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Ozzy Lusth 4/18 {9th jury member}
•In South Pacific, Ozzy's chief accomplishment was his earning the distinction of being voted out three times in a single season, twice winning his way off Redemption Island thanks to his challenge prowess. He fell one day short of the Final Tribal Council after losing a critical Final Immunity Challenge to Sophie Clarke.
~~ Ozzy is the first of four contestants to debut before Heroes vs. Villains to compete three or more times without appearing on said season. He would be followed later by Jonathan Penner, Tina Wesson, and Jeff Varner.
~~Ozzy is the first contestant to spend time on both Exile Island and Redemption Island.
He would later be followed by Candice Cody and Aras Baskauskas.
~~Ozzy is the only member of Savaii to win a Redemption Island duel.
~~Ozzy and Christine Shields Markoski were the only two people to win Redemption Island duels in Survivor: South Pacific.
~~Ozzy became the fifth recurring contestant to reach 100 days playing the game, following Amanda Kimmel, Parvati Shallow, Rupert Boneham, and Rob Mariano. ~~Ozzy's 100th day was on Day 34 of South Pacific. His feat was not announced in the episode "Then There Were Five" (where he spent his 100th day in Survivor on Day 34), but was recalled during the South Pacific Reunion Show. They were later followed by Cirie Fields and Andrea Boehlke.
~~Ozzy has won the Get a Grip challenge twice. The first time in Cook Islands for Individual Immunity and the second time as a Duel to return to the game. Ozzy is the second person to win the same individual challenge twice, after Parvati Shallow.
~~Ozzy is the fifth player to return to the game after being previously voted out in the same season, after the Outcasts twist brought two players back in Survivor: Pearl Islands and two players re-entered the game in Survivor: Redemption Island.
~~Ozzy is the only person to return from Redemption Island twice.
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Survivor South Pacific 🇼🇸🌴 Final Individual Immunity Challenge 🔥🗿
•Obstacle Course Challenge
•(also known as Tarantula, Lei of the Land, Tower of Power, etc)
•{also seen in Borneo, The Australian Outback, Africa, Thailand, The Amazon, Pearl Islands, All Stars, Cook Islands, Tocantins, One World, Blood vs Water, SJDS, Cambodia, Millennials vs Gen X, Game Changers}
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Rick Nelson 5/18 {8th jury member}
•Nicknamed "Cowboy", Rick was a loyal member of The Family alliance and seemed likely to make it to the Final Tribal Council. With Ozzy Lusth winning immunity, the rest of the core targeted him instead and with their majority vote, blindsided him.
~~ He is the second person to win the Sears competition for a chance to be a Survivor contestant, the first being Survivor: Nicaragua 's Jimmy Tarantino.
~~Rick is the only person voted out from Survivor: South Pacific that wasn't sent to Redemption Island
~~Rick is tied with Edna Ma for the second highest number of votes against a person in Survivor: South Pacific with 15, behind Ozzy Lusth, who received 17. ~~Rick was the oldest contestant on South Pacific.
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Brandon Hantz 6/18 {7th jury member}
•In South Pacific, then-19 year-old Brandon, a married, Born-Again Christian and nephew of the notorious villain Russell Hantz, struggled with keeping his true identity from his fellow Upolu tribemates as well as battling temptation, and the moral dilemma the game presented. He was remembered mainly for giving up individual immunity, which lead to his blindside at the final five Tribal Council.
~~ Brandon is the first relative of a former contestant to compete on Survivor as a first-time contestant, by virtue of Russell Hantz being his uncle. Brandon is the only relative to do so outside of a Blood vs. Water season.
~~Along with fellow South Pacific contestant Jim Rice, Brandon set the record of holding 240 lbs. (109 kg) on his shoulders in the Water Torture challenge.
~~Brandon lost 30 lbs. during his 36-day run on South Pacific.
~~In an interview in Rob Has a Podcast, Brandon's uncle, Russell, said that he believed his nephew gave up the Immunity Necklace because he wanted to quit. Brandon's father (and Russell's brother) Shawn, who appeared during the South Pacific Loved Ones Challenge, claimed that during his time with his son, Brandon had already visibly checked out of the game.
~~ At the South Pacific Reunion Show, Brandon revealed that nobody from his family had come to support him since most of them were disappointed and angry over how Brandon played the game. Russell Hantz, Brandon's uncle was present at the Reunion Show, but was not there on behalf of his nephew, whom he ended up insulting after Jeff Probst found him in the audience and wanted him to critique Brandon's game play. ~~During an episode of Rob Has a Podcast, Russell claims that the reason that nobody from Brandon's immediate family were there was because Brandon sold the tickets that were supposed to be for them.
