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Andrel Kar  ⏩Totally Untouchable⏪ ❌A Renaissance Guy fancy❌ 📷photographing🍃 🍱cooking&eating🍸 ⚡Cheer Up Bae🎉 🎓Monash Uni💼 🇦🇺In MEL+61🎞️

Cutie Smart...
So lovely, he just stay here quietly n wait for his owner❤❤❤

Bef the lunar ny,
Every orientation presupposes a dis orientation
# HappyNewYear

hot damn

white day 6

Hi guys~ let me introduce my lovely wife to u~ she is from Audi family. a German girl.
we just be in this rls today.
I m not going to promise the everlasting,
but the words can be sweared is: I will take good care of u as long as u r still by myside😂

cheers, let my darling take ur a ride if u want😏especially to those precious frds who drove me a lot when I was single😄😄😄 #audi #mine #0129 #black #rainy #MELBOURNE

#goodmorning just like near coast to coast
#brunch #MELBOURNE #terrific

Hi Andrel, the 22-yr-old Andrel😂
Yup, m twenty two now.
m still a riddle question need to try n guess it.
Yup, m twenty two now.
m cannot be wrong since m sensitive.
but anyway, m twenty now.
I know "u" like/hate me.
(vice versa)
I know much better of myself.

Eventually some targets some little dreams, in the 18th 19th, they realise now.

Nothing really more crucial than live ur life on your own, be your own controller.
Nothing really better than with those lovers in my life.
Appreciate, to those guys no matter they just go passed quickly or stay there from time to time. All precious, priceless memories.

From now on, become a more brilliant brilliant me in a starry starry night in the 22nd✨

#happybirthday #MELBOURNE #22 #Saturday #fabulous

#Happy Andrel's Day
Hey mates, from the 19th to the 22nd Andrel's Day. I never alone, u r always there from time to time💪 💪 💪
How dare I just a simple appreciate to them
Life is too short, but with those lovers, it definately become a bit wider

In the future, we will celebrate a lot of Tiffany's Day, Joyce's Day, Neal's Day, Soyin, Donald, Matthew, Jeffrey all those guys' Day. Last but not the least, we got the Alex❤Emma Wedding Anniversary🎉
All my fabulous, terrific n gorgeous treasures u r😁
#MELBOURNE #best #mate #frds #memory #22

Happy Andrel s day
#MELBOURNE #Saturday #22

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