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Thanks @staystrong_ck77 for the #squad #pics from @morestrength Thanks @gardenscrossfit and @verobeachweightlifting for coming out and throwing weights around with us! #1love

Supreme Athlete @casrev ‘s #strengthproject program is focused on hypertrophy/ strength and stabilization. Why you ask???? Because that what she’s wants! She strength trains 4 days a week, we integrate 4-5 @gardenscrossfit Wods in within that same week, and leave 1 day for rest. We build programs for athletes the way they want to train. Great job Cassie, #crushinggoals #trainthewayyouwant #variety #crossfit #strength #training #powerlifting #allcombined #hybrid #funaf

Supreme Athlete @mikemangus threes week into @supremeweightlifting ‘s new #strengthproject program and he’s loving every second. Our Strength Project #program is truly unique. We combine true strength movements (deadlifts and sled pushes for example) that are tried and true muscle developers, with high intensity low impact metcons. #building #unbreakable #foundations is the name of our game. We also have athletes using the strength project as a part of their rehab program with great results (we believe unilateral push/pull strength are major #keys in staying injury free) Dm @supremeweightlifting for more Info

*Attention Team* Hey guys/gals, I’m hoping everyone Is doing great !
As most of you know more strength is having a lifting event this Friday! All Supreme athletes (including myself) will be getting there when the doors open 4:30 and lifting starts at 6:30. I would love to see everybody come out!!! We will be wearing the certified strong supreme shirts !!! Thanks everyone

New training cycle starts tomorrow!! Huge thanks to all of our athletes. You guys and gals come in day after day and always give it a 110%. Thanks for “staying committed” and trusting the process as we continue to #getbettertogether. If your looking to improve your technique and strength in the Olympic Lifts now’s the time to start!!! #growingthefamily 😁

@amatii_cas Working through waves building consistency !! #biglifts coming

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