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sandy 👑  22. happy. tga.

#nationalboyfriendday you say??? well i have the best one!! he takes such good care of me and is always making sure i’m healthy not only physically but mentally too. most of my good friends know i went through a rough patch these last couple of months but one thing for sure, this guy was there right by my side through it all. he is always doing his absolute best to make sure i’m happy. if anyone knows tristan they know what type of person he is and what kind of heart he has, a pure heart of gold. if you are lucky enough to be apart of his life you know how much love he has for you. this is MY partner, he’s my lover boy, my best friend, the person that looks out for me the most. i am lucky to call you my boyfriend ❤️

after ONE whole year with my baby, i’m finally showing her off! i truly believe that 2017 brought me many blessings including this beautiful car! #mynumber2

i have the biggest crush on him 🤫 #mcm

decided i should buy some boise gear while i’m here 🐴 #tristansproud

happy first birthday to the cutest nephew in the whole entire world!!! #mynephewiscuterthanyours

before the night is officially over. i just want to say happy one year anniversary to my number 1!! that’s 365 days of happiness, sadness, and anger, but that’s also 365 days of pure love. this year has gone by so fast and i am so glad i got to spend all this time with someone that i truly love and the one that truly makes me so happy. so here’s to us and here’s to many more years with you ❤️ #loverboy

i like her more than @eli_schoniger does.

this is an appreciation post for my best friend of 9 freaking years! thank you for always always sticking around when i don’t have my head on straight, for when i was super weird in the 6th grade. for when i pushed everyone away and you still fought for me. for letting me hang out at your house when my parents weren’t home, for letting me take naps with you even tho i told you i wasn’t going to fall asleep. these are just some of the things i’m thankful for and there are so much more. (but no one got time for that) just know i am so very thankful for our friendship and our connection *soulmates* i love you dude and don’t ever forget it ☺️💕

happy birthday to my best friend that also happens to be the love of my life ❤️ i can’t wait to spend many many more birthdays with you i love you bug 😘 #loverboy #isnthethecutest

tristan’s going to kill me for saying this but i miss my blonde hair 😭😭

one year ago, i decided to message this loser. boy am i glad i did. i know i keep bragging about how happy i am all the time but it’s just because i truly am happy with this person. i have never felt more like myself than when i am with him. he has changed my life for the good and keeps showing me everyday what love is and what the reality of it is. yes we fight, and sometimes we fight hard, but i always feel after every fight we are closer than ever. this last year has been a dream come true for me, everything just seemed to fall into place. i got REALLY lucky with this one guys. i love you loser! i can’t wait to have many many more adventures with you 😘 #loverboy

low quality picture high quality people (what a cliché caption) i had such a fun date with these guys!! thanks for always wanting to hang with tristan and i, mostly tristan but thanks for letting me tag along with him! 😅

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