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Sürge🍊  👔: Life Insurance Agent 💰: Financial Coordinator 🛡: Protecting families & Entrepreneurs from the⌛️consequences of 🌪tragedies. 📺: Watch my WHY👇in link

Pictured📸 Only about 80% of my books 📚 with more on the way. I have not read all of these, but I have gained bits and pieces from each one. 🎯Here are a few that I have been working on this month.

👊💣From last week at the boxing gym

This is why I like @altucher He's honest, has a comedic perspective & an Entrepreneur. Life is not perfect, neither pessimistic or optimistic. Only you are in charge of it.

"In order to earn money, you need to understand how money works."
💲This is why I needed to learn finances, for my family, for my friends & for others.
🔹We all have a skill that brings value to others. How will you contribute to society?

#RP @abstractsunday He has such a creative/fun imagination that shows through his work. I believe EVERYONE should be an artist 🎨 in their own professional practice. Those who do, never work a day in their life.

Had to repost this...
-Even had to check myself on this as well.
Before @garyvee mentioned it in his #dailyvee too many people have jumped on this Entrepreneurial bandwagon creating motivation pages/quotes & calling themselves a #CEO with no real leadership skills or paid staff of over 5.
I was in conflict of portraying a confident vision of my future before the reality existed.
Like he said, you can put that title in your Bio- just make sure you place the word "Aspiring" before it.

*Updated professional 📸picture* Does this look official? Tell me your 💭thoughts

In case you haven't heard yet... check @reezyresells bio for the "How-To" on making extra cash

Where else can you purchase an asset, & have that Asset pay you back while still allowing you to own your purchase?

If there was an image to depict my thoughts, this would be it. #makeitfun

How many of you are on Snap? Tag yourself or some funny account names below. Or add me.

Snapshot of my IG story.⏰"Action now is a bargain to what it's going to Cost EVERYONE later."