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Too excited to take a before photo but you get the idea. 😉

Apparently, it's New Button Day for me. The lovely @tracyellis4 gave me the Sassenach button as an early birthday gift because she gets me 😘 #chipotle and @lordjermaineretail gave me his official #friendtocomicbookstores badge. 🎖

When the 90s meet the 10s. 🌈 🍄

My MRI came with a side of Granny's Donuts 😋

Maggie approves of the new bath mat. #nubbueno #lovethetub #maggietubtuesday

Stinky fart machine

I just can't wait to be king

Isis: Floor is Made of Lava Champion.... unless there's milk to be had. #caturday

Don't even think about it. I. will. cut. you.

Bought my bridesmaids dress today. A size too small. I'd lost almost 40 lbs. by September 30th last year. Let's see if I can do it again. Thanks for tolerating my 'Please hold me accountable.' post.

Finally allowed to roam free but has no interest in leaving his studio apartment. #nubbueno #maggietubtuesday