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Chef Miguel Aguilar 

New!!! Hot stone skirt 🥩 steak!!!!
Cook it how you like it!!!🌊🐠🍸

“Entraña en Peña” , hot stone skirt steak 🥩 with chimichurri & Aji criollo !!! New!!! Now!!!

Let us catering your next event!!! Private Room and
Buffets and pre-fix available for every budget!!!

A Tabernero - Surfish Limited Edition For Hamptons Family!!!! My Prima Linda’s Very Good Friends!!! Thanks for visiting!!!🌊🐠🔪🇵🇪👨‍🍳 @tabernero_oficial

One more from @brookencorcho & Pisco @tabernero_oficial @surfish_bistro limited Edition 🌊🐠🍸. MAGDALENA
2 oz. pisco
¼ oz. Cointreau
¾ oz. fresh grapefruit juice
¾ oz. fresh lemon juice
½ oz. honey syrup
1 fresh egg white (pasteurized if you prefer)
Dry red wine (Rioja)

New creations from @brookencorcho @tabernero_oficial BESOS DE LLUVIA
1 oz. acholado pisco
3 concord grapes
½ oz. fresh limejuice
½ oz ginger syrup
sparkling Cava


We just got Pisco @tabernero_oficial Surfish Limited Edition!! Let’s start this Friday afternoon with a Chilled Shot!!!💥💥🌊🐠🍸🇵🇪😎🎬@ignagf

Our Chef Miguel Aguilar doing his thing this morning with leftovers from #winterstormriley somewhere in Long Island NYC!!! @congoboards @franklinunderground
Photo:Gama Medrano

Congo & Franklin Underground 🦍. 🗽🌊#congobodyboards #FranklinUnderground @congoboards @franklinunderground

New Specials!! Grilled short Ribs ,pink salt and chimichurri!!!
Tuna Ceviche “Muchame”. Now!!🥩🐠🔪🍸

“Asado de Tira” , aji verde Anticuchero ,chimichurri & pink Maras Salt!! Now!!!

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