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SuzieB Fitness LLC  Jeremiah 29:11. 🏋🏼 👻Snapchat: suzieb 👑Fashion/Beauty Insta- @suziebfashion 📧/Inquiries-suziebfit@gmail.com My Workout Plans available below⬇️


LEGGGG DAY🍑 Never tried front squat pistols so here we are 😂 Try some of these out! Kill it with your workout partner! All leg plans i offer are in the link in my bio!

EPISODE 2 of DO’s and DON’Ts! This is a series I want to keep up with on my insta because y’all seem to have really found it beneficial! Maybe once a week? Y’all let me know, and what workouts you wanna see next! Help a friend out too❤️ ➡️Bulgarian Split Squats- These are one of my all time favorite exercises! These are easily done incorrectly. Putting your leg way too far back is actually going to give you that strain on your hip flexor and your main focus is the OTHER leg doing the work, it will also give you an arch in your back you don’t want. With all workouts you want a neutral spine to reduce injury. You want your front leg to be closer to your body than far away like the wrong way! You want to sit back and your knee should go close to the ground. When going down your knee shouldn’t be over your toes. Knees over your toes can be argued for other exercises, for this exercise it is not proper form. FOR GLUTE ACTIVATION, do it the second way but with overhead weight ➡️Bent Over Rows- As I always state a common mistake is not having a neutral spine! Most important aspect in this movement. You want to bend at your waist a tad, bend your knees and keep your chest high! Don’t look up which puts strain on your neck. ➡️Bicep curls- This may be a simple exercise, but you want to perform this a certain way to make it as effective as you can! You want FULL control over this movement. You also don’t want to use too much weight which is where your form can be messed up. Stand tall, back straight, focus on engaging abs and mind to muscle contraction! You don’t want to use a lot of momentum and body movement which will take away from contraction in your biceps.

LEGGGS!🍑 Try these out with your workout partner! ALSO, last day for my workout plan sale! Take advantage 😜 All plans in my bio!

Happy Valentines Day! My “I LOVE YOU SALE” is going on right now 😍 Price is as marked. Want to thank you all so much for your continued support in all I do! Also, this HIIT workout 🤕 HARD. Plans are in the link in my bio!

Who wants to grow their HAMMIES🐽 My hamstrings have grown sooo much since I’ve started my fitness journey! I know it’s a stubborn area for some, so here are my FAVORITE exercises! Try these out with your workout partner❤️ All leg plans are in the link in my bio!

SHOULDER DAY! Try these out. My shoulders were burning! I love incorporating new exercises into my workouts❤️ Try this out with your workout partner!!all plans i offer are in the link in my bio!

Back day and some pistol squats of course 🤷🏼‍♀️ ALSO, I’ve been getting so many questions on my sneakers recently and wanted to tell y’all where i get them! For awhile now I’ve been getting them on the @goat App! I get all my yeezys from there and NMDs. Before you get them, they have a team that authenticates them before you get them. So it’s such a safe way to get them! That’s my secret 🤫 Check insta stories for more information!

SUZ IS BACK! Kinda 😂 Been a long week from recovering. Missed the gym so much! Brought a special guest in, he stole my shoes, BUT it was a killer workout! Try some of these out! Use your workout partner for the first one! All leg plans i offer are in the link in my bio😈

SHOULDERS! 👋🏼💪🏼 Caught my LEAST favorite sickness haha and have been out of commission this week 😭 Can’t wait to get my strength back and workout again! If y’all didn’t know... my camo collection will be back in stock TONIGHT at 9 pm est!

Updated DO’s and DON’Ts video! While there are always different ways to perform different exercises, I am going to go over common, easily fixed mistakes to reduce injury and better engage your muscles! Share with a friend to help! 💥Lat pull down-
I see this exercise performed incorrectly a lot! With doing it my “wrong” way, you aren’t engaging your lats like you should. First, don’t use a lot of momentum or body movement! This just takes away from engaging your lats, and you may be using too much weight. Having your elbows pointed back, and going way below your chest will cause shoulder pain, and not even engage your lats. GOOD- lower bar at your chin or just below. Grip shouldn’t be too wide, and elbows straight down, and make sure you are having a mind to muscle connection! 💥Romanian Deadlift- This is a Romain deadlift I am performing. NOT a stiff leg deadlift which can be confused sometimes! There is way more hip extension in Romanian, more knee bend, and you don’t go as low! A huge DON’T is not having a neutral spine. Keeping your head up will put a lot of stress on your neck and spine. Make sure there is no curve in your back, and hinge at the hips. 💥Overhead Triceps
This one may seem like a simple exercise, but by doing a common mistake you are not getting as much out of it as you should! Common mistake for this workout is having your elbows way too far apart. This won’t engage your triceps like they should. Keep those elbows super close and tight into your face! Try this and it will feel so much better!

🍑🍑🍑FRIDAY! Running out of gym equipment to pistol on 😂 Trying to push the limitssss, and challenge myself. Try these out! All leg plans are in the link in my bio! EDIT: I will ALWAYS challenge myself with exercises i love, one being pistol squats. I post 100% video content on my page. 95% is beginner friendly. I am allowed to push myself sometimes through exercises I love on my own page ❤️ Just because this is an advanced exercise doesn’t mean I can’t post it on my page. I would only hope if you aren’t advanced with pistol squats you wouldn’t attempt until you’re confident enough! 😘

BACK AND 💪🏼 DAY! Favorite day 😈 The first exercise is way more challenging than it looks. Also, the assisted pull up machine is an amazing way to practice unassisted pull ups! Try these out!! All plans i offer are in the link in my bio ❤️

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