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SuzieB Fitness LLC  Jeremiah 29:11. 🏋🏼 📍PA➡️Akron, OH 👑Fashion- @suziebfashion 📧/ 🌴SUMMER BODY PLAN available below⬇️

💪🏼FRIDAY FAVORITES💪🏼 Episode: QUADS. My favorite day as y’all know. Tag a friend and try these out. Haven’t done weighted pistol squats in awhile... I’m a tad rusty 😂

🍑LEG MONDAY🍑 Doinn some fun exercises today, so grab/tag your workout partner and try these out! Thanks for the constant support babes 😍 Glute Bands restock October 22nd!

💪🏼FRIDAY FAVORITES💪🏼 Today’s episode featuring Shoulders! Tag your workout partner to show them some of these. Been able to grow my shoulders more recently and that was my goal 🙌🏼 All my plans I offer are in the link in my bio!

🍑LEG MONDAY🍑 Once again guys disss is a good one so if you want to gain those leggggies, tag a friend and try it out! Workout plans in the link in my bio!

💪🏼SHOULDER DAY💪🏼 I’ve been so so sore after my shoulder workout recently, so tag your friend to feel the 😵 too. #shouldergains All workout plans in link in bio, wooo!

🍑LEG MONDAY🍑 Don’t know why but i almost 😵 after these exercises. If you want to 😵 with your friend as well, tag them. These are soooo good! All plans in the link in my bioooo

🍑FRIDAY FAVORITES🍑 Episode 2- Hamstrings! Tag your workout partner to show them maaa favs! Hamstrings are by far my favorite to train. If you struggle with growing them.... try these out!

💪🏼SHOULDER DAY💪🏼 Ummm this one is good, so tag your friend to feel the 🔥 Smith Machine Press was....hard😂 All plans i offer are in the link in my bioooo

🍑LEG MONDAY🍑 Tag your workout partner, because this was 🔥 Can’t wait to get back into lifting lots after being so busy! All my plans in the link in my bioooo

FRIDAY FAVORITES series- Glutes🍑 This is my new series I will be doing every Friday! Tag a friend and show them my favorites as well 🍑Barbell Front Lunge
🍑Cable Pull Throughs 🍑Smith Machine Lunge 🍑 PushDowns on assisted Pull Up machine

LETS BE REAL- Social Media Highlight reel talk. Okay so I’ve wanted to open up to y’all for awhile now. This pic was taken during probably the hardest time I’ve ever had with anxiety. I was mentally sick, and lost a lot of weight, i was weak. This was exactly ONE YEAR AGO TODAY. I want you all to know me better, i wish you did, and I know it’s my fault. I haven’t shared a lot of my life the past year and a half, one because it’s exhausting/draining, and two, because i burned myself from sharing more than I should have early on. Firstly, for those that are new here, you probably have no idea I suffer from very very bad anxiety and have for about 4 years now. Looking back, I’ve honestly suffered my whole life with some form of it. I ended up in the hospital in the beginning, and many doctor appts to find out my health is perfect.... but what i feel in my head and mind, isn’t. I’ve been to a therapist, tried everything under the sun. If you look at my Instagram right now could you tell that? Heck no. I have 2 tattoos on my body dedicated to mental health because it’s so important to me. Would you be able to tell from my Vegas trip or vacation pics it takes a lot out of me physically and mentally to just be there? No. Social media is a highlight reel. Why? Because after a long draining day, you want to unwind and look at the positives, not the bull****. I just wanted to let you know, sometimes it’s hard for me to get out of bed. I get sick to my stomach at the thought of group interaction, or one on one interaction sometimes. I know what it feels like to have anxiety take control of your life sometimes. I know what it feels like to think your anxiety is a burden to the people you love. Not all days are good and that’s fine. I want to be that positive light for you guys, but I also want to share real life issues. Thank you for being there for me and supporting me. You all keep me going. Xoxo Suzie💕

LEG WEDNESDAY! 🍑And it’s hump day but just feels like a Monday to be because of.... Vegas 😂 Tag a friend and try these exercises! All reeeeally g🍑🍑d! All plans are in the link in my bio :)

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