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Susanna Canzian  Model - Web Influencer

“Elegance is a physical quality. If a woman doesn’t have it naked, she’ll never have it clothed.” Photographer: @albertobuzzanca

“Keep calm and put on your thinking cap”
Photographer: @telaviver

“Plant lady is the new cat lady.” Photographer @sylvio_testa
Exclusive photoshoot event in Bali @jfnextjourney hosted and produced by @terry_serepisos and @iamjetonfashion

“Life is short. Make every hair flip count.” Hairstylist @iamjetonfashion
Photographer @zavierdeangelo
Makeup artist @jerraleefierce

“Make your heart like a lake, with a calm, still surface and great depths of kindness.” Photographer: @telaviver

“A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.” Photographer: @ajgfilmproductions
Hairstylist: @fashionjeton
Exclusive photoshoot event in Mykonos and Santorini @jfnextjourney hosted and produced by @terry_serepisos and @iamjetonfashion

“Do it with passion or not at all.” Ph: @telaviver

“My hobbies include being difficult for no reason and ignoring text.” Ph: @vincentpierce
Hairstylist: @iamjetonfashion

“A woman should be like a single flower, not a whole bouquet.” Dress: @turquoise.swim @shahidaparides
Location: @yt35tlv
Photographer: @yosimoyal_

“Life isn’t perfect, but your bikinis can be.” Photographer @dean_avisar
Swimsuit @aguabenditasw @aguabendita_il @turquoise.swim

“Stay Shady”

Ph: @telaviver

“You can either sink, swim, or be the captain 👩🏻‍✈️” Photographer @sylvio_testa
Hair by @fashionjeton
Location @cavotagoomykonos
Exclusive photoshoot event in Mykonos @jfnextjourney hosted and produced by @terry_serepisos and @iamjetonfashion

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