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Always amazed at the dexterity and poise of cats #blackcatsofinstagram #thamesvalleyanimalwelfare #adoptdontshop

Today is #blackcatday.
Apparently black cats are the least likely to be adopted. One of the reasons suggested is that they “don’t photograph well”. I think this picture of my gorgeous new adoptees proves otherwise!
#adoptdontshop @catsprotection #thamesvalleyanimalwelfare #blackcatsofinstagram #catsofinstagram

Introducing Gypsy and Styx! Our rescues have new names and are settling in beautifully.
Gypsy is the long haired girl, who loves a fuss and has a super giant purr. She’s easily distracted. Styx is the short haired girl, who loves to play and especially loves to eat! She’s been a bit more skittish but has been the bolder of the two when it comes to exploring the rest of the house today.
#blackcatsofinstagram #thamesvalleyanimalwelfare #adoptdontshop

Kitties are home and starting to settle in. Some Dreamies encouraged them out into the room and we’ve had a bit of an explore. Supper has also been eaten without a fuss! #adoptdontshop #thamesvalleyanimalwelfare #blackcatsofinstagram

We have two fireplaces in our house. See my elegant solution for preventing kittens in the chimney!

Say hello to my new fur babies. 15 months old, not had the best start in life. Little bit nervous and jumpy, but happy and healthy and just need some love. Coming home with us on Monday!
#adoptdontshop #thamesvalleyanimalwelfare #blackcatsofinstagram

It’s been two days now, and I’m home alone for the first time. House feels so strange without Fidget in it. Miss him so much :(

So begins the road to fitness once more #operationdoublebodydev #conanthelibrarian

Experimental baking! Trying out some vegan recipes. It smells like cake, looks like cake... but will it taste like cake?

Celebrating Partnership Finance’s first birthday at #odneyclub

Time for a change! Epic service as ever from @headmastersreading #hairbyheadmasters

Been away for nine days. Come back to find flowering chilli plants everywhere and this one beautiful chilli already on the go