset of 2017, Pt. 2

Last sunset of 2017, Pt. 1

I love this Color & Light Pressed palette from @kosascosmetics in the shade called #CONTRACHROMA. Its super saturated yet impossibly soft texture and bronzy amber tone, screen bottom, remind me of the smudge of desert clay earth I noticed around sunset yesterday across my 5-year-old’s cheek. It didn’t look so much like mud or dirt, per se, because it had just a hint of ruddiness from his natural flush peeking through. That’s what I want in a neutral blush. Something to gently add structure to the face without looking one ounce contrived or aggressive as sculpting shades can oftentimes. And the multi-dimensional pearl shade it comes with - just so pretty. I’m thinking I’m going to use this guy on just about everyone when I get back to NYC. On even the deepest skin tones, mixed with a bit of lip balm, it would make a great pale lip. Useful to note: the color blooms with wear so what might seem 90s-ville brown shifts to more of a modern rosy flush on those with naturally pinky completions. 🙏🏼 @keriwaxer for turning me onto this game changing product. The Creme versions are glorious too and I’m only just beginning to play with the effects of layering them with the powders, but I decided to focus on the Pressed versions here because I’m not usually even a powder blush kind of a girl but this product is rocking my world.

The photographer and his 1st assistant, each in his element #shooting#and#digginginthedirt

It’s dry as a bone out here in beautiful Northern AZ and these 2 products from @wellwithinbeauty have been saving my skin. Packing new products on my travels is one of the best ways I find of really putting them to the test and determining whether they’re cracked up for a coveted spot in my jigsaw puzzle of a kit. Sometimes they don’t even make it there once they earn a place on my own top shelf, a well-edited who’s who of cutting-edge beauty (or a pre-intervention hoarder’s delight, depending on whether you ask me or my long-suffering husband ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). I digress... I regard skin care much like I do friends- I’d rather have a handful of real true ride or dies than dozens of casual acquaintances that take lots of unnecessary work. Life is too short. This handsome pair is designed to use in tandem as a double cleanse. But don’t let the fancy beauty terminology intimidate you. They are really quite flexible and adaptable. Begin with the Purify + Condition Makeup Remover - a gentle, plant-based oil remover rich in jojoba, cranberry seed and macadamia nut oils that dissolves all traces of makeup and environmental debris and feels super soft and cushiony on the skin. It might sound extravagant but I’ve actually been using it as an in-shower cleanser for my whole body because of the way it softly cleans while maintaining my skin’s moisture balance (not an easy feat out here). If you’re super dry you might stop here but if you like a deeper cleanse, massage in a couple pumps of the water activated Soothe + Soften Cleansing Emulsion. I love that the 2 effectively cleanse my combination skin without stripping it. And the fact that they are free from all the nasties and questionables (Parabens, Petroleum, GMO’s, Artificial Dyes, Synthetic Fragrances, and the list goes on) seals the deal.

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