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Alsu Missarova  From everywhere with love

Every time, I ride this lane and see gas natural through arc, I can't help but picture myself as a time traveler #urbanmiracles

Duros por ojos dispues del entreno #bravasultimate #twoclapsandpuidgemont

Если очень хочется, то можно

Mum, we're lost.

There are some things in the world that just don't exist. For example, a pretty photo of yourself. Why to care tho, when you are pretty fucking happy.

Hey babes )

Photos with your boyfriends are not mainstream anymore. Go with photos with your exes. Or better two #XX #DrAlsu

Who lives in your shadows?

Tangent tangerine

17.03.2018. My dad is rolling over the snow banks coz it's so deep and he falls in otherwise.

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