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Template for the map is finished! Took less time than I thought it would, although I utterly destroyed at least one Sharpie in the process. Need to pick up some fabric tomorrow and then it's on to the tracing and the painting! #threeweekstogo #curiouspastimes #liveactionroleplay #lrp

Woo! Birthday cake at last! Only three days late mind you...

Quite pleased with how this has turned out. Especially the metallic silver and gold paints, which were new and I had no idea what they would be like. #curiouspastimes #lrp #algaia

We're on to stage 2 of the map, which is inking it all in so I can trace it through onto the fabric. Loving how it's turning out so far! #curiouspastimes #lrp #liveactionroleplay

At 9am this morning I discovered I was sitting on a lost iPhone on the train. Not quite 3pm, and the phone had successfully been reunited with its owner and I have a beautiful bunch of flowers as a thank you. I feel like I have repaid my karmic debt for the lovely person who found my lost phone several months ago #onegoodturndeservesanother #karma

Tonight I started my next major project for #curiouspastimes - a map on a scale I haven't attempted before. So big I have to sit on the table to draw anything in the top half!

More banners! Although, somewhat excitingly, this one is not for the Lions!! First banner commission to come from the Algaia #curiouspastimes

Seven hours later and I'm done. Well, except for the velcro but I'll do that another time. #curiouspastimes #sewing #larp #liveactionroleplay #lrp

It's banner making time! This one is destined for the Lions camp #curiouspastimes

Timed my trip into town with perfection

Tonight is all about the maps of Albion #curiouspastimes #liveactionroleplay #larp #lrp

Productive afternoon of banner designing :)

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