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swoolsey🎭  Actor, technician, thespian, princess by day, superhero by night|| Twitter: sarahewoolsey|| sc: Sarah-darling

Swipe to see what an actual loser looks like. #tb to when it was cold and I was slightly less stressed about life

1) I'm magical and mad and I don't know a better way to describe myself.
2) Apparently I deemed myself as the leader of the Empire and Darth Vader was just cool with it (kinda)
3) The voodoo king himself approved of my shirt so thanks @frncissdominc 💕

Thank you so much @frncissdominc for being so kind and taking the time take a picture with me and just being awesome. Love you so much❤️💕 (also I'm probably gonna post you everywhere Bc this was an actual dream come true) #OnlyAtDisney

Wookiee hugs are the literal best hugs. This Wookiee would not let go and I was living. #OnlyAtDisney 💕

"I'm not a bird!" #OnlyAtDisney love my Bambi❤️

Our next album is called Painted Silly. You're welcome

She is beauty and she is grace 🌟

I love being fucking losers

And.... part 3, self explanatory and #dead.
#RedlandsBowl #Tarzan #stagecrew

We move to part 2; still happy but slowly fading. (Ft me as a vampire)

Enjoy the row of what I like to call : Evolution of Backstage Crew- a series.
Starting with lively stagehands who can't wait for show! (I might be exaggerating)

And lastly... ✨⛵️

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