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suzanne horner  Offline Jesus lover ~adventurer ~blogger ~foodie ~in my free time I play veebs @suzannehorner_volley 🏐 @liigaploki 🇫🇮 @life_as_i_learn_it 🌿

#Fika - to enjoy an afternoon coffee and pastries, or in this case Oreo cheesecake, with a friend ☕️🍰 💕

excuse me left hand, whatcha doin’?
p.s. I love my job 📸: @arihyvonenphoto .
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I got some work to do on my smize

Hard to believe it’s been a month back in Pihtipudas - super pumped for this team and season! .
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H A P P Y • F R I D A Y
I’m a huge advocate for living outside of your comfort zone, how are you going to step outside your comfort zone today?
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When you’re packing and realize you only have two more sleeps in the US and 50lbs of books you want to travel with... which will win over? Books or winter clothes 🤔
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Happy Hearts lookin over this Happy Valley

A year ago today my lifelong dream came true, I signed with @liigaploki for my first professional contract. I will always remember the flood of emotion that day; joy, nervous excitement, peace, anticipation, gratitude - the list goes on! Once the initial overwhelming wave of emotions had subsided I needed to find Finland on a map! :) Today, I am glad to announce that I have resigned with LiigaPloki and will be heading back to Finland next month for my second year of pro volley! Thank you Jesus for giving me a passion for volleyball, for all the joy, lessons, experiences, and friendships that have come along the way - excited to see what is in store for this next year. So thankful for all the love and support from all y'all!

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Suzanne HORNER
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NEW #PROVOLLEY CONTRACT: @elitevolley’s #EliteVolleyPipelinePlayer @ resigns with her team @liigaploki in the Finnish @mestaruusliiga

Suz helped her team in EuroCup last season and strong fight especially in league again. Darian Mack is one of the new arrivals on her team.
As captain, we believe she will lead them to more success. 
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Our roster:

DOB: 9-DEC-1994
HEIGHT: 5’10” (178 cm)
WEIGHT: 150 lbs (68 kg)
BLOCK REACH:9’2” (282 cm)
ATTACK REACH: 9’5” (290.83 cm)

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Such a sweet 35 hours in Iowa this weekend plus I get to bring this one back to PA for a whole month!

Love living out this dream... Its humbling, overwhelming, hard, and it continues to bless me more & more everyday. 📸: .
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h a p p y t h u r s d a y
Been up for 3 hours & all I’ve done is consume a couple cups of coffee... needless to say it’s been a good day!

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