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“There's a lot of camaraderie and a sense of exploration as these surfers figure out the best ways to surf these waves. It's this rad little subculture of surfing,” says @dylangraves about the unique communities he’s visited making his new series “Weird Waves.” For our full interview with Graves and sneak-peak into Sunday’s epicly weird episode, head to our site. Photo: @poorolddave #SURFERmagazine

@oneillusa’s team had a hell of a time this winter on the North Shore. Between @jordysmith88’s unadulterated knifings at Pipe, @brettbarley’s lofty punts and @eli_olson’s internet-breaking outer reef monster, the whole squad has fared mighty well on the Seven Mile Miracle. Watch “#HawaiiLive” on our site. Video: @nickgrreen // @hampositive #SURFERmagazine

@tylernewts sniffed out an absolute gem, almost losing his fins before parking in a truck-sized barrel. From the very first heat, Tyler looked like he already had one foot on the podium,” @natezoller says about the winner of the 2019 @dahuioffical Backdoor Shootout. Zoller spent two weeks at the @wmsurfing house, documenting life at the house as well as the most exhilarating Pipe contest in recent memory. For his full recap, follow our link in bio. Photo: @chachfiles #SURFERmagazine

Inspired by two years of watching Jim Phillips make magic sleds in his shaping bay, @zack_floress adapted a similar template to his thin-railed, colorful and stunning 9’6” longboard. Head to our site for the latest “And Now A Gorgeous Surfboard” for more info on Flores’ beautiful log. Photo: @grantellis1 #SURFERmagazine

After a phenomenal performance, @tylernewts just took the win at the 2019 @dahuiofficial Backdoor Shootout. Stay tuned for a full recap from @natezoller and gallery of the event. Congratulations Tyler! Video: @andrewstorer #SURFERmagazine

Photo of the Day: The Queen of the Coast absolutely glowing in the evening light. Shot by @seth_de_roulet. #SURFERmagazine

Last weekend, SURFER staff photographer @toddglaser woke up bright and early to capture this gorgeous sunrise over San Diego’s most photogenic beachbreak and, of course, the epic barrel-fest that followed. For the full gallery-packed with images of glassy, punchy tubes-head to our site. #SURFERmagazine

Photo of the Day: Don’t look back when you’re trying to outrun a liquid avalanche. @mikeybruneau, going full speed ahead at Waimea recently. Shot by @altaylorhawaii. #SURFERmagazine

Forget the Dream Tour, @dylangraves is on the “Stream Tour.” In the latest episode of “Weird Waves,” Graves and @jettschilling meet up with @strongwatersurf to dodge logs in the Missoula, Montana lineup and score Pipeline— Pipeline, Idaho that is. Watch the latest episode in our link in bio. Video: @poorolddave // @vanssurf #SURFERmagazine

“How hard could surfing be?” asks Formula 1 champion @lewishamilton who regularly pilots million-dollar cars at 200 mph through the streets of Monaco. Hamilton was able to share a few waves with @kellyslater at the Surf Ranch recently. For more, head to our site. Video: @wsl #SURFERmagazine

Photo of the Day: Double the peaks, double the fun. @nathan_florence and an unknown surfer snag twin peaks on the North Shore this week. Shot by @photokeoki. #SURFERmagazine

What happens when pack @ilovetables, @mitch_coleborn, @bobbersandsinkers, @luke_cederman and @ozzywrong into a rental van and turn them loose in New Zealand? Equal parts high-performance shredding and shenanigans. Follow our link in bio for “This is What You Get,” the latest @volcom Road Rager trip. Video: @blakemichel_ #SURFERmagazine

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