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Susie's Senior Dogs  A 501c3 United States organization bringing adoption awareness to overlooked, homeless senior dogs. πŸ’–susie.doggie@gmail.com 🐢 DONATE! ‡️


(semi-near) MINNEAPOLIS, MN: When things became dire, 11 year old Putt and his former owner were sadly evicted from their home. His former owner's new living situation did not allow dogs and Putt had to go to the shelter. He is a sweetheart of a guy, just a little down on his luck right now. He is friendly with other animals and hoping a forever home is just around the corner...PLEASE SHARE! πŸ’šπŸ’š Humane Society of Swift County wrote, "Putt is a sweet #minpin who is about 11 years old. Putt had to be surrendered by an older woman who was being evicted from her home and was not able to keep her pets where she had to move.
Putt has a very sweet personality but needs a little time to adjust to his new life. He lived in a home with other dogs and cats but has never been around children. He would make a wonderful companion for someone who is home all day or a senior.
Putt has been neutered, is up to date on shots, has tested negative for heartworm and has been dewormed. Putt's adoption fee is $125 plus tax." Putt MUST be adopted adopted in person.

To adopt Putt, please email the shelter at hssc01@hotmail.com to submit an application

The Humane Society of Swift County is located at 211 11th Street N, Benson, MN. ❀️ #seniordog #minnesota

One of these dogs is from the @nycacc and one of them is from a breeder. They are only a year apart in age. So, can you tell the difference? πŸ€” Thought not!! 😜 Had so much fun filming their story with @shoottheplan. Can you guess who is the SSD alumni, adopted fall 2016, and thriving? Senior dogs rock!! 🌟 #tobecontinued #seniordog #animalshelter #film #filmmaking #video #videography #dogs #adoptdontshop

Our former foster pup Clyde was surrendered to the shelter at age 13. Today, he found 15 minutes of fame on @dogsofinstagram! 🀣 Who says adopted old dogs can't be superstars?! Um, hello!!! 🐢🌟 Head on over to @clydetherescuepup and follow this cutie's new adventures. What a comeback, Clyde!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ½ #ADOPTDONTSHOP

BLOOMINGTON, IN: Meet Colby the Cutie! This 11 year old boy is stuck. So far, when all potential adopters hear his age they immediately become disinterested. Colby weighs only 7 pounds and is a sprightly guy! He still jumps around like young pup, but with all the special seasoning senior dogs are known for. Colby is hoping his SSD feature will put him in front of people who are drawn to old dogs and be his ticket to his forever home. PLEASE SHARE!! πŸ₯œ

His foster writes, "Colby came to the @BloomingtonAnimalShelter in Bloomington, #Indiana as a stray. He was in horrible shape when he arrived - covered in fleas and what they described as a plum on the outside of his rectum which was a rectal prolapse. He was treated for the fleas and sent to a local vet for the prolapse surgery. As soon as I tell interested adopters that Colby is 11 years old, they shut down. He's been with me for five weeks now.

Colby came to me to foster two days post surgery. He was very friendly from the beginning and wasn't timid at all with my other dogs. He found his voice about day five and would join in on the bark fest with squirrel sightings. He loves everyone and is very good with children. He will follow you everywhere and will sleep next to you in the bed. I haven't had any issues with Colby and other dogs - either my own or ones we have encountered in public. He has been around a cat one time and didn't show any signs of a problem.

Colby is on a regular diet of Science Diet. He is a hearty eater and has never begged for human food. His teeth are in very bad shape and he will soon have a fully sponsored dental! He does not show any signs of arthritis and has no problems jumping on and off the couch. (I prefer that he use a ramp to avoid injury.) He sleeps most of the time, but enjoys walks and trips around town. When I am home I keep him on a good schedule for outside potty breaks.
Colby would love to be in a home with someone that can be with him most of the time. He is the sweetest little dog!" To adopt Colby, please email Bloomington Animal Shelter foster, Susan, at ssnmitsos5@gmail.com with any questions.
Colby must be adopted in person in #Bloomington, IN. ❀️ #seniordog

Foster dog Andy Pampers just sleeping like a baby...in his pamper. 🀣 Adopt Andy! He's a good ol' big dog who loves nap time, lounging outdoors in the sun, and mostly just keeping to himself. Andy is so unassuming that it's especially heartwarming when he actually wags his tail in your presence. He is great with all other dogs that we've witnessed so far - big or small, friendly or cranky! Andy just remains himself. Andy doesn't like rough play from humans, so we'd like to find him a home without rambunctious young kids in it. He deserves a good home that appreciates senior dogs, so please inquire! He will be fully vetted prior to adoption. Check out the hashtag #fosterdogAndy for more photos and videos. Adopter must come to meet Andy in person. Email pupstarzrescue@gmail.com to submit an application. @pupstarzrescue ❀️ #seniordog #fosterdog #bigboy #nyc #adoptme #adoptdontshop

