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-1 Isolate Protein ⠀
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🚻 Everybody should be supplementing with protein, and at SKP we have a wide variety of protein powders to choose from: ⠀
✅ isolates, ⠀
✅ whey concentrates, ✅ blends, ✅ all natural, ⠀
✅ unflavored, ⠀
✅ beef, ⠀
✅ keto, ⠀
✅ plant based, ⠀
✅ sprouted, ⠀
✅ juice flavored, ⠀
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Do you want to increase muscle size? ⠀

Most of us do, it’s why we spend so much time in the gym. But how 🤷‍♀️........⠀

The answer is “The PUMP”⠀
In simple terms, it is when your muscles swell up during your workout, which is caused from the excessive amount of blood going into the muscle and filling it up the same way you would fill up a water balloon.🎈 🎈 🎈 Your muscles get a very full, tight feeling and your skin becomes tighter because of this.⠀

💥 the effect of increased pressure within the muscle cell during intense resistance training creates signals that tell the muscle to grow 💥⠀

So how do you achieve “the pump”? ⠀
To achieve maximum muscular growth a pump (scientific name, hyperemia) is essential, and the only way this can be achieved is to train correctly and with the right energy intake 🥔🥩🥗to allow sufficient blood flow to the working muscles. Using a supplement like ALLMAX H:VOL can help.⠀

Inability to achieve a pump also means the conditions necessary for muscle growth are not in place. A pump, or lack thereof, is usually a good barometer of future muscle growth, as it suggests all the muscle-building processes are functioning as they should.⠀

Working muscles need blood to supply them with oxygen and nutrients, and remove waste products (namely, lactic acid and carbon dioxide). Nitrosigine, an ingredient found in H:VOL increases blood flow by a massive 5 times! ⠀

Muscle growth also results from the fascial stretching that occurs when the muscle is pumped beyond its normal size. When this fascial layer (which can be found between the skin and the muscle) is stretched, room for continued muscle growth is made available. ⠀

⏰Over time, the pump will also create a greater number of capillaries (tiny blood vessels), which will, in turn, provide the muscles with more nutrients and oxygen and allow for larger pumps and more growth in the long term.⠀

ALLMAX H:VOL, a stimulant free pre-workout, was specifically designed to deliver the pump! ⠀
🗝The key ingredients Nitrosigine, HydroMax, and Agmapure all work together to deliver the pump you need to grow. ⠀
We have all 4 flavours in stock. 🍏🍍🍇🍒

Want to decrease your body fat? If yes, read on......⠀

CLA-Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in meat and dairy products. ⠀
It is also a popular dietary supplement that assists with the following:⠀
💥increased metabolism ⠀
💥decreased body fat⠀
💥retain lean muscle mass⠀
💥 control type 2 diabetes⠀

Dosage: If you weigh under 155 pounds 1.4-3.0 grams per day of CLA will lead to overall body-fat loss, in individuals that weigh 155 pounds or more the recommended dosage is 3.5 grams per day to receive the full benefit.

What is ZMA?⠀
(Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate, and Vitamin B6)⠀
Used by athletes, gymnasts, and bodybuilders, and backed by numerous research studies.⠀

Why Should You Take It?⠀
ZMA results in better muscle recovery, increased strength and size, less fat, and better sleep, ZMA has also been found to reduce anxiety.⠀

More Information:⠀
ZMA is considered a recovery aid that helps the body achieve deeper levels of REM sleep. It has been found to raise strength levels, and even though it is not a test booster some men achieve an increase in their body’s natural production of testosterone. ZMA has also been found to blunt cortisol and enhance metabolic rate, resulting in increased fat burning capability.⠀

How Much Should You Take?⠀
Dosage is important, men should look for a ZMA supplement that provides 30mg of zinc, 450mg of magnesium, and 10-11mg of B6, no more, no less.⠀
Women should take 20mg of zinc, 300mg of magnesium, and 6-7mg of B6. Since the dosage for a man is usually 3 capsules, the dosage for a woman can be achieved by taking 2 capsules. ⠀

When Should You Take It?⠀
Timing is important, absorption is poor when taken with food and/or calcium. Taking ZMA about 1 hour before bed and 2 hours after eating is usually effective. ⠀

Products in our store:⠀
ZMX2 by Allmax is a next generation supplement with an upgraded formula providing additional ingredients to aid in the absorption of the essential minerals in ZMA.

💥💥Lenny & Larry’s💥💥 ⠀
The COMPLETE Cookies are here!!!! ⠀
WOW they are sooooo good. ⠀
4 flavours in stock: ⠀
🧡chocolate chip🧡⠀
💚white choc macadamia💚⠀
💙peanut butter💙⠀

Need a valentines gift for your favourite super hero???

Citrulline Malate is a compound consisting of L-Citrulline, a nonessential amino acid that is primarily found in melons, and Malate, an apple derivative. Of course to get enough L-Citrulline and Malate to realize its performance enhancing benefits you would have to eat so many watermelons and apples you would probably get sick.⠀

For the past 20 years Citrulline Malate has been used in Europe to treat fatigue, muscle weakness and dementia. ⠀

Citrulline Malate aids athletes and fitness enthusiast reach their next level of performance by providing FULL-BLOWN MUSCLE ENERGY that allows individuals to train harder and longer while speeding recuperation from exercise. ⠀
Think about training with the same intensity at the end of your workout as you had when you began. Think about being able to break training barriers with more vigorous workouts. Well that is certainly possible when supplementing with Citrulline Malate.⠀

Studies have shown that L-Citrulline is also effective for circulatory health as it has a positive effect for people with vascular constrictive disorders, such as ED (erectile disfunction). ⠀

To supplement Citrulline Malate for circulatory health or to alleviate erectile dysfunction, take 2000 mg of Citrulline Malate , three times a day with meals, for a total daily dose of 6,000 mg. (Citrulline Malate does not need to be taken with meals, however.)⠀
To supplement L-Citrulline to enhance sports performance, take 6,000 – 8,000 mg of Citrulline Malate about an hour before exercise.

GABA (GAMMA-AMINOBUTYRIC ACID) is a chemical that is made in the brain🤯⠀
Research has shown supplementation with GABA to be an effective natural treatment for:⠀
depression✅ ⠀
insomnia✅ ⠀
Since GABA regulates unwanted firing of neurons not only in the brain, but in nerve connections to muscles and glands, in addition to 💤IMPROVING SLEEP💤 , it can also be useful in a wide array of situations including:⠀
💥calming nerves before performing in front of an audience⠀
💥improving mood and reducing anxiety⠀
💥reducing PMS and/or pain/cramping⠀
💥boosting human growth hormone production for athletes and "anti-agers"⠀
💥aiding concentration and focus in attention-deficit syndromes⠀
💥restless leg syndrome⠀
💥calming excessive immune response in autoimmune disorders

💥New Product Alert💥⠀
Muscle Oats are here! ⠀
20 grams of protein in 3 delicious flavours: brownie batter, cake batter, and sticky cinnamon roll 🎉

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