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Susanna Salk  Stylist, Rizzoli Design Author and Host of Quintessence At Home With series. My "Dogs And Their Designers" book avail to pre order now via link below.

Arrival Goals chez Anouska Hempel

A baby otter napping on its mother. You're welcome.

Funny how being in one room can transport you instantly back to another, even if the former looks nothing like the latter. Seeing twin beds in my dear friend Stacey's Nantucket house this weekend zipped me back to twin beds in a sleepy suburb outside of Paris, when I shared a room with my fifteen year old French counterpart, Marie, thanks to a program called The Experiment for International Living. The program's heavy-handed title implied we'd work side by side in a lab. The reality was that our dizzying schedule was of talking and dancing with boys. At night we dissected our options. When we woke it was like the entire world was waiting for us to glide through it in our mini skirts and pointed flats. At 4 PM we took a bus to a teen disco in the next town over. For this Boston girl, dancing with boys who had never heard of the Red Sox made me feel like I was walking on the moon. On the second to last night of my stay Marie had told me breathlessly as we stared at the ceiling from our twin beds, that I was about to meet the boy whom she loved beyond all others. We went out to dinner in a large group and she gave me the honor of sitting me on his right. While I have no memory of what he looked like, I remember suddenly feeling his hand on my knee by dessert. He left a little piece of paper there with an address, wanting me to sneak out the next day while Marie was at her piano lesson and meet him in Paris. The next memory I have is taking the train to Paris, punchy with guilt and glee. We spent the afternoon walking. A toy on a sidewalk fair caught my eye: an idyllic hilltop village made of tin with a train weaving past the charming houses from top to bottom and then starting over again. How easy it made life seem just when it was starting to get complicated. He bought me the toy. And I never saw him or Marie again, even though I felt I loved them both dearly for however fleetingly. I said good night to Stacey and stared at the ceiling in the dark. A ferry horn sounded far off as I allowed the train to start at the top of my mind and weave its way to the bottom and then begin again.

Our resident platypus (?) Toast had acquired Big Foot myth status due to its rare sightings. But today when we suddenly couldn't find Cheddar we traced his muffled barking far away, trapped beneath a grate in a neighbor's driveway. Cheddar had broken through Invisible Fence, dashed along the creek bed and down along a drain pipe we didn't even know existed to confront Toast in this end chamber. All is well on both sides.

Thank you @quintessence for my wonderful ACK fix!

Outdoor shower goals @garymcbournie in #Nantucket (with a dash of South of France) Stay tuned for an At Home With video visit via @quintessence!

Bookstore in Osaka, Japan

The most special of teas hosted by @charms345 for my beloved nieces

They're back!!!!!

When @alexsviewpoint sets the table purple is a neutral and the world feels a little more magical. Pull up a chair for his video tutorial now live via @quintessence #settingthetablewith #teddynewyorkie

Beyond excited to visit @quintessence next wknd in her beloved ACK! Will be shooting chez @cathybgraham and @garymcbournie and doing several live feeds throughout so stand tuned! 📸@quitessence #nantucket

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