This time last year our Moby was 1000% LOVING LIFE! 😍 It was only about five months after adopting him that this video was taken, but in that short amount of time he made huge progress physically and was able to enjoy the great outdoors where he so loved to be. Outdoor adventures were Moby's true source of joy! πŸŒ²πŸΎπŸ‚β›° The first day we brought him home, Moby struggled to walk just a few blocks. And it's amazing to see his recovery when looking back on old videos and pictures. How I wish so much that we had more than one year with our Moby, and I think about that a lot. But I know for certain that Moby's last year of his life was the best year of his life. I am glad it was us who got to hold him when we had to say goodbye. And I will never-ever regret falling in love with Moby. Even though we may have only had one year together, he will forever be ours. I can only encourage you to give a senior dog a chance. No matter how much time you have together, it is ALWAYS worth it. We love you, Moby!! πŸ’ #seniordogs #alwaysworthit #adoptasenior #mobywenttoheaven

🐢 SAVEβ€’THEβ€’DATE! It's the very first SSD adoption event in LOS ANGELES! πŸ€—

This event will be featuring the adoptable #seniordogs from the city and county shelter of Los Angeles. It will be held in a public recreation park, and we also invite (and very much hope!!) any SSD alumni who live in the area to come drop by and introduce yourselves. (Feel free to email susiesseniordogs@gmail.com to let us know in advance that you'll be coming!) ☺️☺️☺️ Our resident SSD senior dog Simon (whose photo is featured on this invitation) was adopted on November 5th, 2014 from the Carson city shelter in LA. In celebration of his three year adoptiversary we are excited to host this special event promoting and encouraging the adoption of senior dogs from the public shelters of Los Angeles!
More details will follow leading up closer to the date. But for now, please mark your calendars! πŸ“†πŸΆπŸ’œπŸ™ŒπŸ½ #adoptdontshop #adoptionevent #losangelesevents #seniordog #seniordogs

BIRMINGHAM, AL: UN-believable! This is 11 year old, laid back Zia's 4th feature on SSD. She was posted two days ago and still nobody inquired. Zia weighs in at 74 pounds and loves to spend her days lounging around like a fluffy marshmallow. She has been fully vetted by her rescue and the only thing she needs now is a forever home! PLEASE SHARE to help Zia find her very own family! πŸ’›πŸŽ€πŸ’œ @adoptagolden_bham wrote, "Zia is a really laid back girl and everyone who has met her has fallen in love. She came from the county shelter. She is 11 years old and 74lbs.
At first Zia she is very quiet and reserved. But after a few days she really starts to blossom! She is a smiling happy girl and is quite mobile now. Zia will follow you everywhere and headbutts you when she wants pets! She also loves to be outside (if you go with her) and roll in the sunshine. She does great with other dogs and cats and anyone would be lucky to have her in their family. Her foster brother is young and active and she accompanies him on his adventures chasing squirrels in the back yard as a cheerleader! She is just a sweet love of a gal.
Zia received a complete neurological work up with MRI and spinal tap. Her neurological signs are from a past disorder. Her head tilt, unsteady gait will likely persist but there is no underlying disease. Her neurological disorder prevents her from making it up stairs. She’s tries but trips and can’t climb. She is also 'very light' heartworm positive and the slow kill treatment was approved, which is just monthly HW preventatives. (It kills the heartworms as well as prevents.) She is also on Dasquin for arthritis.
We don’t transport; adopters must come to Birmingham. And they must bring their dogs and family members who live in the home. We’ve had people drive from as far away as Denver, Connecticut, New York, and Miami, so they will come if they want the dog!" To adopt Zia, please email info@adoptagoldenbirmingham.com with any questions and to submit an application. ❀️ #seniordog #goldengirl #birmingham #alabama #adoptme #adoptdontshop

**EDIT: ADOPTED!!** LOS ANGELES, CA: Adoptable 7.5 year old Beau received a perfect score on his temperament test and he is proud to be an A+ doggy student! Why was he surrendered to the shelter, you ask? Because his former family simply didn't want him anyway. UGH! 😩 Now Beau has been at the shelter for over 2 months and people can't see past his age for the fabulous guy he is overall. Beau needs love. And he needs exposure to find it. PLEASE SHARE!! 🌟🌟🌟 A volunteer wrote, "Meet Beau. This senior, 73 pound pit bull is a dream dog. He is pure love and happiness. When you meet Beau your heart skips a beat and you say 'Where have you been? My heart has been looking for you forever!' Beau was turned into the shelter on July 22nd because his family just didn't want him anymore. Well, they were crazy! Beau became a staff and volunteer favorite the second his adorable paws hit the shelter floor! Beau is gentle, kind, friendly, happy, goofy, sweet and a one of a kind dog. 😍

Beau has a mellow side and playful side, too. He loves going for walks and socializing with people and dogs. And oh boy, does Beau think dog beds are the bomb! πŸ˜‚ He excels in cuddles, kisses and just being too cute.
Beau is great with people and dogs. He participates in playgroups and is consider a 'RockStar.' When he gets tired of playing he finds a nice comfy spot to nap.

