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Susie Lau  Herro! I write about fash-un! ⬆️ Fiiiiiiiiiiinally on Insta Stories ⬆️ - mostly featuring baby Nico at the moment Latest blog post:

🌸🌼🌹🌷🌺🌻🌼Happy Mother's Day

Remembering the day it stopped being about 'Me me me' and it became all about 'You you you'

Lying pretty on @marloe_london ombré scarf/blanket with proceeds going to @gynaecancerfund #LadyGardenCampaign and throwback SS14 @romancewasborn X @pipnpop prints, with @seventyseven84 Nico knitted sign and @floomofficial @thatflowershopofficial blooms

Back to Morelli's with @steve_salter

Happy Pics - @lorenzovitturi 's photographs of the @emiliopucci and @maxmara archives for @newyorkermag 's Style issue

Back in my teen years, many a weekend was spent careering around London's games arcades with mates, in an attempt to hit up all the Dance Dance Revolution spots (yes the secret is out there, I danced on a machine to tacky music for FUN). Las Vegas on Wardour St, Trocadero and for a final daredevil treat, Namco on Southbank. Many a night, we would do that walk to our final arcade destination, skipping our way over Westminster Bridge, glancing up at Big Ben and the shadowy Houses of Parliament, laughing at its clock face and taking it all for granted. This was never a tourist spot for us but just part of livin' in Laaaaaandon innit.

Seeing the events of yesterday unfold brought back memories of those carefree days. I'm repeating my daily mantra that seems to apply in most situations... "This too shall pass"

Sadly I have no photographic evidence from my arcade days but Siouxsie Sioux in front of Big Ben is infinitely better no?

#WeStandTogether #WeAreNotAfraid #Londoner4Life

"The first bit of physical fashion I’ve seen since emerging from my postpartum haze wasn’t even on a human being. In fact, I’m not sure I’d even categorise it as fashion..."
The curves of Henry Moore's 1936 'Reclining Figure' mirrored by a Jean Paul Gaultier jersey cone dress stretched and contorted over a specially made mannequin...
Full write up of @jw_anderson @jonathan.anderson 's #DisobedientBodies exhibition @hepworthwakefield on blog now - link ⬆️

🌈🌈🌈 joy from new @tate Members' Martin Creed box, @Loewe Rainbow Puzzle and 🐘, @getredressed 'Dress with Sense' book and some lovely souvenirs from Peru from @peterpilotto

Rebooting the blog after being in a two month pink haze 💓💓💓 "I’m just about emerging out of a hallucinatory haze, comprising the tail end of what seemed like a never ending pregnancy, a shockingly speedy labour that then segued into a shocking amount of blood loss and then two solid months (feeling like two years) of falling in love with this new being in my life and having my heart stabbed every time she cries..." Link in bio

Northern Soul ... at the Middleport Pottery in Stoke to feed my #PotteryThrowdown obsession

Madame Grès draped casually on an Eileen Gray chair... Jean Arp's curves next to the hip accentuating Christian Dior dress... @jw_anderson 's conversations between art, fashion and design at @hepworthwakefield #DisobedientBodies

Got myself in a bind with @jw_anderson 's eloooooongated knit tactile installation @hepworthwakefield #DisobedientBodies

Art, fashion, design... placed on equal plane by @Jw_anderson @jonathan.anderson and 6a Architects at the @hepworthwakefield #DisobedientBodies where @commedesgarcons makes sense next to a Naum Gabo sculpture, where Helmut Lang archive pieces pairs up with Giacometti and leftover fabric from Anderson's studio forms ethereal partitions and enclosures to tie it all together
Exceedingly excellent exhibition and well worth the trip up to Wakefield

Starting em' young ... when @jw_anderson dressed local kids of Wakefield in a selection of archive pieces and had them photographed by @jamie.hawkesworth as part of his curation of @hepworthwakefield #DisobedientBodies

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