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Surly Rider  I usually shoot bike stuff or things I think are neat.

The highlight of my day and a total surprise was hanging and laughing with my old buddy and @keswickcycle alumni @mtbben603 I can't wait to get back up here and ride.

Hey @americangrizzly and @kalah.ingle does the little guy need a souvenir from #newhampshire?

Yes it's raining on #pprac but there is handmade parfait at the rest stop. This ride is amazing and we are only 40 miles in.

If there were a cartoon of a cycling madman that masqueraded as the nicest guy ever, it would be modeled after @mspohn. #pprac500 #t-swizzle

With a silica pump in one hand and a ridiculous mountain bike in the other, I don't know if you could have a more accurate image of @taylorrideslots it was too early for beer. @pprac500 #pprac #pprac500

My dad survived prostate and skin cancer. He would be honored to ride along with his buddy @velotan on @pprac500 #forgeorge

I've gone from hardcore in Prague to Hippies in Factoryville in one week. Music is music and good people are good people.

Great ride with the best dude and that million dollar smile. The view wasn't bad either. #nepa #llwh17.5

Do you want to ride to the lake house to go swimming and grilling? That sounds like the best idea ever. Then...there were victory donuts.

...another summer and another church picnic.

Everyone needs a homie like @palma215 who's willing to ride in 90 degree heat and also sit in questionable water sources midway through the ride. #bffb #brutaltron

#tbt to some messenger race a few years ago. Thanks to for sending this along. #camoshorts #bffb #brutaltron #points

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