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Surrey Art School  Contemporary Art School in Dorking, Surrey Art Classes / Courses / Private Tuition 🌱 Creativity for Wellbeing Founder Ellie Green #surreyartschool

Whatever’s heading your way today, just know that you already have everything you need to handle it, to get it done, to go, to grow 💛
This little light of mine has absolutely no idea that today she’ll be moving to a brand new home and starting all over again with her humans in tow.
And sometimes in life we’re almost better off not knowing what’s round the corner, right?
If we could just take things a little more gently, keep calm and crack on life would literally be a breeze!
Whatever resistance we feel, whatever worries might cloud our minds, I’ve learned in life that it’s ALWAYS alright in the end, that we ALWAYS end up getting it done and that worrying about it just creates so much unnecessary stress.
That everything passes and that endings simply make way for beautiful, magical new beginnings.
So today I’m taking a leaf out of our little kitterson’s book and taking it gentle as we pack the last little bits of our life, pop them into little boxes and MOVE ON to even brighter days and a better life ☺️
Whatever challenges life might be throwing at you today, you got this and we’ve got you 🧡
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Days like today are just magical beyond measure. I am almost lost for words and that’s really not like me.
When we asked you all to meet us in the middle - meet us you did - with open hearts and minds 💓
Thank-you to the beautiful souls with whom we had the honour of creating this circle. For your generosity, wisdom, creativity and care @gloyogasussex @hev_croft @kitstitch17 and to @surreyhillsyurts for sharing your little slice of heaven. We made some shapes, re-centred through Mandala making and yoga, we meditated, ate, wrapped in blankets, drank tea...and even learnt some reflexology. We chatted, we laughed and of course I welled up a few times. It was just so needed, to sit in that circle today.
So thanks again to all who made time and supported this event so close to my heart. Who made it happen with us and let us take care of you in return.
We’ll be back in September to mark the turn of Autumn, with a warm and flame filled tree themed special.
For now it’s such a happy Sunday to you all 🙋🏻‍♀️⭕️❤️
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We put our hearts to our hands today as our students felt their way through making - working this soft and delicate terracotta into firm and sturdy ceramic planters.
The wonderful @jo_hannah_ceramics has been an absolute super star this season, running sell out after sell out Ceramic workshops with adults, families and kids as young as seven- leading the way through her love of clay both as a medium for making beautiful things, but also for making a little time to SLOW DOWN and get lost in the process of shaping and forming by hand.
And on top of all this wholesome work with our students, Jo has been busily preparing work for her MA show, opening later this month at Farnham UCA @pg_school_craft_design_uca and the work she had produced is absolutely out of this world. Pop on over to her profile for a sneak peak of her work.
What’s your favourite slow down activity? Do you like to read a book? Bake? We’d love to hear what works for you 🕐🕔🕘💭
Film: Ceramic Planter Workshop / Saturday 18th August / @johannahceramics
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Hello Friday 🙋🏻‍♀️🧡
I often hide behind the camera, so today I thought I’d come out of the shadows and show my face today
I’m Ellie and I am the eyes, mind, hands and feet of Surrey Art School
As you can see I’m no robot - I’ve got the face of someone who has lived a lot, loved a lot and cried plenty.
Perhaps a little weary and worn around the edges now, my 35 years of walking and talking this Earth are beginning to show in my creases.
I never, ever saw myself as a leader, didn’t think I had any talent, I’ve made jokes that probably weren’t funny and felt much less confident on the inside than I ever let show on the out.
I never thought I would run a business.
I wasn’t sure I’d live past 27 frankly, but here I am and I’m happy I made it.
I’ve moved more times than you can possibly imagine, won and lost, lost myself and yet always managed to find myself again.
I’m no better than you
Nor worst
No more talented
No less skilled
I’m kind, but with a twisted sort of sense of humour
But I really do care
I’m silly and a bit of a show off sometimes, but only to those I know best
I say more on the inside than I’d ever share out loud
And yet I talk like a radio at times
I’ve made mistakes, hurt others, done a few things far too stupid to tell
But I’m here now
And I’m proud to be
Running this ship has helped me open my heart
It’s helped me to accept my many flaws, forgive and love myself despite them
And it’s helped me see the best in others too
These last few years I’ve discovered parts of myself that I never knew existed
Done things I never dreamed possible
And lived to tell the tale
That’s the thing about life - you can’t just be in it for the winning - you need to take a risk, you need to fail, because failing, rising, falling and losing and all a part of learning
It’s about keeping on keeping on
Getting up
And doing what you do
So that’s me in a very nutty shell 🙋🏻‍♀️
Now tell me something about you...

