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I’m a pretty open person anyway, but there’s a big reason why I wanted to get stuck in to motherhood on the ol’ gram (particularly stories). When I first started posting, it’d be a photo of Milo here, a photo of Milo there, a snap of us on the red carpet, watching Greg compete etc and if I mentioned being tired/worn out I’d get regular ‘yeah but you don’t know what it’s REALLY like/first world problems/oh are your diamond shoes too tight?’ messages. And honestly, I could be trolled all. day. long without so much as it bringing on a nervy poo but those comments always really stung. You can have all the gold medals (p.s I have none although I DO have a Customer Services Certificate I got from The Co-Op when I was 16 so get stuffed Greg), you can go to all the glam parties, travel 1st class, be on TV shows, have friends in high places, do things you’d never have even dreamed of doing but parenthood strips all that back. Granted, if you’re Mariah Carey or Kylie Jenner it probably doesn’t (although we don’t really KNOW), but for the most part, everyone is juggling and sweating and crying about being a really shite mum/dad that day, losing their cool, navigating a tantrum and fighting the battle, everyone’s just doing it under different circumstances. You might have a perk I don’t, I might have a perk you don’t but let’s not get it twisted; kids don’t care. I get the eye-rolly digs a lot less nowadays (is it because I always look a mess and Greg keeps talking about dead animals?) but honestly while I KNOW I’ve got that Co-op Customer Service Award, I STILL have to do two-kids-together-bath-and-bedtime so I really, really DO know what it’s like. Parenthood be parenthood.

Cousins. Will we ever take a photo where they’re all looking at the camera at the same time? It’s not looking likely.

Goooood morning! And time for another #ShopSmallSunday ❤️ So first up, (1) we’ve got the most beautiful blanket by (handmade treats for your home), (2) followed by an inspired box of curated fun for little hands by @thebusyboxcompany, (3) a mum/child combo from @bobthebrand (you get to choose which sweater style you’d like from their ace range) and lastly (4), the cards I ALWAYS shout about - @mindful_kin. You get the bedtime *and* original packs. One again, just pop which prize number you’re keen to get your hands on in the comments and I’ll pick winners (at random) later on this evening! Some amazing small businesses for you to take a peek at every week so please do go give this Sunday’s fabulous four a follow and your support #shopsmall

#Ad - I’ve teamed up with marketplace app @reshopperuk because basically, they deserve shouting about. Whether you want your own old items to go to a good home or you’re on the hunt for affordable essentials, this is the place to head to. I’ve got my own account running where I’ll be adding some of the boys’ old or unused clothes (link’s in bio if you want to shop!) and the pennies made will be going to @pregnancysicknesssupport Aside from all the ace filters on offer so you’re not just trawling through endless ‘stuff’ (age, sex, product etc) the app encourages conversation between buyer/seller meaning you might even make a new local chum ❤️ No fuss to navigate, tonnes on offer and easy to set up an account. I can’t praise them enough. (I’ve popped a bit more info on my stories if you’re interested #reshopperuk #secondhand #minirodiniforsale EDIT - just to add this app is completely FREE

You GUYS.... supermarkets up and down the country are selling stuff like this called food and the first unlimited number of people who like this post get nothing but everyone’s fine to just go buy it. It suppresses your appetite because it’s literally giving your organs the sustenance it needs and it’s UNREAL #suckit #fuckit #kimkardashianmakesmesigh

I, of course, adore the names Milo and Rex. But if @gregjrutherford hadn’t had his input, I’d have probably plumped for Percy and Barney. Their middle names are Nugget & Mowgli and if my mum hadn’t called me Susanna, I was going to be Nyari, Olwen or Nina. I love unusual names, given at birth or acquired over time. If there was to be no shade thrown, what names would you have gone for with your little ones? Or what slightly out-there names are you considering? (I have future ones reserved too which I can’t reveal because y’know, stealsies...) #miloandrex

