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19 squares into my sock yarn blanket. Really enjoying this so far. It’s been good revisiting previously used yarn. Reminded me which ones are great and which ones I’ll never want to use again. Has also reawakened my interest in knitting up some of the lovely yarns which have been sitting in my stash for years.

This evening I have very insistent cuddles.

Finally had time to tidy up after Christmas and restore my craft room from weeks of being the house dumping ground. Now it’s clear I immediately feel more motivated to actually craft things!

Christmas is definitely over! Now for the season of eating way too many of these until Easter

Finally started on my sock yarn blanket. Eight and a bit squares done today. No idea how big I want it to be in the end.

Christmas Day started off right. Buck’s Fizz and board games!

Day one of Christmas holiday. Food shopping done (1), miraculously fit it all the the fridge (2), menu board updated with all the amazing food we have planned (3) and now the kitchen cupboards are being reorganised to make our lives easier (4)

A better love story than Twilight

Doesn’t get much cuter than paw prints in the snow. He didn’t last long outside!

Spreading the Christmas love to other rooms in the house. New sparkly wall tree in the dining room

Tree is up! Christmas prep has well and truly begun. Half the house cleaned this weekend. Might actually be able to fit everyone in!

Someone was “helping” do the laundry today
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