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Suzy Lamb🦋  Jesus over everything. If Christ be anything, He must be everything. @tgrdaystar on Daystar ➟Inquiries :

Amazing show with @drjoshaxe & Dr.Jordan Rubin talking all this Keto, and today Marcus & Joni’s show was the best! They show you how to grocery shop, what to eat & my fav part- GUILT FREE DESSERTS- Blueberry muffins & Brownies! Watch the show tonight at 8 CT/ 9 EST

I am so honored & excited to be speaking at CFNI Spanish School on Monday March 18th at 11 am. This event is not just for students but open to the public so if you live in the DFW area & can come out let me know, I’d love to hug you! I’m more honored than ever since I was a student at CFNI 10 years ago! God is great, and greatly to be praised ♥️ #cfni

Great show with pastor Russell Evans of Planetshakers Church. You can watch it on demand at:

Great day hosting the Marcus & Joni show while they are preaching in Hawaii! The @benhambrothers nick named @jonathan.lamb Gaston because of his perfect looks 😍😂 We clearly had a blast the coolest, wisest, funnest & anointed guests. You can watch it on demand at

Happiest birthday to my beautiful baby sister @rebeccalambweiss!! Becca boo you bring so much joy to my life and to everyone around you! I pray God brings your every dream to life this year! You are such a huge blessing in my life, my personality test-twin, yet you teach me so much & inspire me all the time! I love you so so much and forever thank God we’re sisters for life! ♥️

Why be sad when you can be happy 😁🎉here’s my secret- I maintain my happiness by having a non-stop dialogue/ conversation with the Holy Spirit in my heart. It’s not always spiritual, it’s about everything little thing from wanting a good parking spot to needing hot Thai food to expressing my frustrations about something, to being thankful to Him for being my bestie, for my family, for my pets, for my fluffy robe that I basically live in lol. I especially thank Him for wisdom, for fear of the Lord, for pruning me & showing me the log in my own eye instead of the speck in my brother’s eye. Those are big ones for me. I highly recommend doing that.. it changes you in the best way! Then somehow I always end up thanking Him for working behind the scenes when I’m clueless to protect & bless & surprise me and the people I love 😁 .. It’s the best life guys..everyone should do it! You’ll never be lonely again! There’s no better more loving loyal & AMAZING friend than the Spirit of God Himself! You are never a burden to Him.. He loves to love you! Well, happy Sunday from me and my lil bestie 🥰 #mommysgirl #encouragement #joy #smile #happy #peace

HE CARES FOR EVERY DETAIL YALL!! WE STUMBLE BUT WE NEVER FALL! 😭♥️ I’m madly in love! I cant get enough of His words.. I love how He holds my hand & never let’s go ♥️

You are SO SO SO LOVED by Jesus! Stop allowing guilt shame & condemnation to control you.. you are free! So enjoy the freedom of being FULLY LOVED & adored by your Father in heaven who loves to love on you ♥️ Climb up into His lap and pour your heart out to Him 🤗

Don’t try to be “great” .. be the least ♥️ God’s kingdom principles are the opposite of this world’s view of success & greatness. Live to please the everlasting King & for His kingdom. Not for this world that will quickly fade away.

Forgive and just Love eachother ♥️♥️♥️♥️ #powerful #abortion #forgiveness #love #survivor #adoption #beauty

Everybody look at the falcon!... or not
#falcon #hftw

I love Israel, I stand with Israel & DAYSTAR LOVES ISRAEL 🇮🇱 Do you love Israel? #Israel #Daystar #Jerusalem #shalom #starofdavid #hftw #hftw2019

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