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  91' till infinity xvx

On this day the Iron Nico was born. He will riff harder than you, game harder than you, and probably outdo you in most aspects of life. You can't kill him, he was born dead. I'm one lucky mother fucker to be able to able to call this dude my best friend for almost 10 years and so many more to come. I love you brother. #xxx #xtriggerx

Reminder that this FREE show is TONIGHT at 7 pm. Please do not bring cowards 🤘🏻

Instead of dwelling on a shitty day I'm just gonna reminisce on great days with my friends. Can't wait to be in richmond again

No diggity

You're just caught up in a web of me

Chill day in chill company under chill weather


Today sucked but it was all good cuz I got to chill with richmond's finest for a bit. Love this dude.

I was thinking today how much differently I look at the world and people around me. I generally give everyone a chance, and I would give my last dollar just to help the people I care for. I hold women in so much of a higher regard than most, and I can definitely say its because this woman raised me right. I'm far from perfect and nowhere near as pure hearted as my mother. But I aspire to be like her in every way possible. #mommasboy

Thai foo with my valentines 💯😁

I literally just got out of bed 📷 @jen_epooh