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A sketchbook is a fascinating window into the world of an artist. It’s shape, layout, size and content - all creative decisions that give us a sense of their style and what makes them tick.
This little flick through is the work of the absolutely awesome Paul Wye aka @tinkers_trinkets 🌱
Brimming with texture, textiles, rough sketches, stitch, print and experimentation - through the pages we find the threads of his practice, the key to his door.
Paul’s practice does more than simply skim the surface and this Autumn he bring to the table depth, dimension and a focus on critical dialogue to enable students to dig a little deeper into what makes THEM tick.
If you’re interested in this type of alternative creative practice with TEXTILES you can catch him in the studio on Saturday 1st September for a super fun experimental taster class.

And if PRINT is your thing, we’ll also be launching Surrey Print Club in October- a regular chance to meet and make with Paul, for tutorials on ideas and practical making sessions to build confidence and technique.
More on this coming very soon, but for now just enjoy a look in his book 📖 .
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Allow nature to teach you stillness ~ Eckhart Tolle 🌱

We can so easily get lost in thinking, doing, remembering, anticipating, looking forward or looking back. And yet none of these can give us what we need in the here and now.
In fact the only way to cope with what’s happening today is to be fully immersed in each of its moments.
And how do we do that?
We must go to places where stillness abounds - watch, observe and absorb that quiet ‘being’ that is so effortless in nature.
It reminds us that we were once still too. Not human doings but humans being. Breathing and believing that we have everything we need. That it’s all more than enough, that we live a life of plenty and that we no longer need to survive - but that in order to thrive we need to learn to settle and be still.

This week we’ll be heading up to @surrey_hills_yurts not once but twice. Tomorrow we’ll be hosting a full day of creativity for wellbeing with our young - working with 8-16’s in this lovely oasis of calm. Making time to reflect and to make in this stunning natural setting. Fast forward to Sunday and there you’ll find us again. This time with a group of adults but with the same goal in mind. Stillness, nature and a gentle dose of self-care to help us find our feet, quiet our thoughts and make time for simply being. Our yoga and art retreat with @glo_yoga_sussex has been an absolute smash hit so if you missed out this time, we’re adding another date to the calendar on Sunday 23rd September. This full day session inspired by the tree will help us to ground, to reflect on this busy hazy summer and to reconnect to soil and sky. So if you’re looking for stillness this summer, you’ll find it outside here and within yourself too 💛
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The one thing that’s hard to capture through still images is conversation. These little snippets of dialogue, a bouncing of ideas, an exchange of energy.
This little excerpt featuring the lovely @lilanniebee is just a tiny fragment of what makes our Wild Things! Art Camp.
With SOUND ON you’ll catch the rustle of the trees, little chirps of birds and the up and downs of the little bits of dialogue we have.
It’s not just about the space, the activity - it’s about those moments when we connect. Share ideas, stories about life, experiences .
We make time to listen and make sure everyone is heard 🦋
We’ve got one last camp this season this coming Thursday / 10-4 at the glorious @surrey_hills_yurts
And what I’m most looking forward is just this - we’ll be discussing our teens (8-16’s) dreams, goals and aspirations. We’ll be talking about life - how to cope with stress, with emotions, with living. We’ll be grounding ourselves with a lovely yoga session from @glo_yoga_sussex AND we’ll be learning some creative crafts to help slow down and re-centre.
We’ve slashed the price of this event because we want to make it as accessible as possible and we’ve just a few tickets left if you know a young artist that might want to join the circle.
Take a little you-time and send them over for some me-time / link in bio to book 🌈💙🦋
#youngminds #youngmindsmatter #consciouscreativity #wildthings #wildthingsartcamp #creativityforwellbeing #yogaandart #slowdownschool #inspiredbynature #creativehappylife #createyourhappy #summerschool #forestschool #gloyogasussex #surreyartschool

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass...
It’s about learning to dance in the rain ☔️ 🌧 🌈

And we’re back from the wilds of the incredible Boomtown Fair buzzing after an amazing weekend with an absolutely awesome crew! Massive shout out to Jon @surreywoodsmiths Darren @darrenellispottery and Steve @colescastings for all the belly laughs and creativity we shared over the weekend!

This festival was a great excuse to test run our beautiful 4m bell tent too - an oasis of calm, cushions and blankets where punters could take a quiet moment from the wild festival and rest 💙

The weather was more than a little temperamental so we weren’t able to run the furnace as much as we would have liked- but the spirit of the revellers and the warmth of the music kept our hearts ablaze the weekend through!

