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Suzanne Taylor  Designing Healthy Lifestyles, Healthcare Navigation, Medical Intuition! Custom Organic Aromatherapy for Healing Mind Body & Soul #selfhealing

Surrounding yourself with positive inspirational women to Scream your Dream! @cheldinbarlatt @bkissllc @divagirlphilly

Makes me want short hair again! @bell.christa

Sustainable Living

It’s not just a question of better quality of life, but almost a question of life at all. Several recent food studies have shown that current consumption levels of meat and dairy produce are simply not sustainable and that to do so would require an increase in production levels at a rate that would eventually cause burn out. ‘Natural nonrenewable resources are becoming scarce, and environmental degradation is rapidly increasing. At the current trends of food consumption and environmental changes, food security and food sustainability are on a collision course.’ - Soret, S.

The above quote is taken from a study on the sustainability of plant-based diets, which ultimately concludes that in order for the world to continue progressing as it has over the past number of years without using up resources or the agricultural industry collapsing on itself, large-scale and widespread changes NEED to be made!

Whole food, gluten free, non gmo meal delivery!! Comes fresh and so far the food has been amazing! I’ve tried almost every option this month! Now offering it to clients....$20 off your first order! Visit my website for more details! #mealprep #cleaneating #cleaneater #organizedlife #lifecoach

Another superfood that is amazing for boosting brain health and functionality is the humble avocado!

Recently revealed as actually belonging to the FRUIT family, this amazing superfood has been in the limelight in the realm of foodies for some time now.
While avocados often get a bad rep because of their high fat content, it’s important to note that these green powerhouses are packed with monounsaturated fats, or the “good” kind of fats which help in keeping blood sugar levels steady and your skin glowing.

Just some of the benefits of regularly eating avocados include: • A wealth of nutritious heart-healthy fats • About half your day’s fiber, folate, vitamin A, potassium, and more essential nutrients are in just one serving • Improved heart health • Hormone balance • Better digestive health

High levels of monounsaturated fats in avocados mean they are amazing at regulating blood sugar levels, improving memory and brain activity, reducing the effects of inflammation, promoting healthy growth and development, and also boosting our immunity!!! For more on this amazing superfood, see here!
Find out more about Clean Eating and Whole Foods
Why they are important in your healthy lifestyle design!
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High protein/High Fat breakfast ! Back at lifting ...injury kept me sidelined from spin and weights on a consistent basis for years.... stepping back into it completely healed physically was something I never thought would happen in the beginning of this 4 years ago! Thank you for the motivation to keep pushing and growing! #lifestyle #healing

Plant-based eating… a trendy hipster fad, or a pathway to genuine health and more sustainable, environmentally-friendly living?
If you’re curious to learn the truth about plant-based eating then look no further! I’ll be delving deep into the realm of this eating phenomenon by discussing everything from the health benefits and environmental factors to debunking myths and providing resources and examples of recipes for you to try it for yourself!

Discover how plant-based eating could be the lifestyle change you and your family are searching for!

Do you want to get on the healing path?

The whole food path? Plant Based?
Grab my tips, tricks and recipes in the series!


A new way ! Shaving cream and food coloring!! Roll the egg, let it sit 3-5 mins, wipe it clean! Messy but fun!
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Are you interested in healing with the support of essential oils?

Being into aromatherapy since the late 1980's.....Ok I am kinda a hippie, I do shave under my arms, and wear natural deodorant, and I love patchouly....... But I since becoming an aromatherapist in 1999 I have witnessed the healing power of the combinations, blends and spiritual components of these magical life blood of plants!
Three new classes available on my website this week for anyone seeking oil knowledge, mixing skills or sleep support, pollen fighting power and some really cool detoxing and cleanse info. ALL COMPLEMENTARY !
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This old man changed my life! When I thought I couldn’t love another, he came into my life, needing a home, patience, love and affection! All the things I needed to give after losing my dad and soulmate dog Romeo! That was 8 years ago! He is still nervous, anxious, and very attached to me! But he know how to embrace life, following the sun, loving the food and affection and always in the present moment! What a smart guy!! #holistichealer #lifecoach #taylordwellness #postivethinking

Playlist from today! Old exercise mix got me moving! Music can motivate, stimulate and relax you depending on the vibe!! #lifecoach #positivevibes #musicforthesoul #holistichealer #taylordwellness #connectedness

The weather has me thinking where is spring? Why does it seem to be taking so long this year? How can I get warmer and have some sun on my face?
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