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From my afternoon hike... #nofilter

The only constructive outlet for human ambition is to promote a greater knowledge of the world we live in, a better and broader understanding of our neighbors, and a fuller and richer life resulting from the quality of our cooperation. All other ambitions end in defeat and destruction, or in the tragic crippling of body, mind and soul. ~ Dr. Thurman Fleet
#ConceptTherapy #CTI #JudahStreetClinic

Beach time is always a good time. 🌞

Even though it’s summer, it’s still looking like springtime here. 🌸🌸🌸

Recently got this beautiful card along with a gift... and I guess it subconsciously influenced my new bedding decision. ☺️

Pretty excited about a bunch of books I was gifted today, especially this one from 1929 with quality binding. Nothing like some world history before the internet. 🤓

My little #fashionista. 💜💜💜

Was feeling creative... so charts and butterflies went up. ☺️

The mood today...

I cannot tell if I am dreaming or awake.