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San Clemente’s @t_witt_ has one of the most technically radical, yet fluidly stylish longboard approaches of anyone in the game – intricate, nuanced footwork; smooth rail work; an admirable switch-stance game; and noseriding panache coming out of his ears. @evan.adamson and @_korduroy_ TV just released this three-minute gem. Watch as Witt enjoys some warmer shores on #SURFERfilms

Distinct among his family’s well-traveled lineups of NSW is @bryce__young's tall silhouette, described in a 2015 profile piece by Sean Doherty as “Longboard pure – the question-mark spine, the eagle wings, the easiness of it all.” Young carries that same cool ease to the boards he rides (more than just longboards, way more), seen in @jackcolemanpluto's “The Zone”.

Think of a guy who’s routinely defanged Jaws, and that’s Maui’s @billykemper. But think of the guy who inspired Kemper in waves of consequence, and the story runs deeper than the wins at Pe’ahi. “My older brother [Eric Diaz] passed away when I was really young,” Kemper says. “He really attacked bigger waves, and I just wanted to be like him growing up. He was this bad-ass, raw, radical surfer. I looked up to him. He was my idol. I wanted to get barreled like he did, I wanted to do turns like he did. He made me want to surf big waves.” Watch the latest #SURFERdepartures series on Edited by @alexkilkuano // @reef // Link in Bio

@mattmeola is back in full form after recovering from a back injury during a West Oz trip. Here, Matt throws down his signature aerial flair with a little shifty. Check out the full edit and his road to recovery at #SURFERfilms

@jordysmith88 just launched his first movie since 2013. Not cutting-room floor footage, either (though it’s not like we were disappointed at his last go-around). Get your first look at Film by @dane_staples

“March 21, 2017, was supposed to be just a fun day of chest-shoulder-high leftover swell,” says @brettbarley, “But when I showed up at the beach that morning, that wasn’t the case. The swell was still pumping in. Not only was it a surprisingly fun day all around, but I managed to finally pull a big full rotation alley-oop that has seemed to elude me over the years." See his new full edit at Clip by @jeffrey.oneil

For @a_gray and @anthony_walsh_ , visiting the Aleutian Islands wasn't only a chance to score some rare slabs, but a chance to meet the cultural descendants of a people who had migrated from Russia across the Bering Strait over 8,000 years ago. Watch "The Last Frontier" on Edit by @gopro

Edit: "SF - LAX with Jesse Mendes"
Starring: @jesse_mendes
Location: Central California
Music: Louise "My girl looks like Bowie"
Edited by: @novisgabriel
Filmed by: Novis and Kaléu Wildner
Full length on site: 3:08 // #SURFERfilms

"Takes pride in his work" — Looks like those elementary school report card remarks still hold true to this day for @joelparko. Clip by @18secondsmagazine last week on the goldy.

Every dog has it's day. In this case, it looks like Steven Chew aka "@sli_dawg" is about to have his. Filmed 9 hours ago somewhere we wish we were.

@lukedavisthegrey has almost always been on the road since he was twelve, hardly ever spending more than 10 days around home at a time. Call it a vice, an escape, the lucky fortune of getting paid to surf for work. From the restless travel, to being hailed for his super stylish turns, Luke's learnt a thing or two along the road. View his "Inspired By" video over at

Well played @nicvonrupp, well played. From that first roundy to that mean backside pig-dog; this Bud's for you Nic. Indonesia, yesterday. Clip. @carlocoral

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