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William “Bill” Posley 15/18
•Bill is mostly remembered for his rivalry with Colgon Cumbie, who made the Manono tribe give up immunity and go to tribal council just to vote out Bill. Unfortunately for him, Colton got his way and Bill was voted out unanimously.
~~ Bill is the second player to be voted out after a tribe gave up immunity to the opposing tribe following Liliana Gomez from Survivor: Fiji. In the case of Liliana, however, the tribe had to choose whether to keep their camp or keep immunity, in Bill's case, the tribe decided to give up immunity just so they could vote him off.
~~Colton's fury over Bill attributed from Bill throwing Colton's Hidden Immunity Idol into the ocean. This would be a direct violation of Survivor rules, as Hidden Immunity Idols are considered to be personal items, and thus cannot be stolen. Leif told Colton about the incident, while production returned Colton's idol to him.
~~Bill was the second member of the Muscle alliance to be voted out.
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•••Survivor First: A tribe willingly goes to tribal council after winning immunity, without it being due to a game-changing circumstance.
~~In Survivor Fiji, the Moto tribe went to tribal council after winning immunity but only did it in order to keep their luxurious camp (have/have nots twist) ~~This is considered to be one of the dumbest moves in Survivor History
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Matthew Quinlan 16/18
•Matt Quinlan started off on the all-male Manono tribe where he quickly formed an alliance with the stronger men and battled with the other men for control. He particularly disagreed with Colton Cumbie, who kept going over to the women's camp. Despite Quinlan believing he was in a power position, Cumbie swayed almost everyone on Manono to blindside Quinlan upon Manono's first loss on Day 8, making Quinlan the first man eliminated from One World.
~~Matt was the first man voted out of Survivor One World
~~He was the first “muscle alliance” member to be eliminated
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Nina Acosta 17/18
•Nina was out of the main alliance and even though the target was on Kat for her dismal performance at the Immunity Challenge, she was voted out at a 6-1-1 vote.
~~ Nina was the oldest female castaway of Survivor: One World, and second oldest overall behind Tarzan Smith.
~~Nina is the second castaway to be the first voted out while not being the first to be eliminated from the game (following Jolanda Jones from Survivor: Palau), due to Kourtney Moon's medical evacuation.
~~Coincidentally, both women were on a blue tribe of nine, and were the oldest members of the tribe.
~~Nina is the only castaway to be voted out of the Salani tribe.
~~Nina was the first player to be voted out on Day 5.
~~Nina is the first, and so far only player to be the first person voted out of a season and not be voted out in the first episode.
~~Nina is the only person to be voted off first and place 17th.
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Kourtney Moon 18/18
•Kourtney holds the distinction of the earliest medical evacuation and the first female to be evacuated for medical reasons.
~~She is the first person to be evacuated before the first TC
~~Kourntey is one of five contestants to never visit TC. The others are Wanda Shirk, Jonathan Libby, Gary Stritesky and Dana Lambert.
~~Kourtney, Jonathan and Wanda are the only contestants to be eliminated from the game in the first episode by means other than a vote
~~Kourtney is the only person from Survivor One World to never receive a vote
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•••Survivor First: For the first time a castaway is medically evacuated on Day 3, which makes it the earliest a player has been eliminated from the game due to medical reasons.
~~This is the first and so far the only time a woman has been medically evacuated from the game
~~Due to Kourtney getting injured, the challenge was left unfinished. This is the second time this has happened, the first being back in Survivor Samoa when Russell Swan was evacuated as well due to severe dehydration.
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Survivor One World 🌎 •Salani Tribe 🌀
•Initially a much weaker side physically compared to their all-male rivals, the Salani women utilized the aspects of the One World twist to help them improve in camp life (at some points, by stealing) and by doing so, in challenges as well. •Facts:
~~ Salani is the fifth all-female tribe in the history of the series, following Jaburu, Yasur, Bayoneta, and Casaya.
~~Salani is the first tribe to have a woman medically evacuated from the game.
~~Nina Acosta was the only castaway actually voted out on Salani.
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Survivor One World 🌎 •Manono Tribe ✴️
•Despite having much dysfunction within the group of men, they enjoyed early success in challenges and showed no mercy when it came to who deserved Immunity. They are also the first tribe to knowingly sacrifice Immunity without reaping any sort of luxury. •Facts:
~~ Manono is the fifth all-male tribe in the history of the series, following Tambaqui, Lopevi, Viveros, and La Mina.
~~Manono is the second tribe in Survivor history to give up tribal immunity to the opposing tribe, following Moto. Unlike Moto, there was no benefit gained when Manono gave up immunity.
~~Manono is the first all-male tribe to have an LGBT member.
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Survivor: One World 🌎
•The 24th season of Survivor •Twists:
-One World Format: The two competing tribes, Manono and Salani, will be competing against each other while living together on the same beach in a more indefinite time. After the tribe switch and Reward Challenge on Day 12, the tribes were separated.
-Battle of the Sexes: The cast will be divided according to gender, similar to both Survivor: The Amazon and Survivor: Vanuatu. Salani and Manono were the all-women and all-men tribes respectively
-"Do-It-Yourself" Challenges: Similar to how a Reward Challenge in Survivor: Samoa was conducted, certain challenges would require the contestants to run the challenge themselves, with no host overseeing them.
-Hidden Immunity Idol: Though there will be only one camp, there will still be two Hidden Immunity Idols, one per tribe. If someone finds the other tribe's idol, they cannot use it. Instead, they must give it to a member of the opposite tribe before the next Tribal Council. Furthermore, for the first time, no clues would be provided.
-Tribe Switch: The tribes were switched on Day 12, mixing the men and the women.
-Early Merge: This season merged with twelve castaways in the game.
-Expanded Jury and Final Three: Instead of the conventional Final Two facing the jury of seven, the Day 39 Tribal Council was held with a Final Three facing a nine-person jury.

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