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Suzie Eryanty  Promised my Mama a doctorate but currently loving fashion a lil bit too much . Founder / Creative Director of @temujanji .

Fav look from my fashion label, @temujanji Raya 2018 collections!Visit during your lunchtime break and bring this baby home for upcoming raya πŸ’•
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Grab grab grab now babies! Available at and yes, you may use debit card as well as credit card 😍

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Cutie pie @ermishuzila81 during NonaXArianiLuxe

Beautiful sisters, proud owners of @arianiluxe ... love all the collections as usual! 😍

Nona Managing Editor @kiffyrazak_nona at NonaXArianiLuxe

Once everyone has done fighting, thinking that we all know what’s good for our beloved country Malaysia, let’s take a moment to pray for those who are affected directly or indirectly in this situation. The mothers who will lose their jobs, the fathers who will no longer be home trying his best to provide, the childrens who need someone to look up to. Be compassion. .

The world with people cursing, pin pointing, saying bad things about each other in public esp in social media while everyone thinking that its okay and its normal. That is so unfortunate. No religions teach us to be ignorant no matter where we stand in this life. With the rapid growth of social media, we all have the power to speak our mind, so let’s choose our words wisely. Spread love, never hateπŸ’•

#alwaysgiveback #temujanjigivesback #lovenohate #peacefulmalaysia #mannersmatter

Must have pic! Sorry to all my @temujanji team. No holiday for today and tomorrow. But good news, longer Raya holiday! πŸ’•#gengkukucawan #pru14

Did my part. Now be good everyone. Win or lose, always spread love, not hate.
πŸ’• #pru14

Trunk Family @louisvuitton πŸ’•

Once in a while, when @myramuzaffar is in town, we go to events together πŸ‘­πŸ‘­ πŸ“Έ @hlovart #squadd

This is seriously too cool! They can even paint your portraits on your bags. 😍😍😍@louisvuitton

Always be thankful and kind to each other. Thank you @haidhardenin and @louisvuitton for the lovely private tea session. I love all the collections esp the artworks! 😍 (square scarf from @sugarscarf )

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