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•••For the second time in Survivor History, a contestant gives away Individual Immunity to another player, only to be eliminated at the same TC 🔥🔥🔥 •Erik Reichenbach did it first on Survivor Micronesia, which is still considered to be one of the dumbest moves ever made on Survivor 🤦🏻‍♂️
•Coincidentally, both Erik and Brandon played together on Survivor Caramoan Fans vs Favorites 2
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Edna Ma 6/18 {6th jury member}
•Edna was the first person to form an alliance with Coach Wade after the entire tribe clearly hinted their displeasure of having him on their tribe which was what ultimately helped her to be part of the main Upolu alliance. After Cochran switched to the Upolu tribe, Edna was safe until only six players remained. She was ultimately voted out by “The Family” alliance.
~~ Edna is a close friend of Survivor: Samoa contestant Mick Trimming, who is also a doctor. Mick helped her get cast for the show.
~~Edna was the only Upolu member to receive a vote against her at every pre-merge Tribal Council her tribe attended.
~~With 15 votes against her, Edna outdid Jerri Manthey and Lindsey Richter's record of 12 votes in a single season against a woman. This was broken in Blood vs. Water by Laura Morett with 19 votes against her.
~~Edna often wore Tree Mail messages as visors during the game.
~~Edna originally intended to talk to Mark Burnett to be on Shark Tank to promote a new business. However, he convinced her to be on Survivor instead.
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Survivor South Pacific 🇼🇸🌴
•”Squared Off” Immunity Challenge •(also known as Turtle Roll, Watch your Step, Flip Out)
•{also seen in Borneo, Marquesas, Guatemala} 🔥🗿
@dragonslayercoach @sophiegclarke @zero_votes @dr.ednama @brandonhantz
#survivor #survivorsouthpacific #immunitychallenge #tetuna #upolu #outwit #outplay #outlast

John Cochran 7/18 {5th jury member}
•A superfan of the series, Cochran asked that he be referred to by his last name (acknowledging that Jeff Probst refers to series favorites thus). In South Pacific, he struggled with his social game as he was frequently berated by his tribe. This combined with Coach Wade's persuasion caused him to betray his tribemates at the start of the merge. However, his decision did not gain him any leverage as he was eventually voted out. He ultimately finished in 8th place after losing the Redemption Island duel to his tribemate Ozzy Lusth.
~~ Cochran was the youngest member of Savaii.
~~Cochran received votes at every pre-merge Tribal Council he visited in South Pacific.
~~In South Pacific, Cochran successfully voted out every other member of Savaii, thus becoming the first player ever to vote out all of his original tribemates during a single season.
~~He was followed in this feat by Denise Stapley and Cydney Gillon.
~~However, Cochran did not contribute to the permanent elimination of all of his Savaii tribemates, due to the return of Ozzy Lusth from Redemption Island at the final five after Cochran's elimination.
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Whitney Duncan 9/18 {4th jury member}
•Whitney was part of the main Savaii alliance which kept her safe until the merge. As Cochran flipped, the former Savaii member were voted out one by one, with Whitney being the last one to be eliminated from the Te Tuna tribe but not from the game itself since Ozzy was still on Redemption Island. She became the fourth member of the jury after losing a Redemption Island duel to Ozzy. •Facts:
~~ Whitney is the first first-time contestant to compete in another reality show before her run on Survivor. She was a contestant on the 5th season of Nashville Star, and finished in 5th place. She would later be followed by Hayden Moss, who won Big Brother 12 prior to competing on Survivor: Blood vs. Water, the Anderson Twins, who competed on two seasons of The Amazing Race before competing on Survivor: San Juan del Sur, and Caleb Reynolds who competed on Big Brother 16 before competing on Survivor: Kaôh Rōng.
~~Whitney shares the exact same birthday as Amanda Kimmel.
~~Whitney and Dawn Meehan were initially supposed to be on Survivor: Nicaragua.
~~ During the South Pacific Reunion Show, Jeff mentioned that Whitney was in a relationship with Keith Tollefson, her fellow castaway and tribe member. ~~In late spring of 2014, Whitney and Keith competed in the 25th season of The Amazing Race as an engaged couple. They were eliminated in 8th place.
~~On 2014, Whitney and Keith got married.
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Dawn Meehan 10/18 {3rd jury member}
•In South Pacific, she was known as a kind and motherly figure who was popular among her tribe. After her ally John Cochran flipped on their alliance (Savaii Alliance), Dawn's game came to an end. She was voted out on day 27 and Dawn was ultimately eliminated in 10th place after coming last in the Redemption Island duel on day 28.
~~ Jeff Probst stated that Dawn was almost placed on Survivor: Nicaragua, but was replaced by Holly Hoffman. Jeff Probst said in the Survivor: South Pacific cast assessment that Dawn said she was glad she was not on Nicaragua, as South Pacific was better for her.
~~Dawn first auditioned for Survivor: The Australian Outback.
~~Dawn is the oldest female member of Savaii.
~~Dawn is the oldest woman to win the Shoulder the Load challenge.
#survivor #survivorsouthpacific #jury #dawnmeehan #savaii #tetuna #outwit #outplay #outlast

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