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  @cortnyhate is my queen. Machinist. Good stories from bad decisions. Habitual line stepper. 🌊⚡🌀

No bad days here, folks. Stoked as fuck on life right now. Just got offered a new job makin $75k a year to machine. Here's a few samps of some parts I've been making. And also, I just moved in to a very nice apartment. So I guess you can say thangs been looking up for the past couple months. Gonna smoke some ribs here in a few and celebrate this life milestone. #icamealongway

This fine babe and I enjoy some fucking glorious sun rays while BBQing all god damn day. Spring has finally hit Detroit! @cortnyhate

It's our anniversary and it's fuckin lit. Outchere heavy with the devils lettuce. #420blazeitfaggot @cortnyhate

So live on the disc golf course. We fucked on the 14th hole. #itslit @cortnyhate

I cooks it. Seasoned chicken with Stubb's sweet heat, a row of Open pit, and a row of Jim Beam barbecue sauces. Garlic roasted and seasoned in butter asparagus, and Au gratin potatoes with Gouda and cheddar seasoned cheese made from a rue. Time to feast. #dankarddeluxe

Got to work with this fossil yesterday. So cool the plethora of different machines I get to know and run. This things gotta be 80 years old. Cincinnati radial drill. #manualmachinist

Riding in the fall was cool but I'm ready to shed some jackets for warmer weather and rip around Detroit with this fucking mega babe. #imridingaroundandimgettingit #summerneedstohurry @cortnyhate

We should be in Florida right now camping, getting belligerent on the beach and soaking up the sun. But nah. We have priorities and goals that are keeping us in #puremichigan in this shit cold weather. #lovefl @cortnyhate

Looks like it's bikes and buds today folks. #fuckwiring

So awesome (not) that I get to fix people's shit when they completely fuck up. Bolt hole circles for days. I guess if my skilled trade didn't secure my job, these idiots would!!! #manualmachinist #doyourjobright

@snowcobra_1978 When did you join this band of outlaws? Hahahahahahahahaha

Got this massive fucking plate done today. Took ten hours. So awesome to make something out of raw steel. I love my trade. I love my job. #manualmachinist #hardworkpaysoffs #manshit

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