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I love these pens so much. They are saving me so much time! Easier by far than hand painting all the details on this enormous map. #curiouspastimes #cpteutonia #fourdaystogo

Screen printing test is successful! So pleased, as I would have been very annoyed to have cut out that stencil for it not to work!

Drew a snek

Jumping from giant A2 sized eagles down to tiny A6 sized eagles for the next job. But I need to paint so many of them, I’m making a stencil to print them instead.

Finished my crazy pantaloons. Perfect for this heatwave!

Managed to pick about 300g worth from the lower hanging branches. Would have tried for more but cut my finger pretty badly on a big thorn as I was pulling one of the branches lower! More than enough berries here for gin though.

I wish I had a ladder! Huge crop of blackberries hiding behind the car park at work and I can’t reach most of them!

Seriously, next time I design a group symbol remind me to make it less complicated! #curiouspastimes #larp #cpteutonia

Popped into Fabricland yesterday to get banner fabric. Somehow this crazy stuff ended up coming home with me and is now becoming pantaloons

Two more shields all ready for being dirtied up with the airbrush. #curiouspastimes #sewing #larp #knightsofteutonia

The traditional blood sacrifice to the sewing machine has been made. Damn sharp pins!

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