Good moooorning and welcome to the very first #ShopSmallSunday giveaway! I’m contacted daily by lovely, talented people offering their wares and it was starting to get to the point where I felt guilty for accepting/didn’t have enough room/didn’t have enough space on ‘ere to shout about them. SO. Each week I’m going to respond to 5 small brands and see if they want to run a giveaway on here. If you flick across these images you’ll see the 5 prizes up for grabs. All YOU have to do if you want to win is write the number of the prize in the comments section. Good luck! 1. Mini bundle of print/mirror/cushion by fabulous artist @charlottebeevor 2. A pair of funky leggings (of your choice) by @cozycubs 3. An ace @mamamebox subscription box full of treats 4. A beautiful hand-crafted cake topper by @mpsandthesquishyco.com_ and lastly 5. If you’re a North London Mummy (or near) looking to try out hypnobirthing, Charlie @thebodimama would love to offer her services! Please do go check out all these brilliant businesses/give them a follow and happy Sunday! ❤️ (Winners will be chosen at random and announced this evening)

Early evening splashdown and tadpole hunt with Son Number 1 #mymiloandme

I get a lot of messages each week about exercising/losing weight after giving birth. First and foremost, losing weight is NEVER of interest to me. I don’t own scales and I don’t know how much I weigh ‘til I go to the doctors. It’s easy to get hung up on how many stones and pounds you’re coming in at & I’m much more interested in just how my body looks to *me* I’ve mentioned working out on here and was using an app for quite a considerable amount of time - it’s great and I still use it for pep talks/meal ideas etc. However when I promoted it, a lot of people got in touch to say they didn’t like the idea of being tied in to monthly payments and preferred the idea of ‘here’s what you do, go run with it’. Living with @gregjrutherford has its perks (his DIY skills and massive shelf-bum aside); he’s written me plenty of exercise programmes in his time so we got to thinking about putting together a few PDFs which lay out weekly exercises and for a small fee, you get it straight in your inbox forevs. You can share it with friends, work out alone and none of it requires gym equipment; you can just do it alone at home. Over the next few weeks I’ll pop up more info but just wanted to put the feelers out there. Finally, no-one should feel pressured to ‘snap back’ and my page isn’t about to turn fitness crazy. This’ll just be something here for you to buy should you fancy it, but not in any way rammed down your throats. It’s just nice to give people the tools to do something for themselves if they fancy it and hopefully my inbox will calm down a little too...

IT ME (only, swap 35 for 30)

Happy 30th Birthday @hellomaguk! We welcomed Milo with a photo shoot 10 days after he was born and then learned we were MUCH better off leaving that to other far more glamorous couples when it came to Rex. Thanks for cropping my massive harem pants out so we’ve got a few glossy pics to look back at and thanks to the stylist for leaving their clothes steamer behind because that really came in handy. You’re my fave mag to read in the hairdressers and I’ll cheers to anyone still rocking the world of print. Congrats guys! #hellomag

The post c-section photos of Rex’s birth always make me laugh. It looks like I’m scanning his features and wallowing in newborn adoration. Right here I was actually muttering ‘guys, he’s slipping HE’S SLIPPING’ followed by ‘yeah can someone else take him ‘cos I need a quick nap’ They yank your baby out, wrap ‘em up and then shove a bundle basically on your neck/face and well it was a juggle to say the very least 😂 I’ve never felt that immediate Rush Of Love when having the boys. I didn’t cry when either were born (Greg did enough for the both of us) and quite honestly, with Milo it took about 6 weeks to kick in. Of COURSE I liked them and wanted to cuddle them and look after them, but I got nothing in the way of Aaaarrgghhhh All The Emotions And Love! Then bam, he smiled at me. And I cried and finally got it. I felt it much quicker with Rex, probably around 5 days in but oh it was SUCH an easier birth. I think it took that first 6 weeks with Milo for me to forgive him for what he did to my vagina #miloandrex

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