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@jeffrey.oneil caught some of the best rides around the Outer Banks this last year, with most guys slooshing around in Michelin-men neoprene like Dana Quinn and @fisher_heverly here. See the rest of Jeffrey's showreel on #SURFERfilms

Welcome to "Fever Island" — Better know as the Caribbean: a fickle as hell place. Occasionally, everything aligns. The wind, the weather, the waves. This isn’t that edit completely, but @patrickgud makes good with plenty of surf, a couple caverns, and some funky side-shore breezes, providing him with nice soft sections to expose with the fins to. Filmed and edited by #SURFERfilms (link in bio)

This isn't Déjà Vu. It's @rycraike_fishoutofwater doing what he does best. Western Australia, yesterday. #SURFERfilms

How influential is @julian_wilson's surfing? Well, allegedly, it’s enough to warrant a fan page of its own. Portals and portals of stolen/borrowed footage, assembled most likely by a fanatic who uses the clips for his own personal surf psych-up. Here, Julian Wilson FC digs deep for an assembly of some of Julian’s finer youthful moments (We think Young Guns 3, Trestles freesurf edits, and the Scratching The Surface era, mixed with the top clips from Wayward. But where were the Swamp Duck clips?). If you’re going to go full fan, you gotta have some of that Lakey’s footage in there, no?

If @cocom4debarrelkilla'a Pipe Gun didn't move you– get a load of this! How you like them channels? Peep the link in bio for the full #SURFERquivers edit.

When it comes to surfing Pipe, in @cocom4debarrelkilla's mind, there's no such thing as being "over-gunned." Hear the rhyme and reason for everything he rides in our latest #SURFERquivers web post on Link in bio.

Edit: "Wake Up Call"
Starring: @martin_jeri
Location: Hawaii
Music: 🤔
Quote: “The ocean has taught me that, no matter how sketchy the surface is, we have to be calm like [it is] under the sea.
Filmed and edited: @sebastiangomezdc
Full length on site: 2:49 // #SURFERfilms

Most of us never found surfing on our own. We were thrown in, tossed, influenced, nudged at some point to get out there. For @billykemper, his inspirations that led him to Jaws, and the big-wave arena, run as deep as anyone's. Who inspired you? Edit by @alexkilauano @reef

Spelunking [noun spe·lunk·ing \-kiŋ\]: the hobby or practice of exploring caves. @seabassz's level: expert. Clips by: @happilystoked

Edit: "Dreamer"
Starring: @bobbersandsinkers, @knostthankyou, @koasmith
Music: Jerry Garcia Band "Friend of the Devil"
Illustration: @old_n_indaway
Full length on site: 3:15 // #SURFERfilms

Do you remember your first board? @tannergud does — he's been surfing his. Peep the 1998 model. How big is that thing? 4'6''? Video: @danedamus #lamarslamars #SURFERfilms

Please tell us you've seen @jordysmith88's brand new full-length film. Ok good, now go watch "Just Now" again on Here's a little teaser from the opening segment. Pretty good way to start, right? Edit by @dane_staples #SURFERfilms

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