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We have a breast augmentation procedure happening today, however here’s what you need to look for if you have tuberous breast. -
Tuberous breast is characterized by underdeveloped breasts that are cone shaped.
1. the breast base is constricted or narrow
2. wide space between breasts
3. puffy and enlarged areola
It is important to recognize that a patient has tuberous breast because the surgery is different than normal breast augmentation.
Here’s a before and after photo. | Follow us @surgeon #surgeon #tuberousbreast #plasticsurgery #breastaugmentation

Here’s a video about Pathogenesis and Treatment of Myeloma Disease. | Follow us @surgeon #surgeon #medicalterms #video

Many of my followers are students and one question that I see a lot in comments and DMs is how to become a plastic surgeon. This post has been up before but it's always a trending subject on my social media.
First, you must complete 4 years of college. You can major in anything but there are certain Pre-med classes you have to take as well as getting a high MCAT score is important.

After that, you must complete 4 years of medical school and then apply for internship and residency. Internship and residency is where you get practical training and perform surgeries and take care of patients.
Usually you must complete a residency in another surgery field first which takes 5-9 years and then after that you must apply for Plastic Surgery residency which takes another 2-3 years. There are only about 125 plastic surgery residency spots a year and it is super competitive.
To become a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, after completing your residency, you must take and pass a written exam. Then you enter the oral exam process - first you report all surgeries for 8 months and they must cover all areas of plastic surgery (Cosmetic, Reconstructive, Craniofacial, and Hand) and turn them into the American Board of Plastic Surgery where they are reviewed. If accepted, they pick 5 cases where they review the entire chart. If that is acceptable, you then undergo 3 days of Oral Exams where you are tested on patient cases as well as your own cases. If you pass, your practice is reviewed and voted on by your peers then finally you are a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. This is different from being a Cosmetic surgeon or any other titles where the person did not necessarily do a residency in plastic surgery (any doctor even ER, family medicine, or podiatry can say they are a cosmetic surgeon) and also did not undergo this testing.

It's definitely a long road and a lot of hard work but definitely worth it. I love going to work every day. If you have a dream and truly love and have passion for plastic plastic surgery, no amount of hard work and sacrifice can keep you from success #followyourdreams #surgeon #plasticsurgery @beautybydrcat

A closer look of tissue repair from Wednesday’s surgery. Fact: Her last three patients didn’t take a single painkiller! | Follow us @surgeon #surgeon #plasticsurgery #herniarepair #abdominoplasty

Happy Friday! Here’s a video with tips to live a healthy life 😊| Follow us @surgeon #surgeon

Love this.

@beautybydrcat is meeting with one of her tummy tuck patients. She is three months post-op and looking incredible. Here’s a before and after photo 💕 | Follow us @surgeon #plasticsurgery #surgeon #transformation #beforeandafter

What is an Allergy? | Follow us @surgeon for videos #surgeon #medvideo #allergy #educationalvideos

Good morning. ☕️ #surgeon

Before and After picture to your left. Closing her incision very tightly 👍🏻|Follow us @surgeon #surgeon #tummytuck

A glimpse of today’s procedure- Tummy Tuck with hernia repair and liposuction of mons pubis. We will be updating her results, so keep a look out 👀 | Follow us @surgeon #surgeon #tummytuck #herniarepair #plasticsurgery #liposuction

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ #surgeon

L A B I A P L A S T Y 💋
From Monday’s procedure. Here you can see a closer look of the patient’s excess labia. Each side measures approximately 1cm which was removed for a better symmetry. 😊 | Follow us @surgeon for more #surgeon #plasticsurgery #labiaplasty

Here’s a four weeks follow up after her surgery. Doesn’t she look amazing? Want to know more about hernia repairs, tummy tucks, etc? Comment below your questions for the next Q&A 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Follow us @surgeon for more #surgeon #herniarepair #plasticsurgery

You really liked the BuzzFeed video so much, here’s part two ✌🏻 of it! Name your favorite medical word to say 👇🏻 | Follow us @surgeon for more #surgeon #medicalterms

BEFORE & AFTER PHOTO (right side)
I’m going to tighten her loose abdominal wall so that I can flatten her abdomen. I’ve measured how much muscle tightening she needs. She has about 7cm of separation, so I will tighten her abdomen 7cm. In addition to her tummy tuck, I’m going to do a pubic lift; so I’ve marked the line where I want her final incision to be. | Follow us @surgeon #surgeon #plasticsurgery #abdominoplasty

⚡️U P D A T E ⚡️
I’ve filled the abdomen with numbing solution and epinephrine (help reduce bleeding) and measured her abdominal incision to be underneath, where she wears her bikini bottom and underwear. Also, I’ve deepened my incision down to the abdominal wall. You see the white shiny material? That’s the abdominal fascia. After, I’m going to lift up the overlying skin and fat to expose her abdominal wall before I repair it. To my left is a photo of her skin where the old belly button was! Updating more soon 💕| Follow us @surgeon #surgeon #abdominoplasty #plasticsurgery.

Good morning everyone! Today’s surgery include Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and Labiaplasty. Here’s a photo of pre-op tummy tuck. Stay tuned and see more footage later on 😊 Don’t forget, submit your Q&A’s !!! Follow us @surgeon #surgeon #plasticsurgery #abdominoplasty #tummytuck

U P D A T E⚡️
One day after breast augmentation with 400 HP silicone and breast lifts. | Follow us @surgeon for more. #surgeon #plasticsurgery #breastaugmentation

Not sure what to put on your Valentine’s Day card? 😏 #surgeon #valentinesday #medicalhumor #ryangosling

Here’s a very short Buzzfeed video of people pronouncing medical terms. Can you pronounce these terms? Submit your favorite medical word 👇🏻👇🏻 😂 | Follow us @surgeon #surgeon #medicalterms #video
via @buzzfeed

A surgery clip featuring a Breast Augmentation before and after photo that was performed yesterday by @beautybydrcat. Follow @surgeon for more videos like this one. #surgeon #plasticsurgery #breastaugmentation

Real life ‘Jaws’ 🦈 moment for Andrew Newman. Newman suffered severed ligaments and a broken bone when a 13 foot shark sank its jaws into his right foot. He managed to punch the shark a couple times before the shark let go... CRAZY!! Follow @surgeon for more #surgeon #sharkattack

1 week after bbl with lipo. Still healing and skin needs 4-6 months to tighten but doing amazing with little bruising. @beautybydrcat @surgeon #bbl #liposuction

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