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I’ve been lucky enough not to have suffered with the heartache of miscarriage, but I do know of those close to me who have. As you can see from my stories, a woman got in touch to ask how she could support a pregnant friend who’s previously had a miscarriage & is now in fear of losing this baby. I can’t imagine the worry of pregnancy after loss, it’s a tense time without that added pressure. Since I posted on stories, I’ve had *so* many great suggestions; SANDS charity, asking the midwife for more frequent appointments, hypnotherapy, @theyesmummum cards, CBT sessions, @mrs_izzyjudd’s Dare To Dream book, The Mariposa Trust, just listening without offering up ‘you’ll be fine, you’ve got nothing to worry about’ etc. Because I’ve now received messages asking for me to share responses, I thought it best to do a post instead so people can take what they want from it. And if anyone would like to offer up anything else, please do so in the comments below. Everyone deserves to enjoy pregnancy ❤️

It wasn’t ‘til I was around 34 weeks that I stumbled across some advice regarding sleeping on your side during pregnancy. I’m a back or front sleeper when not housing a small human in my tummy & I genuinely didn’t really think past the whole ‘how can I get comfy at night’ thing; I just didn’t know certain positions could be dangerous. As soon as I read up on the seriousness of it all, I made sure it was side or nothing. If I woke up on my back, I’d just roll myself straight back over and it started to become second nature anyway. This pillow helped too, as I could hug it while I dozed off and I’m so, so grateful I got to find out about it when I did. @tommys_thebabycharity are running the fantastic public health campaign #SleepOnSide to educate parents to be on the link between back sleeping & stillbirths & it’s just so, so important. It all kicked off yesterday (but I was mid Toddler Bum Gate) so I’m sure lots of you have already seen posts flying about, but I really wanted to make sure I put something out there too. Campaigns like this are essential and @tommys_thebabycharity, as usual, are doing a wicked sticks job #mymiloandme #sleeponside #pregnancy

Had a Grade A level creeper watching while I showered earlier #miloandrex

You know when someone makes something so beautiful and unique for your home, it’s the first thing you hold up whenever a friend pops over? I’m doing quite a bit of that with these amazing @maxmademedoit pieces. These were sent as a gift & as soon as our house is ready, they’ll be taking centre stage in the boys’ rooms ❤️ #mymiloandme #maxmademedoit

A few weeks ago I chatted to the lovely @iamalisonperry for her aces podcast. We discussed judgemental mums, different styles of parenting, ending up in The Daily Mail on the regs & why iPads aren’t the worst thing in the world. Alison & I worked together at LOOK mag many moons ago so it was really nice to get together in an environment where we weren’t pulling our hair out/worrying about SEO. Thanks for having me Alison! (Popped the link in my bio if you fancy a listen) #mymiloandme #notanothermummypodcast

If seeing me chatter on about @etsyuk this week has meant you’ve seen a tonne of things you’d like to buy for yourself then I’ve got a competition you’ll be h-a-p-p-y about. If you fancy being in with a chance of winning £125 to spend at @etsyuk for both you AND a friend (that’s right, you both get pennies) then to enter is as easy as mince pies. Simply write #EtsyForYou underneath this picture, tag a friend and I’ll be picking a winner! Only one entry per person. 1 prize. T&Cs at: etsy.com/etsyforyou. UK ONLY. 18+. Open 11:00 AM GMT 18th Nov 2017 to 17:00:00 PM GMT 24th Nov 2017. #Ad #EtsyUK #EtsyForYou

