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Christopher & Susie ❤️💚💚💚💚💚  OMG I’M BLESSED!!!!💞 Chris 💞 M.M.B.P.CD

All this awesome stuff for sale!!! Hit us up if you would like anything!!! Will deliver!!! Delicious homemade cupcakes with flavors of lemon blueberry cheesecake, chocolate caramel 🍫, Neapolitan, peach and takin and much more!! Homemade frosting as well! #nomsnoms#yum#sweettoothproblems

My WCW! My BESTIE! You have had the title of Bestie for over 26 years! You encourage me to stay show me strength, and you really “get me”! So much I could say here, but just know how unbelievably priceless and precious our friendship is! Love you Rose! YOU ARE MY SISTER...MY FAMILY!! #bestfriends#familyifyoureallywannaknow @urbs06

My sister and niece are super duper crafty! All this tonight for a beautiful and blessed fundraiser like the one I had last month!! I had to pick these 2 cool items for my honey because, well, if you know him...these are some of his favorite things! And my niece has made probably about 200 cupcakes!!! So blessed and excited!! 🎂🍭🍫🍬 #blessed

Made this for my green eyed girl on her first day of 8th grade...and of course I continued the tradition of saying (in my Nemo voice) “FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!”....loved the bracelet idea from Pinterest!!! Sooo blessed!!! Thank you Jesus!! Guide her and protect her always!!! #blessed#allthetimegodisgood🙏🏽

My handsome boys!!! Love you so much!!! I am beyond blessed!!! Thank you Jesus!!! #michaelandrew#brandonjeremiah

May not have my hair...but still have my smile and most importantly, my God by my side! So many changes coming, but no fear! I know I am a strong woman!!! Happy Sunday y’all! #iamblessed#lovinglife#iamstrong

Love my family! You’ll never know just how thankful I really am!!! Thank you for today!!! My heart ♥️ is full!! #lovethem#familyiseverything

So like when did this happen? My green eyed girl is registering for the 8th grade....prayers for her, for the staff, and for all students....Lord guide and protect everyone! #paytonrose 🥀🥀🥀

So excited! My beautiful cousin brought me to lunch! And to one of my favorite places!!! Love my family!! #yum#bombdiggity

WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY! It’s gonna be a BEAUTIFUL day no matter what happens to me today!!! Tell yourself this... “I AM WORTHY, I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM COMPETENT, I AM A LIGHT FOR OTHERS!” GOD IS SOOO GOOD!!! Blessed to have another day! Smile at someone today! Hug your babies! Love your life and through it all, PRAISE GOD!! #blessedbeyondmeasure#stayingstrong#negativevibesarenotallowedhere

Feeling blessed in this storm! Such encouraging people around me! Hope is near and I am grasping every inch of it...I remember how I used to worry about my hair thinning...and now, I have no hair...why worry? It helps nothing....I was sitting down and touched my head during one of my rough moments...and low and behold...I FELT HAIR ON MY HEAD!!! My hair is growing!!! Sure it will be gone in a couple weeks due to chemo, but TODAY it’s growing!! ALWAYS REMEMBER...THERE IS LIGHT AND POSITIVITY ALL AROUND YOU!!! You just have to stay focused on it!!! Praising God through this ALL!!! #blessed🙏#strong

I’ve always loved Mondays. I don’t have a job, but yet there is SO much to do around here to make me feel productive! Seize the day no matter what! Though things have been rough, I am not giving up! Let God give you your day! Let YOU choose your attitude!! Nothing or NO ONE is gonna stop my SMILE!!! #blessed

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