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Ho man these guys are growing up way too fast. Just thought I’d jump in on all the 1st week of school fun. 😬

Sunglass selfie! 😎 Just because...

“Hi Mommy?!” 🤨
I think what she meant to say is, “Thanks for taking me to the park Daddy. You are by far my favorite.”

Behind every strong, successful woman is a loving husband/spouse hanging on for dear life. Haha! Ok maybe that’s just me. #BorntobeWild

Last time I took the truck over to borrow his garage and tools to change oil he just pushed me out of the way and did it himself. Ha! He just likes doing it and taking care of his kids. Happy Father's Day Pops!

Just a small example of how the Hawaii News Now team is committed to helping our community any way we can. The kids had a blast helping to clean the Ulupo Heiau and the loi. You can always sign up at the Windward YMCA. #broadcastgood

With a diploma in hand she's ready to conquer the world...of kindergarten. Damn where did those years go? #toofast

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2018 Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame inductees!
Dean Wilson, Clarissa Chun, Shane Victorino and Clay Stanley.

Fun pic from the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame tonight. Clay Stanley (6'9") was inducted along with Clarissa Chun (not 6'9" 😬). Dean Wilson and Shane Victorino were also inducted.

Tanioka's! Mean! Happy Friday everybody! (Sorry, too much happy?)

Damien class of '94. Viriliter age! Good job planning for the 25th coming up next year.


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