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Susanna Salk  Stylist, Rizzoli Design Author and Host of Quintessence At Home With series. My "At Home With Dogs And Their Designers" book avail to pre order now

I wasn't able to make it to @creelandgow fete for @miguelfloresvianna and his smashing new book #hautebohemians so I'm posting @quintessence stunning photo from the evening

Head over with us to @johnrobshaw amazing Connecticut retreat for our latest video visit and get a custom turban! @quintessence #athomewith

I spy a ❤️ rock

It makes pulling up to a mailbox full of bills and unnecessary catalogues feel a lot better

The intimate quarters of the queen’s bedchamber, restored to how it would have been on October 6, 1789, when Mari-Antoinette fled. From @quintessence amazing post today: The Versailles You've Never Seen #Versailles

For all my talk about dogs I adore my cat Manu. I saw her wandering near the fringe of the woods when we first began work on the lake house. I'm not sure how she lived through the winters but she did. After we moved in, she came close enough one night to eat some food that I had left out for her. The next night I stayed by the food and watched while she ate. Instead of leaving she approached me and leaned in to my body and just stayed awhile before turning back into the darkness. Later as I went to turn off the porch light, she was there patiently waiting on our doorstep all poise but no expectation. I simply opened the door and she walked through and it was if she had always been there.

Local legend refers to him as Cadillac Joe even though he was always spotted driving a Lincoln. For decades it was said that this former demolition man drove every Sunday to visit the road side folly he had erected stone by stone single handedly over the course of decades. It looked like a drip sand castle Scarlet O Hara would have constructed as a child if Salvador Dali had been her father. In a world where curb side appeal is measured in tidy window boxes and plush lawns the house’s constant intrigue lay in its unapologetic state of constant construction and deconstruction. When I passed by today I suddenly noticed a For Sale sign tacked on its exterior. How could something so far removed from maps and monetary transactions be for sale? Had Cadillac Joe died or finally given up? I wanted to rip it down. Five years ago my older son had been scouting for a location in his student film and knew he wanted to shoot there, having passed it countless of times during childhood. On the day of the shoot a light snow was falling which made the bare winter afternoon feel even more cinematic. As we drove up to the house we saw a wisp of smoke curling out of one of the three stone chimneys like something out of a Grimms fairytale. Inside an elderly man was hunched over a small fire in a giant stone fireplace, feeding it sticks in a repetitive, rather than contemplative manner. Stacks of newspapers crowded around him in the rubble. I said hello and asked permission to quickly shoot outside his property. When he saw they were just teenagers he nodded and offered the interior as well. As the boys scrambled out of the car I learned that he had built it for his late girlfriend who had died of cancer, how long ago was unclear. "I'm finishing up that stone terrace over there and inside will be a garden." I looked over to where he gestured and all I could see were more stacks of newspapers, stones and weeds. I don't know if the house will ever sell and if it does whether it will be monument or a McMansion. All I know is up until today I couldn't pass by without looking to see if the terraced garden had been finished.

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What a privilege to get to see the genius of @jwktex and the entire cast of A Dolls House Part 2 tonight. Had to capture a detail of Nora's amazing costume hanging backstage. As refined and fiery as its wearer.

For years I've had pipe dreams about taking over the abandoned boat house near our dock and turning it into an office. I approached the owner and it was soon clear his agreeing to meet was just politesse on his part. Eight years have gone by and for some reason I finally peddled my hydra bike over tonight and entered via the water entrance with a certainty as if I was visiting a dear friend waiting upstairs. Inside lay two beautiful but cobwebbed wooden canoes. I marveled at the patience of abandoned objects that exist only to give us pleasure. Eventually there was nothing else to do but back pedal out and go home. Time does interesting things to our wish lists: it unexpectedly bumps up things from the bottom to the top and things at the top soon become as amorphous as reflections of the hills in the lake water itself. Their magnificent colors- especially this time of year- are magnified on the surface yet dissipate as soon as we pass over with a current of our own creating. I also got to thinking how working in such a splendid spot might change my work and written word. Perhaps for the better but also perhaps for the worst. Delivering our dreams to ourselves does set the bar higher. I'm looking at the boathouse now as I write this from my own dock. As a wise stranger just told me, if I was inside it all the time, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the view from the outside. Somehow just knowing those two canoes are there, is enough.

When I asked @juanmontoyadesign how he'd describe his weekend retreat in a one word he said "cocoon." May our latest video visit offer a soothing virtual shelter when so many people are feeling vulnerable. Now live via @quintessence

Newest Couturier family member Zadok already so right at home 🙏for our lovely lunch @robertcouturier58 Our live feed @quintessence #adoptdontshop

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