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  I’m a degenerate collector of watches. I also buy those really fancy cars and drive reckless while eating an in n out on the way to pick up ur girl.

“Dile que soy el baby, tu novio viste de old navy”

Con el tiempo he aprendido que mis problemas, son solo míos. Y que si necesito un hombro para desahogar, tengo dos.

Let’s show off a lil 😉😈 tuck in ur diamonds boys and girls a whole lot of drippp

It’s not called drip if it’s not factory 😉

I need to learn how to play the piano 🙄
PP 5960R

Just Loungin and I’m always barefoot lol even when I’m wearing @houseofbijan


Happy Birthday MJ. Thanks @symbolic98 for being able to get me these two legendary Grammys. You are the best! This is not no fake Grammy award this is the original Grammy given to MJ when he put out Thriller. Fuk the watches, cars etc this is something I’m really proud to show. One of my most prized possessions.

When it comes to business I just move different.

Pardon my ashy knuckles I just left the boxing gym, but look at the dial thooo see if u can spot something different from the regular 5712 👀

But does the seats of ur jet match the interior of ur car tho... #YouUseTheJetSmarterApp #WeNotTheSame #Pininfarina

A little message from me to you. I hope it comes in handy cus it has been for me. ❤️ Happy Saturday! - @susu

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