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Very true. 🙏🏻❤️

The world feels crazy right now. And I don’t have all the answers for how we solve many of our issues. •
However one thing is clear is that this man, @jordan.b.peterson who talks about cleaning up your room, take on your responsibility, be accountable, make all your relationships great and repair the ones that don’t work, continue to strive in all parts of your life to be great, and then, just maybe, you can change the lives around you. My life changed in such a true and remarkable way. And the question I constantly ask myself, how can I show up for the people in my life and be a better human, and be a boss in my career. And because of that I’ve seen people change around me and have them tell me, “I saw you change so then I believed it was possible to change too.” That’s the best thing I could ever hope to hear. And I still make mistakes, yet I keep pushing to be better than I was yesterday.
Now onto this political stuff-It’s not about which side is right and wrong, it’s about unity. We have both been wrong. And we’ve both been right. Democrats and republicans and everyone in between, we are all human. And we are good. And yet we are broken.
Life is suffering, no matter how good we have it. If you live long enough you will endure tradegy. Everything we love will perish.
And to be human is to be flawed. We will make mistakes. But let’s take real responsibility for our lives. Let’s start loving one another instead of yelling, screaming and forcing everyone to see our side. That doesn’t make lasting peace. Let’s hear one another’s pain and try to understand. And then we can start to heal. To err is human.
But to be forgive, understand, and to love, is divine. #jordanpeterson #12rulesforlife #12rulesforlifeanantidotetochaos #life #jordanbpeterson

Road tripping ❤️

Feeling all the feels ✨☺️🦄

Sunday vibes ✨💕

Beach life ✨💕 📷: @jgmarshallphotography

Been working on integrating my shadow. Before I would put her in box 📦 and pretend she didn’t exist. But it’s helped me be a warrior on the tennis court, be a top ranked tennis player in the US, and push myself forward in facing my fears. That part of me is fearless, even though I am scared of so many things in life. Heights being one of them. 🤓
But once I quit, I didn’t know where to properly place her.
Now I use her in my art, my career, or if I need to protect myself. My warrior, my shadow, I need you in my life to help protect what I love. 🤘🏻❤️🦄
📷: @jgmarshallphotography

When you trying to be good, but know it’s been too long since you’ve inserted your foot in your mouth and you gettin’ ansty.
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This about sums us up. 💕
Can’t imagine my life with out these two queens @christiemaccampo @alonatal
How did I ever get by in life before them??? #%$@#%
Also, totally not gonna answer that...not sure I did. Can anyone get by without incredible friends in life? 🤓🤷🏼‍♀️🦄 #friends #besties #friendshipquotes #friends #love #famousadjacent

Having such a fun time filming this fabulous badass 👑@audreywhitby
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When your 👠 are EXTRA AF, but you’re totally happy about it. #harper #harpercharacter #harperstyle #almostperfect #setlife #setlife🎥 #setlifela

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