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Suzanne Shaw  Actress, singer, writer, producer. Mummy to 2 beautiful boys.

It’s a game changer this @apple watch! Really upped my workouts!.. and had a lovely lunch to follow. #applewatch #fitness #fitnessmotivation #active #healthyliving #feelinggood #thursday

Gym time!!! Been a good week so far, 3rd session of the week! Weighed myself this morning and I’ve put in a 1lbs yet lost 1/2inch off my waist! Muscle vs fat! Feeling great and have so much energy and sleeping much better too! #fitnessmotivation #herbalife #davidlloyd #strongnotskinny #healthyliving #biseps #hiit #hiitworkout #fatburn #betterskin #toning #energise #healthymind #fitnessgoals #beachbodygoals #summerready

In memory of our beloved victims of the most inhumane attack on Manchester. The vile terrorist tried to break our great city - YOU LOST! Manchester stood and will always stand strong together, nothing can beat a barrier of passion and love! To the victims and their families and friends, forever you will be in our hearts and memories. #manchester #inmemory #mancunian #peace #strongcity #bravecity #loveoverfear #loveoverhate #standingstrong

She’s talking @herbalife *takes cover*

So it’s been 11 days on the #herbalife 30 plan. First 3/4 days I found fairly easy doing x2 shakes a day x2 healthy snacks and healthy evening meal. With the shakes being sweet flavours, by day 4 I was craving more savory tastes - I would always opt for savory over sweet. Day 5 I cut down to one shake a day, this was much better, plus, I was starting back into my gym routine after having a few weeks off so definitely one shake is the way to go! I’ve been taking the shakes with their protein powder and their fibre mix and blending it with water and ice. I suffer with bloating and water retention which really gets me down, so for me the absolute pro out of #herbalife is that, the swelling and bloated has gone! It’s made me feel much better and much much happier! I’m also enjoying the herbal green and lemon tea, gives you a real boost and the protein bars are delicious - a little chewy though! Another good thing I’ve found is that when I’m hungry I’m going for healthy choices without thinking about it, I’ve not been craving bad foods. This could be down to being in a good mind set, who knows?! In the last week I’ve been hitting it hard at the gym, which of course makes you feel so much better. Sometimes I wonder why do I get lazy and would rather skip the gym when it makes you feel so good and all you need to do is 15 mins if you’re struggling to fit it in... “you’ll never regret a workout”
Currently lost 4lbs but like I’ve said before, it’s not so much about the weight loss it’s about feeling better and less sluggish which I definitely feel.

This is NOT an advert. I’m NOT getting paid for this!!! #herherbalife #healthyliving #healthybody #healthymind #healthyfood #healthysnacks #healthychoices #healthylifestyle #fitness #fitnessmotivation #gymlife #feelinggood

The fairytale right there 👆Beautiful day, beautiful ceremony, beautiful bride and groom #royalwedding #priceharry #meghanmarkle #proudtobebritish

I’m an ambassador for @hope_for_children and the work they do for children and families in poverty all over the world continues to amaze me. #hopeforchildren #charity #ambassador #poverty #makingadifference #helpingfamilies #helpingchildren

Great start to the week! Although scarf and coat was completely unnecessary today! Turned into a scorcher! 😎☀️#morninggymsession #lunchmeeting #herbalife #davidlloyd #healthyfood #healthysnacks #fitness #motivationmonday #feelinggood #goals #newventures #blondehair #blueeyes #smiles

New week, new goals! Happy Monday! #motivationmonday #setgoals #feelinggood #inspired

I’ve heard lots about @herbalife from friends and online so I’ve decided to give the 30 day programme a go. I’m going to do an HONEST account of how I feel and the progress I’m making - I will also be blogging my weekly fitness plan. I’ve taken before pictures which I will share at the end with my after pics. I currently weigh 9 stone and I’m hoping to lose 10/14 lbs. It’s a weight I feel good at. I’m only 5ft 2in so when I’m over 8.10 I feel it. However, I have to stress it’s not all about losing weight it’s about being healthier, being aware what I’m eating and getting out of bad habits that make my weight fluctuate. One of the main reasons for going with Herbalife (apart from its good reputation) is, I’m terrible for forgetting to take daily vitamins and with #herbalife it’s got all the vitamins in it I need. I’m currently 4 days in and I’m feeling better already. Skin feels better, my mood is better and I feel less bloated. I AM NOT GETTING PAID FOR THIS!

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