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alpha female🌸  my syndrome may be down but my hopes are up

sad boy👿

this will always make me choke every time i see it.


you are just a disabled person with no eyes for the future. you drink you smoke and you may have a big social burning point in life I hope you read this until something will happen. and as much as I can see what you use your life for I hope something will happen to you more problems than you already have.


my whole family has their friends/family over today and im in my room masturbating in the dark

i think about having pink guy as a pet way more than i should, he seems like a precious, cool little dude and i just wish he was hopping around my room making noises at me

the first time we saw pink guy vs. the last time we saw him

donald trump out here shaking hands & making amends with kim jong/ korea but i still hate all of you from high school and I genuinely wish you the worst in life.

i cook the best kraft macaroni and cheese out here. you'd be lucky to even get a whiff.

Proud Dad's First Born(2018)

what demon is this

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