Beau would make a great companion. A family dog or a great dog for a senior, he would be an excellent BFF and he would be good to travel with!

He has quite a few missing and broken teeth that need tending to as well as bowed legs and arthritis but he has quite a bit of pep in his step and when he gets that sudden burst of energy it is game on. He will greet you everyday with paws tapping, tail wagging and the biggest smile that makes your heart melt and keeps you smiling all day. Most dogs deserve a gold star, but Beau deserves a whole page of gold stars!" To adopt Beau, please email shelter volunteer Linda at BullyLover515@aol.com with any questions & assistance.
Downey Animal Shelter is located at 11258 Garfield Ave, Downey, CA. ❀️ #seniordog #rockstar

EDISON, NJ: Need a low-key buddy to enjoy wine nights with on the couch? Homeless Noah is all in! (But he's sober, so will happily sip on water.) πŸ·πŸΌπŸ‘πŸ½Whether you're watching your favorite @humansofny TV series (πŸ˜‰), listening to smooth jazz radio, or peacefully taking in the fall foliage...Noah is your Mister Right. In fact, Noah actually REALLY needs you. He's been living at the shelter for the last 8 months and having a hard time finding an adopter because of his age and the fact that he weighs 110 pounds. Don't assume someone else will call him home...that someone has got to be you! PLEASE SHARE! ✌🏽 A volunteer wrote, "Where are all of the BIG DOG lovers? NOAH is SOOOOOO ready for his forever home! Noah is an owner surrender because, sadly, his elderly owner could no longer care for him. He is 7.5 years old and we think he is a yellow Labrador and Mastiff mix. Noah has been at the shelter for about 8 months now.
When he first arrived, Noah weighed 130 pounds. He could barely walk and would get so tired with all that weight on him. But now he loves to run and jump because he's finally at his ideal weight - he lost 20 pounds and now weighs 110 lbs! And he is a very happy boy! We put him on an exercise and weight loss program and now he is doing great. He loves eating healthy dog food, as opposed to people food and junk food, and so he is so much healthier too.
Noah never lived with other animals in his former home, so we are not sure how he would do with another dog living in the same home. By observing him at the shelter, he would do best with a large, female dog who is low key and laid back. He would not do well with a high energy dog, and definitely not with little dogs or cats. We would do a meet and greet to make sure he is ok with another dog. He loves people, but will also be protective of those he is close to so an experienced big dog owner is preferred.
Noah is a low key boy--and A BIG BOY! All of our shelter dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped and up to date on their vaccinations prior to adoption." To adopt Noah, please email emasmanager@edisonnj.org. @edisonanimalshelter is located at 125 Municipal Blvd, Edison, NJ. ❀️ #seniordog #largebreed

NEW YORK, NY: Can't stop, won't stop...posting adoptable Andy Pampers until we find him a forever home!! And you'll be seeing a lot of Andy until he's adopted! 😬😍 Handsome Andy is somewhere in the double digit age range. And he is seeking a home that simply loves old dogs for being, well, old! So if you have a spot at home for a chill, mellow old dog please read on. Andy needs you! πŸ’š Andy is a beefy guy weighing in at 80lbs. He is great with other animals and we feel he'd fit in very well with a household of pets (or he'd be fine as an only pup, either case would suit Andy). He would do best with humans who understand doggy clues for the desire for space and boundaries. Andy is a good guy, and trust is important to him. As you can see in this video - Andy trusts me and loves affection! He isn't the kind of guy who likes unknown "bear hugs" from just anyone, but he means no harm. He is just worried if YOU mean harm to him. He would do best in a household where all humans were of an age to understand this (no unpredictable tiny tots, please!). πŸ˜‰ We are still working with the vet to understand Andy's complete state of health, and he will be fully vetted prior to adoption! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ We call him Andy Pampers because he wears a wrap (lined with Pampers) around his belly to prevent marking in the house. The right person will care less about this wrap - it works wonders (just like how human babies where diapers), is easy to put on, and Andy could care less about wearing it. We can see Andy living in a variety of homes, but think he'd thrive with space and a backyard to sniff around in. He is overall very low maintenance and a total #couchpotato! πŸ₯” Andy Pampers absolutely needs a forever home, so if you have your eye on this handsome cutie please do inquire. Feel free to email with any questions. To submit an application, please email @pupstarzrescue at pupstarzrescue@gmail.com today! Meet and greet required, please submit application first. The adopter MUST travel to NYC to meet Andy. ❀️ #seniordog #bigdog #adoptme #animallover #doglover #newyork #adoptdontshop

The adorable (and sometimes aloof) Andy Pampers' tongue is always peekin' out like that... πŸ˜‹ @pupstarzrescue (For loads of Andy videos, check out SSD 'stories' section!) ❀️ #boopthereitis #fosterdogAndy #dogs #seniordog #adoptme #adoptdontshop

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