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Susie Wheldon  Sebastian and Oliver's mum 💙Soulmate to an extraordinary human being 🙏🏻 and champion 🏁🏆🏎 @vervestpete ☺️❤️💁🏼


right here, right now ❤️

sometimes you stumble upon things exactly when you’re supposed to. have been fighting the holiday blues a bit more than usual this year and found this when I was sorting through the boys’ school papers this morning.

If there were no more Christmas trees, I would...”get my dad if he was still alive. I would get some branches. I would glue the branches to my dad and put ornaments on him and lights.” - Oliver Wheldon

i think your dad would have been the most perfect christmas tree too, oliver. well done, my sweet boy. ❤️💫🎄

so much going on here...
1. there is a short somewhere in the last string of lights but I can’t be bothered #halflit

2. adele makes everything better

3. canadian tuxedo

4. oliver is my angel and the real star 💫

take me to church 🙏🏻

mum and dad; toronto, circa 1969. long way from home these two. both came to canada 🇨🇦 in their early 20s; my dad from finland 🇫🇮 and my mum from scotland 🇬🇧 the rest is history. #noproperscottishflagemoji 🤦🏼‍♀️

what remains ❤️💔

mornings @cassis_bakery_ab ❤️☕️

Happy Birthday to this gorgeous girl!!! Love you to the moon and back...and back again. Xxx ❤️😘🙌🏻😍🎉🎊🎂🎁🎈⭐️ @emmadaviesdixon

"I found a rainbow. I played in it with my brother. It was the best thing in my life." - Oliver Wheldon

such an amazing time celebrating @marcoandretti and @marta_krupa last night. you both were beautiful. wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. ❤️ #MK2MA


after running around the last couple of days trying to prepare for evacuation, i asked the boys to get their backpacks together for the plane. along with the usual items we pack for most trips i told them they could bring two really special things that they wanted to have for the journey. getting everything organized last night I peeked in sebastian's bag and the first thing I saw was this picture of him and oliver, frame and all. 💙 #onlythingthatmatters #hurricaneirma #evacuation

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