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I came very close to LMSing (losing my shit) earlier and didn’t want to take Milo to the beach because he’s spent all day kicking up a stink. But sometimes you have to agree to things just so it repositions everyone & blows a storm through the mood. He’s being particularly trying, I’m being particularly unforgiving (because I’m tired) and we need stuff like this to meet in the middle and follow the yellow brick road back to a happy bedtime. Tomorrow’s another day, and we’re at the seaside!

#ad - transition cups tend to mean soggy t-shirts, slippery surfaces and the threat of damage to expensive electrical items. @tommeetippeeuk asked us to try out some of their new products and I’ve been really impressed. Not only were there no escaping droplets, the lids were sturdy and stayed on (even when getting a battering) and I’m a huge fan of the muted, UNISEX designs. Fine to shove in your handbag or under the pram 💙

Today he’s split his big toe in two, got his head rammed in a door, fallen over twice, digested more mud than I’d care to admit aaaaand topped off the day by slipping over in his own wee on the bathroom floor as I wiped Milo’s bum. Kids, man.

This photo took really quite a bit of shouting and re-positioning and sighing and I’m not 100% it was worth it

#ad - @tommeetippeeuk made a lot of bold statements about their Non-Spill cups not leaking when used correctly and after waving them over my child’s head/having them banged on a LOT of surfaces in our house, I can confirm they live up to their promises. I’m happy to partake in the #TippeeTest and so is Milo (he was actually hoping he WOULD get wet so, a little disappointing for him) because good lord, the amount of times I’ve bought a beaker only to find my changing bag going from desert dry (complete with crumbs and biros) to squash-flavoured lake is hefty. (Please note - no Milos were upset in the making of this video)

We don’t often opt for indoor play but today was a-OK. Sweaty noses and foreheads all round ♥️

#ad - @bonusprint_uk are encouraging people to go old school with a modern twist by creating books of their much loved snaps, rather than just having them sit on their phones & computers. Each year when we go to America, I try to create a little scrapbook for the boys to look back on so this was a really quick & easy way to get some of our favourite photos altogether and Milo loves flicking through all the pages & chatting about the places we went (even if it does have him casually requesting we ‘go to Laguna in the morning’). Bonusprint have given me the code SUSIE50 so you guys can get 50% off (the link’s in my bio) if you fancy creating your own. There’s tonnes of different page styles to choose from (our book is a mish-mash all the way through, some pages have 2 snaps, another has 5, you can caption them using a mix of fonts etc) and there’s even a flatlay option whereby your photo can stretch across the whole book. Really had fun with this little project and very happy with the results. If our house wasn’t a building site right now, it’d be pride of place on the coffee table 💙 (offer ends October 14th 2018)

They put all the sparkly, interesting stuff near the tills don’t they? The unicorn headbands, the glittery clips, the fluff. We were shopping for a friend’s gift yesterday when Milo saw this bag; ‘IT’S GOT AN M ON IT! For Milo! I could keep my coins in it!’ I’d already been chatting to the shop assistant & kind of prepared myself but I’d needn’t have bothered. ‘If you put it on, I bet it’ll really suit you. Oh my eldest LOVED anything sparkly, I’ve got two boys, and it made him feel EXTRA magic. And yes, you can keep your coins in it. If you haven’t got one, I bet we can find something here’ Safe to say a) I wanted to hug her and b) we bought it. Imma write an appreciative email to Milton Keynes’ @nextofficial, you better believe it. (And before anyone decides to comment with ‘shame they still do girl/boy sections’ etc etc etc, I KNOW shops/brands have a long way to go, but there are individuals happy to champion everything for everyone in store and that’s a great step too)

Thanks @joannanicolephotography for capturing an Every Day In The Life Of Our Family moment.
Me - telling Milo off with my eyes
Milo - why does she always moan about safe things like picking up random, sharp scrap metal for my treasure box?
Greg - half boredom/half masking a laugh
Rex - seeking out something dangerous

As someone who tries to be as honest as possible on social media, I’m taking so much heart from @katherine_ormerod and her #whysocialmediaisruiningyourlife posts (and @hannahfgale’s this morning, it made me want to book her a flight to America because most of us know how hellish the first trimester can be). This post here was popular (for me, at the time) back in 2014 when we were in America. I think I probably mentioned my new hat and did an #ootd day. In real life, we’d been dealing with the fact Greg’s agent had stolen thousands & thousands of pounds from us (probably not meant to talk about it but it’s been in the papers now so) which meant the self-funded training trip was making our purse strings ping. We had to go so Greg could train and earn us money later on in the year by winning competitions, but we were worried. I was 4 months in to life as a new mum and juggling anxiety, leaky breasts and a still-sore gooch in a different country. The air con in the Airbnb we were staying in blew up one night so we had to run terrified in to the street and to top it all off, we accidentally took Milo to a strip bar. The day we got back, with a baby and jet lag in tow, we had to have the BBC round for filming, causing Greg & I to have a massive row because I didn’t want Gabby Logan seeing our house pre-renovation (which is hilairs because oh we still haven’t completed the work). Anyway, swish across and you’ll see poor Gabby did turn up and Greg and I decided to be friends again. So much here for #whysocialmediaisruiningyourlife

Less chalk and cheese, more pasta & gnocchi. Or ravioli with different fillings. Both are delightful and difficult in varying ways but I’m taking each day as a new day and trying to breathe through a lot of the frequent questions (Milo), squealing (Rex) and mischief (both). While Greg’s away, I’m trying to write write write of an evening as much as possible and I’m really enjoying it. If the book I’ve felt is in me for 5 years finally makes it on to my laptop then I might keep sending him away every so often. I doubt he’d mind ♥️

AD - Here we are sitting down for a play on @ReadingEggs and here we are with matching concentration faces. Sometimes there’s collaborations with brands which come along and click in to your life just at the right moment and this is definitely one of them. For about a year now, you’ll have seen it on my stories, Milo’s been writing his name, practising his alphabet etc. and while there’s textbooks and magazines we work our way through, it’s a bit throwaway once we’ve completed them. Reading Eggs has slotted in perfectly because it’s JAM-PACKED with exercises, it’s fun with learning thrown in more than hitting targets and it’s actually just a really nice way to sit down and be quiet (ish) together. There’s a link in my bio which takes you to where you can sign up for a free, five-week trial and if you’ve any questions, I’m happy to answer them. One point to make really clear here; you really do try for FREE before you buy, there’s no ‘let’s have all your bank details to store first and then you can test a really short demo’, you get the whole shebang. I’ve also written a blog post with more details on what you get and how we’ve found it so please go have a nosey at that too. These guys cater for ages 2-13 years so there’s plenty for everyone. #readingeggs #learntoread #backtoschool (image by @joannanicolephotography )

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