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Suzy Gerstein  Left Handed Leo, NYC-based Makeup Artist, Green Beauty Lover, Harvey and Judith’s Momma

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*Speaking of which, I sure felt like one after seeing the Uber fare hikes in the snow last night...not right Uber. It would have cost me well over $100 to go 8 miles. Reading about it, I don’t even think that money goes to the driver. The subway was the way to get home for storytime. Still had to messenger the heavy kit uptown but shaved 2 hours off my commute and many $$, keeping the majority of the tools limited to my makeup bag.
Clockwise from the ©️©️
@beautyblender #MicroMiniPro
Great for blending out concealer with precision in tricky to reach places like the eyes’ inner corners 🛠
@tatcha Petal Fresh #Aburatorigami Oil Blotting Sheets
I like blotting the base with these before powdering, and this guy has a little mirror at the top which makes it great for checking your shine levels on the go. Also handy for lip blotting. 🛠
@welovecoco Retractable Dual-Tip Brow Brush
I had gotten a little overzealous filling in my lovely model, @itsamandayu ‘s arches and when I saw it on camera I took them down about 40% in 2 minutes by combing through with the spoolie (mascara brush-looking) end of this tool. Essential. You can even buy the disposable ones at your local beauty supply 🛠
@refa_usa S Carat Ray
For getting that circulation going and boosting lymphatic drainage. The center panel generates microcurrent, which is tiding me over until I can get my dream appointment with @milamorganstudio (🙏🏼come to NYC:)
@kevynaucoin The Flesh Toned Lip Pencil
Indispensable. I dip mine in balm... 🛠
@olioeosso No. 1 Balm
Packed with Shea Nut and Olive Oils, this grapefruit scented gem is also great for grooming brows and adding a touch of sheen to the face. Guys love and often walk away with these too (right certain teenage nephew?) 🛠
@surrattbeauty Surratt Relevée Lash Curler
One of the curlers in heavy rotation in my kit. Its creator, @troysurratt cleverly describes the effect as that of flipping an awning up to let more light into the irises. Sometimes I like a straight lash for that languid look but when I curl I want something that works quickly and effectively and this does both 🛠
What are some of the tools that are mainstays in your makeup arsenal?

Your left-handed product nerd 🤓 back in action today on the foundation buffing and enthusiastic testing of fun new makeup & skin things. Today with lovely @kylaramseyxoxo using the @bennyemakeup Mojave Adjuster Wheel over a complexion simply prepped with rosewater and @augustinusbader cream. Lips got exfoliated with a @biodermausa wipe (although @quinnmurphy you got me curious about the textured one you mentioned on your @harpersbazaarus video which you know I ate up with a spoon. And I agree about lip palettes- I’m weird like that too). I followed with @henneorganics new Lip Mask which has a nice minty thing going on and a good, cushiony texture that makes for a smooth color application. The @dior brow palettes I used through her brows make an, easy, there-but-not-there eyeliner too. Pretty hair by fellow leftie @mioknyc and natural but polished maquillage by #suzygerstein @honeyartists #skin

And she’s out the door. With a little help from some good friends, both old and new. All before 6am. Thank goodness for @themakeuplight 🙏🏼💄💡#notsponsored#justgrateful#tosee#suzygerstein#mua

Getting ready for a shoot, going through some old makeup references and came across these 2 images from some fun times @bloomingdales with @arrghhbetter @cole_tsujikawa @jefffrancishair and team. The light is completely different in these 2 images but isn’t it always from moment to moment ... all about finding our ever illusive Light. Other than that though, all that’s changed on lovely @rosesmith is hairstyle the addition of a bold lip. Which goes to illustrate that it IS possible to carry off a smoky eye and a red lip- the key is balance. In this case that means having the greatest concentration of color close to the eye and using a light hand up through the crease, no lip liner and keeping the skin translucent and fresh. The strong brow anchors both looks I think and really suits Rose. Speaking of whom, vintage fashion nerds, doesn’t Rose remind you of a young #joanseverance ? 💄👀🌹#rulesschmules#wearwhatmakesyouhappy#smokyeyes#redlip#whynot#suzygerstein#mua#honeyartists

Ode to Chanel LE VERNIS part 3/3 in series. Everybody needs a classic red and @welovecoco makes some of the best, truest reds in the biz. This striking one, #pirate, reminds me of the following objects, clockwise from top: my son’s first piano, a gift from @heyannabee & @martha_bernabe that comes in very handy when I want to distract a crying baby with the one song I know #heartandsoul (shoutout to my teacher @cristinalaroccawynn ;) my vintage, puffy, reversible Mickey Mouse sweatshirt that makes me feel young at heart (definitely #Etsy not #Regretsy;) and my late mother-in-law’s sewing cushion with her favorite, a ladybug, that reminds me of her namesake, our little ladybug Judith Rose. Merci #welovecoco for the beautiful colors and endless inspiration 🙏🏼❤️🐞#suzygerstein#nyc#mua

Ode to Chanel LE VERNIS part 2/3 in series. This better-than-your-average neutral is called #particulière and it reminds of of the coziness (and chicness) of these items from top to bottom: my favorite socks to steal from my husband’s closet, my grey velvet #airmax sneaks that go with everything, my well-worn, soft as silk grey tie-dyed @raquelallegra muscle t, and my treasured velvet makeup brush case from @jennypatinkin that houses some of the plushest vegan brushes around. 🙏🏼 @welovecoco #welovecoco#suzygerstein#mua

Ode to Chanel LE VERNIS 1/3 in series
This shade is called #giallonapoli and it reminds me of, clockwise from top left: fresh out the box No. 2 pencils for back-to-school and the endless possibilities of what my son is learning to put on the page this year in first grade; revisiting mundane objects - here, bananas- in the form of pop art a la #andywarhol; my NYC Metro Card (or a yellow cab but most move too fast to catch in a polaroid;) and foliage from my favorite season in my city #autumninnewyork. 🙏🏼 #welovecoco @welovecoco 🐣💅🏽💛

One way to occupy “spirited” youngins when the voter lines are long...collecting stickers off the floor #hegotadozen#makeitwork#vote ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Judy meets Mitch, a talking shrub. She is unperturbed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #shesusedtothecircuseveryday

Me: What was your crime?
Them: (thinking about it 🤔)
Too many dogs.

Headed across town with the chicest new set of luxury vegan brushes from @jennypatinkin in my lap. This soft velvet case is like a worry stone or whatever that thing is that is supposed to calm you, seeing me through the agita of midtown traffic. I may or may not be swooshing the giant powder bronzer brush round and round all over my face in the back seat of this taxi. No makeup on it just a brush massage. Serenity now. Whatever it takes. More to come including a peek of what’s inside. Don’t even get me started on the travel set. Not an ad just a line I really adore. This one is available @saks @credobeauty and @amazon and makes applying your daily (or special occasion) color so much more decadent and EASY. It’s no wonder Jenny has a book called #lazyperfection

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