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Bone Broth Gazpacho & Cilantro Chimichurri || Recipe of the week.
This vibrant, delicious & nutritious cold soup is great for those hot summer days. #Refreshing [Recipe in bio πŸ‘†πŸ½] This batch was prepared by the lovely Dr. @catstache11 which taste absolutely amazing! Give the recipe a try and let us know what you think! #gazpacho #coldsoup #cilantro #bonebroth #beets #nutrition #nutrients #nourishment #summer #eatrealfood #recipeoftheweek

Bear Crawl KettleBell Pull 🐻
Movement option to challenge dynamic core stability and/or build core strength & condition. #MovementNutrition #bearcrawl #kettlebell #corestrength #corestability #stability #strength #lowbackpain #spinehealth #sportschiropractic #physicaltherapy #crossfit #training #Monday

Shoulder & Spine Movement Nutrition 🍌

Pull thru 2 toe touch. A movement drill we like to use with our members @riverbendcrossfit on a regular basis prior to overhead loading. I love this movement so much that I also include it in all my kid fitness classes & I have seen several kids benefit from it. Give it a try in your next warm up or play date! #MovementNutrition #SoSimple #SpineHealth #ShoudlerHealth #MovementCulture #MovNat #Movement #DNS #FunctionalMovement #PracticeDaily #Supple #Crossfit #Weightlifting #Gymnastics #WOD @blonyx #blonyxStrong @shoecue @strike_mvmnt #UnitedByMotion

Progress, no matter how small, is still progress. Understanding that health, fitness, & LIFE is an incremental journey that involves forward & sometimes backward steps is the first step to actually LIVING happy & healthy. Don't strive to be perfect, strive to be better. EVERY DAMN DAY. It's the accumulation of doing "the good & right things" over time that yield results. Very thankful to be able to work w/ ppl like Kelsey & help guide them through their journeys. Love it Kelsey!
Repost @kelseyalbers ・・・
PROGRESS. This week marks a new step in my strength journey. Since May, I've been diligently finishing out my @birthfit postpartum training, playing with some of my own programming, and working with @suppleperformance to 'hit CTRL/ALT/DELETE' on some of my postpartum kinks. But that inner desire to train for performance has been screaming to be released.
So this week I started the #unapologeticallypowerful program with my friend and powerlifting coach, @jvbfit ~~Record Scratch~~ You read that right- powerlifting.
I dabbled in powerlifting before I found Crossfit and subsequently Oly Lifting. But my new gym (and only decent gym around for 30 miles) is not set up for Oly Lifting. The gym is actually ideal for body building, but since I can't muster the enthusiasm for body building (different strokes for different folks, but it's not for me), I've decided I'm going to lean in to something old and new again.
Day 1 was squat day, and since squatting is life it was a great mental space to begin. I have to admit it was a struggle though. I still feel klunky, and weights that used to be warm up weights are freaking heavy. And I'm still kind of like "Oh hey postpartum bodyπŸ‘‹πŸΌ, you're still here." So we're taking it slow (as JVB says, I'm exactly where I need to be). I'm of course still doing Functional Progressions and intentional breathing because that major abdominal surgery (often casually referred to as a C-Section) is still a hiccup in my movement patterns.
No matter what, I'm back to what I love doing- moving heavy weights, resting, and doing it again. Will there be a green singlet in my future? Who knows

Anti-Rotation Drill For Runners πŸƒπŸ½πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ(Or anyone with coordination and motor control issues during gait πŸ‘£) Cross-Crawl patterned exercises are a great way to reprogram the nervous system, spinal muscles, and other bodily systems to function and work optimally. We (humans) are contralateral beings with preprogrammed software meant to be coordinated... but sometimes things like acute trauma, stress, chronic pain, lack of movement variability, etc.. can cause our nervous systems to forget the basics of coordination and balance (if you don't use it, you lose it) and we require exercises like this one to "remap" our system and get us back to moving and feeling healthy. Thank you @trumotiontherapy & Dr. @clay_sankey for sharing! #Gait #NervousSystem #Neurology #Runners #Exercises #Rehab #rehabilitation #therapy #chiropractic #sportsChiro #physicalTherapy #PersonalTrainer #FitnessFriday #HealthAndWellness #TakeCareOfYourself @shoecue @strike_mvmnt

