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Sutharshan Sukumaran  'What blessing is greater than this breath?' ○Being○Admirer○Tamil○ Twitter: @sutharsh_

"வெள்ளைத் தாமரை பூவில் இருப்பாள்
வீணை செய்யும் ஒலியில் இருப்பாள்
கொள்ளை இன்பம் குலவு கவிதை
கூறு பாவலர் உள்ளத்திலிருப்பாள்

உள்ளதாம் பொருள் தேடியுணர்ந்தே
ஓதும் வேதத்தின் உள்நின்ரொளிர்வாள்
கள்ளமற்ற முனிவர்கள் கூறும்
கருணை வாசகத்துட் பொருளாவாள்

மாதர் தீங்குரல் பாட்டில் இருப்பாள்
மக்கள் பேசும் மழலையில் உள்ளாள்
கீதம் பாடும் குயிலின் குரலை
கிளியின் நாவை இருப்பிடம் கொண்டாள்" She resides in the white #lotus flower. That is what our religion says. But, that is not all. She is there in the sweet sound of the #Veena. She is there in the heart of the #poets who bring in great #joy to those who listen. She is there as the inner meaning of #Vedas, which tell the truth of #life. She is there in the words of #sages who mean only good for all around them. She is there in the lovely blabber of young children.

#Tamil #Bharathiyar #Coimbatore #advaita #innerpeace

"பாயும் ஒளி நீ எனக்கு பார்க்கும் விழி நான் உனக்கு தோயும் மது நீ எனக்கு தும்பி அடி நான் உனக்கு வாயுரைக்க வருகுதில்லை வாழி நின்றன் மேன்மை எல்லாம் தூய சுடர் வான் ஒளியே சூறை அமுதே கண்ணம்மா" 'To me, you are like the boundless light, while to you, I am the preceiving eyes of the light,
To me, you are the dripping nectar, while to you, I am the bee,
Words are inadequate to describe your eminence,
you are the pure flame, you are the pure light of the skies, you are the sparkling elixir,
Oh Kannamma (Beautiful eyed one)' #bharathiyar #arunacahala #tiruvannamalai #RamanaMaharshi #Mooji #3rdeye #kannamma #Tamil #Aperture #sunset

Photograph: @uthayashalin - Using #internationalwomensday to remember that, every single day, women are forced to navigate patriarchal structures that pervade into every dynamic expression of their lives. The effects of generations of patriarchy are both obvious and insiduos in their nature. The only starting point to comprehend the effect of patriarchy, can be to listen to how women themselves are affected, and scan to deconstruct our own unseen patriarchal tendencies, before moving as an ally.
Coincidentally today also marks 1 year of roadside protests orchestrated by mothers of the disappeared, who continue to circumvent all oppressive and patriarchal structures in one of the most militarised regions in the world. Their resilience has brought international awareness to a plight that no #Tamil politician has been able to do. #mullaitivu #SriLanka

"Form in formlessness and Formlessness in form. All arising on the encompassing canvas of consciousness. Yet how many acknowledge this canvas?" #Mooji #RamanaMaharshi #ParisHeleneFurst #Delhi #hauzkhas

"When you go back there, you shall have this peace which you now feel. But its price will be that you shall henceforth cast aside the idea that you are this body or this brain. When this #peace will flow into you, then you shall have to forget your own self, for you will have turned your life over to that." ~ Ramana Maharshi #Mooji #ramanamaharshi #Arunachala #Siva #tiruvannamalai #annamalai #yogiramsuratkumar #advaitavedanta

That which watches your #life unfolding,
that is aware of the changeful,
restless #nature of the #mind,
that is aware of any feelings of pride or insecurity,
or any of these things that come up with the sense
of the person we take ourselves to be,
all that is observed within the same body
—all this is seen.
A looking takes place in which even
the sense of yourself as a person is seen.
Your changing moods are perceived.
Wishful thinking is perceived.
The functioning of the #intellect is perceived.
That which is perceiving all these movements,
is that itself moving?
Can that perceiver itself be perceived? ~ #Mooji

When the #Moon takes part in London's #Skyline #Shard #London #synchronicity

#Tamil children cycle to school through the #paddy #fields of #Killinochchi #tamileelam #Arumai

As the #Sun rises in the #Tamil homeland today people around the world remember Tamil civilians that were massacred by #SriLanka's state forces in the final stages of the armed ethnic conflict in May 2009. Analysis of local census date before and after the final stages of the conflict found that there were at least 146,679 people unaccounted for. 8 years on justice is yet to be delivered, the same military responsible for the killings remains in the Tamil homeland and the Sri Lankan government continues to crack down on those that try to remember their loved ones. #Mullivaikkaal #May18 #May2009 #Jaffna

Leaving #Colombo for the #Tamil homeland as it enters the 4th day of a week's memorialisation for the massacres of thousands of Tamil civilians in 2009 by #SriLanka's state forces #lka

Busy two days seeing loved ones, activists, analysts and dealing with #lka bureaucracy in #Colombo #wellawatte #SriLanka ...
Low sense of military surveillance/ presence in stark contrast to the situation in predominantly #Tamil North-East

#firthofforth #Fife #Scotland "That the #drop resides in the #ocean, everyone knows; but that the ocean resides in the drop, very few know" ~ #Kabir

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