Firstly, I just want to say thanks to each and every one of you who entered the #EtsyForYou campaign. I’m such a huge fan of shopping small whenever I can and seeing what so many people have got to offer cements why it’s such a great idea to do so. Suggestions across the board have been original, fun, well-made, personal and you can see the effort people put in to their businesses. @EtsyUK is such a wonderful place to browse for gift ideas & this collaboration has genuinely given me tonnes of ideas of what to buy for Greg, so thank you! (And please also know, I had *lots* of people suggesting their friends’ and families’ products, so you’ve all got support & folk who want to champion you). So; here are my top picks! First up we’ve got a beautiful pompom hat by @thedorothydays - once the weather starts getting chilly, we do *not* bother doing our hair. It’s hat or go home. These bobbly wonders are perfect for any sex, any age and come in lots of colours. Secondly, the chopping board of wonder by @kate_chesters. Greg’s pretty darn handy in the kitchen and I love this addition to our home (I can buy for him when it’s *actually* a bit for me can’t I?) because it’s cool *and* small enough to be a stocking filler. I love the colour of this & I love that someone’s been skilled enough to make it.
Next up is this @bellsandwhistlesmake suggestion; a concrete Lego family! I don’t think a Christmas has gone by where at least one of Greg’s presents hasn’t had a Lego theme (he loves it) so why break with tradition? More importantly, this is Lego Milo can’t deconstruct...
And lastly, the beautiful illustrations by @jessicabwoodhouse. I always think the kids should gift Greg with the more personal presents as he does so much for them throughout the year and it’s a lovely way to say thanks. I think getting one of these done for the four of us and having it hang in our home is a fab thing to unwrap on Christmas morning ❤️ Lastly; check out my next post on how to bag £125 each for you and a friend to spend on @etsyuk! #Ad #EtsyForYou #EtsyUK

Hope everyone’s set for the latest Superhero films coming to a cinema near you. Featuring Fork & Incrady Hoke who are NOT to be messed with #mymiloandme

Due to family matters, I’m going to check out of social media for a few days/until I’m feeling like I want to be here. I’ll be honouring work & there may be the odd scheduled post but I just don’t feel like I’ve got much to offer at the moment (not in a genuine way, anyway). I’m cancelling plans in the diary for a few days too so I apologise if I’m not at press days/events and I’m disabling comments on this because I’m just after some quiet. Back soon ❤️

Come bunk off bedtime with me & @mushmums! Tickets are only a tenner with proceeds going to @bloodygoodperiod (who are a charity which provide sanitary products to refugees & asylum seekers). There’s goodie bags, drinks, guest speakers & tonnes of fun to be had! Popping ticket link in my bio now so please come along & hang out (beats reading Oh No George three times to a toddler with leg ache) #mushmums #bunkoffbedtime

Made him a checklist to take on our walk; letters he could spot on car registration plates, numbers he could spot on houses & then things like trees, a person wearing glasses, a dog. His excitement lasted about 23 seconds, he handed me the paper, ran off (couldn’t chase after him, was carrying Rex so had to be one of The Shouty Mums instead), chose the *exact* (and only) moment we walked past people to loudly tell me ‘I need a poo’ & then cried because I refused to talk to him after he told me I ‘wasn’t lovely’. Walks With Three Year Olds & Other Stories (love this (gifted) hat by @rosieandlula by the way, we’ve had so many asking where it’s from!) #mymiloandme #threeisnotthemagicnumber #letsgoforawalkroundthebend

CHRISTMAS ALERT: Greg, my partner, the father to my children, has everything. I don’t mean that in a slushy, ‘he’s got everything he needs RIGHT HERE’ *points to self* way, I mean he literally has everything. Think magpie but less feathery & less attracted to the shiny stuff; he just loves to buy what makes him/us happy and that’s part of what makes him, him. However; this sort of attitude means I’m left scrabbling around for original & unique gift ideas for birthdays/Christmases and presents need to be more personal/home-made than something he can spot himself while wandering around Selfridges. This year, I’ve got yet another son who’s stealing gift ideas from me, so now I’ve got more of a task on my hands. Children are gift thieves.
So, I’m teaming up with @etsyuk to put out a challenge to their of sellers who’ll this week be suggesting some wonderful items they’ve got to offer & preventing me from having a total festive meltdown because no-one wants to see that.
I absolutely love shopping with @EtsyUK; I’m often lost in a rabbit hole of bits ’n’ bobs when it comes to this online marketplace & it’s perfect for finding something one off for the person I love! As of today, I’d love any of you Etsy sellers to tag me in soaps of what I could buy from the boys for Greg and all you need to do is tag @etsyuk too & use the hashtag #EtsyForYou. Keep an eye on the hashtag throughout the week to see all the sellers’ suggestions and festive inspo, join in if you’ve got something from your own shop you think would be perfect and then check back in on Friday when I’ll be picking my favourites! As mentioned in my stories I’ll also be running a competition for the chance to win an Etsy gift card for you & a friend and anything else you need to know is over on Etsy’s website which I’ve popped in my bio! #Ad #EtsyForYou #EtsyUK #Christmas

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