Kettlebell Flow πŸŒ€

Been dabbling with several kettlebell movements & combos lately. Time to start sharing. Tag me if you get this one down! #kettlebell #flow #animalflow #kettlebellworkout #kettlebellTraining #Functional #Balance #Strength #PhysicalCulture @shoecue @strike_mvmnt @blonyx @suppleperformance @kettlebellexercises Repost: @pablo_victor_

Meet Paula: she had a meniscal surgery that didn’t go as well as she hoped and she has been dealing with chronic knee pain and discomfort with everyday activities for awhile now. In addition to addressing nutritional profiles and habits, we have been focusing on finding her pain-free movement options. This is very important for her so we can build a new foundation of strength-endurance to get her back to feeling good, moving good, and most importantly, living a good life! We’ve found the compression band to help facilitate knee joint mobility and reduce pain while moving, while the banded foot cue helps activate smaller muscles of the foot while also driving better ankle and hip motion. And the boxed hinge keeps the knee angle safe and comfortable for where she is at in this journey right now. You see, there are always ways to move, you just have to find options that work well for your anatomy, your capacity, and maybe even around a current injury/limitation.. If you see Paula around, give her a high-five and word of encouragement as she continues on her journey. #GetItPaula #FunctionalFitness #KneePain #MeniscusRepair #Strength #Rehab #Training #Fitness #Health #PhysicalTherapy #SportsChiro #PersonalTrainer #surgery

Crossfit athlete @hollitay7 executing a drill we prescribed her to strengthen the upper back in the bottom of a clean. If you struggle with the "bottom" position, give this drill a try! It just might help.. #frontrack #liftoffs #frc #mobility #ControlYourself #Rx #SPT ・・・
#Successories from @suppleperformance this morning. Trying to strengthen my upper back so I can get "out of the hole" in my cleans/frontsquats. #HarderThanTheyLook
@the_lab_gym @midwesternbuilt #TheLab
#HeavyMetalCrossFit #MidWesternBuilt #CrossFit #CrossFitGirls #StrongGirls #TakeItInStreid #CrossFitGames #Eggology @Crossfit @crossfitgames @eggology

Hey Runners & Crossfitters! πŸƒπŸ½ πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Recover them shin tissues after your summer runs. Those miles add up and whether you're a seasoned runner, a novice, or a weekend warrior, ain't nobody got time for shin pain! #morethanmiles #running #runnersworld #nationalrunningday #shinsplints #shinpain #recover #crossfit #performanceTherapy @shoecue @the_original_abmat @riverbendcrossfit

Want that muscle-up? How about learning a better handstand position? Or maybe your wrist & elbows hurt after pull-ups and you don't know what to do about it?? Well come out to @riverbendcrossfit this summer!
We are hosting a 9 week adult gymnastics series with USA gymnastics junior Olympic coach @coach_log at Riverbend Crossfit in Edwardsville, iL. Series starts tomorrow night! There are still a few spots available so act now. #gymnastics #gymnasty #gymnasts #crossfit #adultgymnastics #catbodies

Because "meal prep" is so much more than trying to lose weight... it's what you do in order to live a healthy, functional & fit life! And our kids deserve to know this.
I encourage all you parents out there to include your kids in the kitchen.. and to make it a fun, educational, and family event! Meal shopping/planning/preperation/cooking is all an opportunity for family time and connection, it's an opportunity to teach your kids about food quality.. about food choices.. about food portion sizes.. and about responsibility to clean up messes ;) Our society is so disconnected with food & health it makes me sad.. and instead of pointing fingers on whose fault this is or how impossible it may be to fix, be the change and start with your family.
Dr. Pablo Out. #BuildingOurYouth #MealPrep4Kids #BeTheChange #HealthyKids #KidsHealth #family #parenting #children #wellness #foodismedicine #nutritionist

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