A huge thankyou to @boomtownfairofficial for having faith and offering us a space to create. We’re full of ideas for next year already so fingers crossed we’ll be back for more 🦋

But for now it’s time for showers, cups of tea and some mega sorting before another busy week of workshops at @surreyartschool hq! .
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Saturday crafternoons with the lads.
It’s been a great day today - weather held for two aluminium pours and when the rain stopped play we had lots of little weary souls in to rest, re-tune and craft in our cosy little tent.
Boom town is one of those festivals where the balance is tipped towards the boys in terms of ratio, but lads are easy company and my lot are open minded and happy to slow the pace.
After a while at a festival you sort of start to settle in. We had a killer breakfast by the fire first thing and then sort of settled in to our temporary job roles. After a mix match of weather this weekend it was great to have a day actually doing what we came for and making things happen.
Every day is about what you do with it hey? .
#crafternoon #saturday #makethingshappen #boomtown2018 #whistlersgreen #aluminiumcasting #craftforwellbeing #creativityforwellbeing #craftivism #startwhereyouare #surreyartschool

Blessed for the rain
Blessed for the shine
The best things in life come from a beautiful balance of both
So be a raindrop
Be a sunbeam
And whatever you do you will light up the lives of others 🌈🦋
#friday #friyay #sunbeam #rayoflight #rainbow #rainbowblessings #bearaindrop #shine #doublerainbow #yinyang #beammeup #inspiredbynature #boomtownfair #surreyartschool

At school you learn the lesson first and then you take the test. In life you get the test first and then you learn the lesson ~ Jay Shetty
How much freedom does our young generation have? Do we accord them the space they need- to play, to talk, to meditate, to create?
What should or could we teach them that they will never learn at school?
As a teacher within the education for nearly a decade, I have had a fair bit of time to reflect on this question.
The curriculum at school is heavy loaded with the absorption of knowledge and facts - which are then regurgitated in a timely manner through exams, tests and ranking systems that line them up and number them from top to bottom. It’s never really sat well with me - the questions so generic, the answers so predetermined, the results a day maker for some and a heart breaker for many.
If I were to sit and ask exam questions mine would be quite different:
How are you today?
How’s it going at home?
How are you feeling?
What do YOU want to do?
What do you love to do?
What makes you feel happy?
I want to know about their goals, their aspirations. I want to teach them about life- about how to cope with tough times, the highs, the lows. We’re talking about emotional well-being here and life skills. Not skills tests and data.
We’re talking about coping strategies, about self confidence, instilling a belief that the world is theirs, that they can make positive change and that they are our future and therefore deserve a voice in our present. This is why one week today we’ll be gathering back in our little sanctuary at Surrey hills yurts - to start these conversations, to talk, to make sure that everyone is heard. Join us for our next Wild Things Art Camp on Thursday 16th August on the theme of creativity for wellbeing. Let’s teach our young people how to deal with the tests of life / link in bio 🦋
#wildthings #wildthingsartcamp #creativityforwellbeing #confidence #creativity #selfbelief #futureleaders #youthcamp #mentalhealthawareness #youngminds #youngmindsmatter #youthyoga #youthmeditation #lifeskills #jayshetty #youngbritishartists #surreyhillsyurts #surreyartschool

Life in the circus ain’t easy,
And the folks on the outside don’t know,
The tents go up
And then tents go down
But all that they see is the show ~ Ani di Franco 💛

Here we are for day 1 of @boomtownfairofficial and there’s a buzz of action on camp as nearly 10,000 staff prepare for up to 60,000 revellers at this absolutely awe-inspiring event nestled in the hills just shy of Winchester.
It’s a beautiful thing to be part of this team of dreams, setting the stage for an audience, building castles in the sky to inspire and entertain. I’ve always loved being part of this tribe. There’s an amazing sense of community in working together for a shared goal like this and sharing the things we love most to light up the lives of others.
We’re in it for the long haul over here and will spent much of the next week on site. Once the punters arrive all cellular network will be lost and we’ll be free to get lost too in this land of imagination and creativity.
I’m not going to pretend it’s glamorous - I’ve just spent the last hour hauling wood for our furnace - but it feels like good old fashioned work that is deeply satisfying to do 💛
How about you?
What are you up to today?
And who’s dreams will you be making come true? .
#boomtown #boomtownfair #boomtownfestival #festivallife #findyourtribe #soulwork #lifeisacircus #anidfranco #whatdoartistsdoallday #creativityfound #foundry #creativehappylife #festivalseason #sharingiscaring #colescasting #collaboration #surreyartschool

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